Attending the school of Pharmacy and Medical Sciences research retreat #PAMRR2021 @Griffith_Uni

Thankfully it's made accessible via Teams for those of us unable to physically attend.

Might share some little insights from the presentations
Welcomed by the enthusiastic, encouraging, and humble @JennyAKEkberg and reminded to connect our research and funding with community and industry and engage in research cross-pollination. /1
Associate Prof Shai Dukie shared an overview of the research projects examining repurposing of medications for applications, with the example of #ProstateCancer #Movember2021 and more cost effective/widely accessible pharmaceutical options /2
Highly topical #NanoMed examining next gen RNA medicine nano-delivery platforms - Prof Kevin Morris @MenziesHealth shares exciting potential applications that can aid in treatment of conditions, including those that traditionally rely on liver transplants! /3
A/Prof Anne Roiko presenting from the perspective of environmental health - "Measuring what matters to inform public health measures" - pushing the complex collaboration envelope - where lab science + machine learning + public health priorities = accurate modelling. /4
Also linking the research development framework and urging collaboration with our #computerscience & #MachineLearning colleagues out there!…
Now Prof Forwood & A/Prof Morrison (my supervisors) are sharing about how MCP-1 (and other chemokines) is involved in bone remodeling! #anzbms #bone #osteoimmunology

Spoiler alert: inhibiting MCP-1 and one of its main receptor (monocyte chemotactic protein - 1), the differentiation of osteoclasts is disrupted - which in our mouse model "blunted" the bone loss in OVX vs SHAM. Specifically: the mineralisation of the osteoid is disrupted. /7
Prof Amanda Wheeler @AmandaJWheeler1 is briefly introduced and provides a very well informed perspective to research collaboration with sectors of industry, mental health, and pharmaceutical sciences. /8
(Pausing for morning tea - and as I am home, I might indulge in a nice cuppa as well. So far am reflecting that one common theme is to approach inherently complex questions by collaborating with research groups & approaches with complimentary skill sets and perspectives /9)
(and on a personal note, I wonder if it may be worth expanding #scicomm training opportunities for ECR & students - or a specialised role within the school or faculty @Griffith_Health would widen reach to community/philanthropy/funding and/or application). /10
And back! Prof Glen Ulett presenting an overview of the Bacterial Pathogenesis lab. Helping us get a broad idea about this research group at the @menzies (appreciating the senior researchers acknowledging the work of students)

#microbiology #bacteria #pathogenesis #PAMRR2021 /11
Excellent graph showing that successful funding is built on a mountain of past rejections. #funding /12
Really excellent example of bench and bedside feeding into each other to enable real-world clinical applications in #InfectiousDisease med.
Dr Olivia Holland & Prof Tony Perkins are now sharing the work from the Pregnancy research group - with a focus on the placenta* - "A healthy start to life". Complex coordinated cell biology, endocrinology, & genetics.

* Technically our first organ.

CN: pregnancy, complications
So pre-eclampsia patients that go to term? It *seems* as though the placenta adapts (in this case via mitochondrial shenanigans) compared to those who don't to to full-term. Very short version: "Healthy placenta fewer complications" /15
A/Professor Gary Grant sharing research focused on technology enhanced learning - whilst using technology in training medical & Allied health - using tools that involve the virtual health care journey of the patient using holograms @HoloLens (@JadeBarclay) /16
(am curious how #Neurodiversity , complex & cultural variables that can shift behavioural cues are integrated into this teaching modality for health assessment training. Benefit of course is training using virtual patients W/O potentially risking live patients) /17
Seems like a good topic for the #bioethics and #medicalethics domains to be engaged more extensively as it involves #MedEd @DianeOLeary @OdyO11 /18
Dr Lang-feng Dong is presenting on targeting mitocans into mitochondria to enhance their anticancer efficacy; and Horizontal transfer of mitochondria between cells. /19
Infrastructure talk that is related to our school 😁 A/Prof Bulmer /20
After a short lunch, now Prof Korolik from the @GlycoGriffith is sharing an overview of the work from their lab - looking at selected pathogens, their mechanisms of action, but also impact on the host immune system! She gives a shout out to the tireless work of the "minions" /21
If you've ever had campy (Campylobacter jejuni) - you will have benefitted from the research of this group contributing to treatment 😁 /22
(I hope you have never had campy. It is awful. So so bad. But back to the more "professional tone") /23
Now we take a move to the cardiovascular system! A/Prof Peart, & A/Prof du Toit "Current & Future Cardiovascular research in pharmacy & medical sciences". Cardioprotection being the focus- trying to attenuate the damage inflicted by a myocardial infarct, but also prevention! /24
We can't avoid aging, so what can be done to protect or reduce the impact that aging has on cardiovascular tissue (and the increased risk of damage with MI)? Complex scenarios which involve thinking broadly. /25
Now the topic moves to... "Opening the door to philanthropy" shared by an Advancement manager from the faculty. Helping encourage a shift to the mindset and approaches required to navigate this space /26
(Small note: I am not doing these presenters justice with my little tweets, but just hoping to share a little look in) /27
(small quibble: making your research accessible to lay people should not be considered "d*mbing it down" - good communication considers the audience) /28
World-leading researcher Prof Ming Wei now presents Cancer Therapy - oncolysis and a potential vaccine! /29
And topic switch - Commercialisation being presented by Griffith Enterprise /30
Break time - afternoon tea! The staff in person are discussing core facilities/key plat forms that we need :) /31
(those of us remote attending might come up with ideas in the chat though 🤣😁)
And resuming with the @Griffith_Uni @MenziesHealth media superstar and dynamo Nigel McMillan "Evolution & Revolution" connection between infectious disease, Immunology, and cancer are key areas of focus. (And lately a lot of #covid) lots of PC3 work /32
Again the importance of writing a large range and diverse range of grant applications - in order to hopefully secure funding. A lot of very interesting and extremely clinically relevant projects! /33
Next presentation is by A/Prof Bulmer - with a focus on the lab, clinical, and industry research nexus in vascular research! The experimental laboratory science research group /36
Two main foci - Bilirubin biology to treat and prevent, and Venus cannulation, maintenance, & drug delivery to reduce vascular complications. Developing solid models of Gilbert's - which oddly protects against a fair few conditions O.o 😁 /37
Very exciting cannulation research!!! Quantifying and refining the technology around cannulation has profound clinical implications! True bedside to bench then back to the bedside! @AndrewBulmer6 (@ElliottJSyd you'd like their approach)
(also @AndrewBulmer6 if you need another subject to test cannulation on, welcome to try my funky veins) /38
A/Prof Laetitia Hattingh is presenting Clinical research opportunities at Gold Coast Health @GC_Health . Always important to try and connect with our local clinical research colleagues! /39
Now Prof James St John of @ClemJonesNeuro presents on Government Contract Research! /40
And to wrap things up @JennyAKEkberg recaps/outlines the concepts that surround a school research plan, and a summary/general discussion - high quality, realistic, ambitious, relevant, and consumer/end user involved groups (e.g. patients, carers, clinicians). /41

• • •

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21 Nov
Heads up to followers on twitter, will be virtually attending the #ESASRBANZBMS conference this week (21-24th Nov) so expect a bunch of tweets with a particularly heavy science bend. Disclaimer: this is by no means an extensive coverage & usually includes personal reflections. /1
So before continuing, I will try to...
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@ZoieSheets Improved patient autonomy & clinician transparency and trustworthiness. Framing questions such as "what were the symptoms that drove this line of investigation" may allow pertinent information to come to light that many struggle to communicate /3
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