Intuitively we all feel some sort of yearning for the next stage of the human living experience... cities as we know them are failing...

What if I told you that the next evolution of cities is being created, and that YOU could live there?
Praxis is a grassroots movement of modern pioneers building THE city-cryptostate.

At a hidden location in the Mediterranean, Praxis will take form as one of the classically important projects of our time.

You can be part of this, today.
We are currently organized as a membership-based community.

From establishing our culture and researching ancient wonders, to visiting prospective city sites and designing our urban infrastructure, every Praxis Member has a role to play in the development of our future home.

Imagine a society built from the ground up to facilitate the freedom and vitality of the individual citizen.

Imagine every person living there being aligned with the grander vision of a successful hub of commerce, health, freedom and life.
We are building a place where we can develop to our fullest potentials, physically, culturally, and spiritually.

No longer shall you be caged by the shackles of modern living, which was created without individual sovereignty in mind.
The ultimate goal of Praxis is to bring about a more vital future for humanity, and we will use technology to achieve this righteous end.

What is the benefit of technology if it enslaves us?
Instead, let's use it to completely unlock our human potential across all realms.

The city will be created through a series of collaborative initiatives with members of Praxis.

Every member brings unique perspectives + potent strengths, so if you have a particular knowledge or skillset, you can utilise that fully to build the city.
To simplify the complex problem that is building a city, we’ve deconstructed it into eight focus Domains:

- Statecraft
- Health
- Education
- Environment
- Philosophy
- Security
- Trade
- Culture

Each represents unique areas of focus where new innovative solutions can be found.
Each Domain has a Charter, which is a working thesis and vision with a moral through-line of vitality.

Guided by these Charters, Members organize within Domains to undertake Projects that realize our vision.

The City will be built with these values underpinning everything.

If this project doesn't set your blood on fire, then joining Praxis is not for you.

If you want to self-actualize on the dimension of vitality, to meet amazing people, to be able to move to what will become the defining city of the 21st Century...

If you align with the values described about Praxis, then join the discord here:

Within, you shall find tasks and instructions to start your journey of becoming a member and potentially a resident of the City.
Members are currently organising the world over and have access to in-person meetings, retreats, networking and more.

The Frontier is a Praxis run podcast where you can hear in depth about the members within:…
Once you become a Member, you unlock the ability to contribute to the projects that in sum, will create a city.

This is a monumental project (we're literally building gargantuan monuments), but as Rome was built, the metaphorical bricks are being laid each hour.
If you are a visionary, artist, technologist, businessman, builder, farmer, WHATEVER YOUR 'ART' IS, we want you.

If you desire to build something greater than yourself, something the world has never before seen, then join Praxis and set about making your mark upon the world.
We are here on this Earth for a limited amount of time.

Why not spend it with the Grandest Visions you can possibly muster, to actualise your divine potential in every way?

This is The Eternal City, so think about the society you want to leave your grandchildren and beyond.
Follow the Founders of Praxis, @drydenwtbrown and @charliecallinan

Follow the Praxis Account @PraxisSociety

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