OK, it´s time to explain how this shit works. There is a PsyOp cult-ish video with strong AntiVaxx and Antimask messaging. Very popular in the Czech Republic (a Covid disinfo lab right now). Russian propaganda ezoteric pages even translated this shit to CZ. Let´s have a look ...
First, there is a long social intro. Targeting people who feel insecure in the new social disbalance and who feel that media are not answering their questions. Its the classical opening, a lot of propaganda shit starts with attacking social insecurity and media.
Then comes the classical "everything is connected" and "do your research" garbage with exact instruction what to search for. The point is to make you participate and feel like an active researcher and the owner of the process. What they'll show you in this intro is mostly truth.
Then they agree with your feeling of being not informed by the big media and platforms. Still truth, however, the purpose is to break through your initial barieer of disagreement. Classical Source Hacking. Pretending being your tribe, same opinion. At this moment you trust them.
Then they go further and use your entire belief system to make you give in any critical thinking. They have your data and know you are 1. a suburban yoga mom 50plus 2. a vegan, climate crisis activist or 3. ezoteric freak who wants to know his last lives and participates in MLM
So they offer you a sip of some past horseshit (monsanto conspiracy) and others. It touches your nerve. This is a stage of seducing you. You were marinated and off you go to the frying pan.
And the temperature is going high. Your critical barrier was circumvented and this is what they add on the frying pan: Soros, Gates. Clinton. Their essential ingredience of every shit. Practically their blue print.
Banks, banks banks. Hedge funds. Huge money. (Gets you angry, right?) And showtime! "Why do the mainstream media keep silent about such important stuff?" Answer:Because they're owned. They show you few owners. Mostly accurately, just with a single hook:
To make you feel lonely, abandoned, isolated from information and help. To make you despair. You need someone to show you the way out! Oh there he is!!! The beautiful guru with a sexy face and olive skin (why do you do yoga, Karen, tell me..?)
The seduction goes deeper. Someone know your loneliness in this world, Karen, right? He knows the way. He looks so kind, so...mighty. So allmighty.
The show must go on. Everyone lies, everyone lies. Your husband lies too, Karen right? Everyone just talks and talks and talks and the poor nature is suffering. And here comes the lovely garbage with "Elites". The lovely guru with a sexy face tells you whom to blame.
They're in. In the head of a yoga mom, of an activist, in the head of someone who has hunches and believes in Gaya, astrology or eternal Godess in you (Big Data Profiling). They implanted a voice in there, explaining everything. The time for the toxic message has come.
Now when you know that Big Corporations own everything (you did the research by yourself...well, almost), you can swallow the Big Lie. It's about Big Pharma money! Everything is connected and you know it now. You are privy! THE LOVELY GURU, ohhh, shows you who the enemies are.
The state, Biden, EU, Corporations, billionaires, they are going to enslave you, give you a muzzle, it's the feeling of helplessness from you childhood coming back, you have to resist! It' s the trauma time. Lennon and JFK, those idols of yours, are falling down covered in blood.
At this moment you start to seek protection, someone to give you helping hand. Your old, almost healed trauma is back and makes you freaking out. You simply need someone!!! Hello??? Daddy, can you hear me cry?
Guru comes back and offers leadership, helping hand, explanations and HOPE. Your parents kept doing this, remember? And you don't talk back to your parents/leader, right? Welcome in the cult! Vaccines are evil and you are committed to stop it. You are not alone.

• • •

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1 Oct
1. Typical Source Hacking or “Movement jacking “(if you want to take over the movement after the initial radicalization and "Source hack"). The method is more of an "influence op", (military and intelligence origin) and has little to do with misinformation. 👉🏿👉🏿
2. This was done to the GOP by America's enemies in collaboration with billionaires. They abducted the whole party and its ideology and took it over. It is quite reminiscent of the old sci-fi horror film by Michael Crichton “Prey”.
3. Flocks of nanobots learn to mimic the human body by surrounding a person, eating them, and then mimicking every cell, so the human being is taken over by AI. This has actually happened in the online space. Funny, right? First to the Republicans and then to all of us.
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10 Sep
1. How to conquer the USA? History matters:
Kathleen Bailey, head of the AMWG coordination group (Activ Measures Working Group),
told The New York Times that the USA STRONGLY underestimated the Soviets. /
2. For almost 30years they were unwilling to admit that Soviet information subversion, if carried out on a long-term basis, on a mass scale, may cripple the American international action and credibility of the US and at the same time seriously damage their internal
situation. /
3.. Politicians overestimated the technological, financial and military superiority of the United States and have not perceived these soft ways of fighting as a threat. After the Soviet test of the "Tzar Bomba" in 1961 their attention was focused on nuclear competition. /
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15 Mar
🤣🤣🤣Vlákno bez komentáře:
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31 Dec 20
Malý příruční slovník populismu pro 2021:

1. 🍷Pojmenovávám věci pravými jmény = říkám to, co chcete slyšet a vydávám to za stav světa
2. 🍷Nejsem politicky korektní = být hovado mne vzrušuje
3. 🍷Selský rozum mi napovídá = vím o tom hovno, ale vy taky a tak se to bude líbit
4. 🍷Tradiční rodina upadá na významu = mám strach, že jsem gay
5. 🍷Cizinci musí respektovat naši kulturu = jen ti, co nemají prachy, těm druhým prodáme i vlastní babičku
6. 🍷EU je neomarxistický konstrukt = vůbec tomu nerozumím, nechápu to a jsem línej si to nastudovat
7. 🍷Nikdo nám nebude diktovat= kromě Moskvy a Pekingu, z těch mám naděláno v gatích
8. 🍷Tradiční hodnoty = všechno, co je vám příjemný
9. 🍷Lidová moudrost praví = v notičkách mám napsáno
10. 🍷Jsem připraven bojovat za tuto zemi = do posledního z vás, mně vynechte
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1 Feb 19
Vláknový text: 1. Hele, já vím, že ta ústavní žaloba na Zemana bude, jak píše Tomáš Němeček, náraz do zdi. Jenže jsem vděčná senátorům za tu odvahu. Za odvahu udělat v týhle přikrčený zemi a přikrčený době něco pro nás, zbavené naděje, důstojnosti a pravdy. Je nás víc, než /
2. ...si celý Senát umí představit a máme volební hlas.

Většina kandidátů zmizí po svém zvolení za dveřmi nesrozumitelné instituce a občas se tiskovými zprávami snaží zaujmout voliče či média nějakým legislativním ptydepe, aby bylo vidět že pracují. /
3. ...Občas odtamtud vyletí nějaký newsletter na téma:
Vládní návrh, kterým se předkládají Parlamentu České republiky k vyslovení souhlasu s ratifikací Úmluva o ochraně evropských planě rostoucích rostlin, volně žijících živočichů a přírodních stanovišť, .../
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