The Islamic month of Rabi al-Thani marks the death anniversary of the rose of Baghdad, Hazrat Sheikh Abdul Qadir Jillani.

Someone asked what brought him to his high spiritual level, he said:

‘The truthfulness which I promised to my mother’. He related the following story:
“One day, on the eve of Eid al-Adhā, I went to my mother, who was then a widow and requested her, ‘Send me to the path of truth, give me permission to go to Baghdad to acquire knowledge, to be with the wise and those who are close to Allah”.
She cried, but she brought out 80 pieces of gold, which was all that my father had left as inheritance. She put aside forty pieces for my brother. Other forty she sewed into the armpit of my coat. Then she perimitted me to leave, but before she let me go she made me promise her..
..that I would be truthful despite what happens. She sent me off with these words:

‘May Allah protect and guide you, my son. I separate myself from that which is dearest to me for Allah’s sake. I know that I will not be able to see you until the day of Last Judgment’
“I (AbdulQadir) joined a small caravan going to Baghdad. As we left behind the city of Hamadān, a band of 60 horsemen attacked us. They took everything. One of these came to me and asked, ‘Young man, what possessions do you have?’ I told him that I have 40 pieces of gold.
He said, ‘Where?’ I told him, ‘Under my armpit’. He laughed and left..
Me alone. Another bandit came and asked the same, and I reiterated my answer. He also left me alone. They must have repeated the incident to their leader, because he called me to the place where they were...
..dividing the booty. He asked if I had any valuables.
I told him that I had forty pieces of gold sewn in my coat under my arm. He took my coat, tore the armpit, and found the gold. Then he asked me in amazement, When your money was safe, what compelled you to insist on...
telling us that you had it and where it was hidden?’

I answered, ‘I must tell the truth under any circumstances, as I promised to my mother’. When the chief of the bandits heard this he wept and said:
“I reneged on my promise to the One Who created me. I stole and and killed. What will happen to me?”

And the others, seeing him, said, ‘You have been our leader all these years in sinning. Now be also our leader in repenting!
All sixty of them held my hand and repented and changed their ways. Those sixty are the first who took my hand & found forgiveness for their sins.

“The Secret of Secrets” by Sheikh Abdul Qadir Gilani

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