Message to the puppet masters responsible for trying to destroy the US: You cannot win. What unites Americans of every race, color & creed is stronger than anything that divides us. Together we will fight for freedom & our god-given rights enshrined in the constitution.
You cannot re-write history, you cannot falsely re-define words, you cannot create new genders that don’t exist because you do not create life & never will. You cannot deceive us or our children or any free man, women or child & you will never take away our free will.
“We the people” see you for who & what you truly are & there’s one thing you should know: we do not fear you. So we will not bow, we will not break & together we will stand for truth, justice, freedom & liberty for all. There is only one truth & you cannot change it.

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1 Oct
Why are we funding the destruction of our nation? The Admin has obliterated US/Texas sovereignty w it’s open border policy & broken it’s oath to uphold the constitution. This is the action of tyrants.The way you defeat them is using the constitutional levers our founders left us.
They do not have the right to open the border outside of the constitution/suspend US law. Since the fed govt is no longer following the law of the land, should Texas stop taking federal money? And adopt/enforce the const on it’s own? Invite other states to join?
Should Abbot appoint a Sec Def for the state so Texans can defend their soil? Why not have fed taxes paid to the state in escrow so Texas can double the Nat Guard & create a state Border Patrol? Why not evict fed officers incld the IRS until the fed govt lives up to it’s oath?
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22 Sep
Freedom today in the US is an illusion. We live in fear not liberty. We self-censor/hide/give up our rights & stopped fighting because we think we won’t win. When we lose faith in our govt/elections/law enforcement/media/institutions - that’s what they want. It’s easier for them.
Easier to burn it all to the ground & implement whatever is planned. No Church? No police? No freedom of speech? No choice on vaccines or anything else? No diversity of thought? No critical thinking? No right to question anything deemed a “violation of community standards”?
They are counting on us to do the job for them. That’s why it’s good to be disillusioned - recognizing where we are is the first step to not being deceived. The truth is the only thing that counts. It cannot be altered. If we start there smarter people than me will figure it out.
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19 Sep
There is no southern border anymore - so what does that mean? Ultimately it means no country - that is the ideological goal behind this. In order to have no borders/one world, patriotism, love of country,the pillars & foundation of the nation must be erased. America cannot exist.
So when you look at everything going on around you, it’s quite simple. What do you believe in? If you believe in America, you need a real border. If you believe in principles, you fight for them. If you believe in defence, you don’t support your enemies & betray your allies.
If you believe in treating everyone equally, without hate or prejudice, you don’t divide & separate on the basis of race. If you believe in saving the planet, you don’t push policies that do not save the planet. If you have the truth on your side, you don’t need to lie.
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18 Sep
Justice & “human rights” under the Taliban. How many people have to suffer, how much agony before Americans say no more? Where are all those morally indignant, self-righteous activists & civil society groups now? It is not enough to blame others for what is done in all our names.
This has to stop - not one more dollar of American money to these terrible people. Fear & terror are NOT a form of governing. Americans do not stand by this & our leaders need to know. They need to act or step aside for people w basic human decency & moral courage to step up.
This cannot be the legacy of freedom in the world. This cannot be our legacy. Are they isolating us for a greater war to come, where we have no allies & no chance agst a much greater evil? We don’t know. But one thing is for certain - nothing good can come from this.
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17 Sep
James & his team told me the other night they’re overwhelmed w thousands of whistleblowers reaching out every day. WHAT DOES THAT TELL YOU AMERICA? This is not a nation of snitches - more & more people see every day that this was never about left vs right - always about control.
They had to divide us because we were not divided. They had to create a world where one side sees only lies so they don’t know the truth. The rest who see the truth (or mugged by reality) pushed to the fringes of lunacy/conspiracy where millions don’t matter to those w power.
But there is only one truth,
It can never be changed…
And it’s not on their side.
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15 Sep
I am a Green Card holder, married to a US citizen, my children born in the US. I would’ve been trapped in Afghanistan thanks to the State Dept. We tracked so many mothers unable to leave with their US-born children, a wife who had to leave her Afghan husband behind & so on.
It was horrific. None of us had experienced anything like it. US citizens, perm residents & most vulnerable Afghan allies begging for help from US soldiers at the airport, commanded by the coward MG Donahue & his cowardly chain-of-command. All they had to do was open the gate -
As promised/directed, instead they threatened to shoot. Heard it w my own ears. You won’t have to take my word for it, there are hundreds of us who witnessed this & worse. We will not forget. I’ve never been calmer or more resolute in my life. The US is complicit in war crimes &
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