Youngkin got elected on culture war issues about race and sex

So, Youngkin chose a guy with pronouns in his bio to do his comms who also served on the Georgetown Latinx Leadership Forum and supports virtually everything Youngkin's voters voted against

This is peak GOP
I'm not surprised by any of this, just the speed at which Youngkin is sinking the knife into people's backs, it has to be some kind of land speed record for the GOP
If Youngkin boots him, I'm sure he'll be able to land a job at the America First Policy Institute
I guess this is how Youngkin reaches for "i majored in gender studies" vote
The people who are like "give the guy in a dress a chance we should separate the personal and the professional!" would immediately disavow somebody who in their personal life said something political incorrect. Let me know when these idiots defend someone like Darren Beattie
It's not clear if this guy is on the campaign comms team or Youngkin's comms team now that he's in government, but the basic point is that the GOP's "big tent" only opens to the left. You rarely see this kind of "bipartisanism" benefit the right
So to be clear the critique here is not that Youngkin is some radical lefty pretending to be a Republican. It's simply that Youngkin campaigned as a populist but it's increasingly clear that you're likely just in for the standard squishy GOP grift

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18 Nov
Right after winning on a populist wave against critical race theory and bureaucratic overreach, Youngkin appointed Heritage Foundation race hustler Kay James to his transition team and capitulated on mandates

The GOP hates you and you should hate it back and bend it to your will
The GOP has not fundamentally changed under Trump. It is a weathervane that will go along with trends to the extent that it helps them win elections. But unless you regard the party as your instrument, not your friend, it will continue stabbing you in the back
The "hands off" argument doesn't make any sense: Youngkin won't mandate to prohibit COVID mandates because that's limited government conservatism or something but also he's going to mandate against CRT?
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16 Nov
A principal wagged his finger at his community about racism, so parents ousted him. This is how things should work everywhere: soapboxing about racism and diversity should cost you your job

It's also notable that parents, not politicians, did this…
There is no debating with these people. If you have the power to get them out of a position of influence, that is the way forward, not arguing over ideas
This is perfectly fair considering that saying something totally innocuous but politically incorrect can cost you your job. Why not the reverse? That's what these parents are saying, and they're *more* right than the other side about removing these people from power
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16 Nov
A major problem in America is that the media incites racism against white people, going so far as trying to shape and channel public opinion to force outcomes in the legal system against whites. What is to be done about this? Why aren't we talking about this more?
Under the guise of objective, professional journalism, you have the most powerful and influential news organizations in the world trying to get white people like Kyle Rittenhouse imprisoned, or in the case of Jake Gardner, media complicity cost him his life. What happens?
I'm not a free speech absolutist; I don't think The Economist, the New York Times, should be allowed to do this with impunity. So what is the solution and when does this become a national discussion?
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15 Nov
I had a really great talk with @M_Millerman about philosophy, politics, Heidegger, and more

Why should we care about philosophy when it is moms and dads at school board meetings who are doing the work to produce political change? 1/…
The people putting the fear of God into the regime are largely "unphilosophical," but that is not at all a term of derision; philosophical "inquiry" is too often silly navel-gazing, the luxury of a lazy and spiteful class 2/
Parents at school board meetings aren't arguing over the "the good, the true, and the beautiful." They are fighting for their blood and their homes—their children and their communities. They are leading what Russian theorist Aleksandr Dugin calls the "Great Awakening" 3/
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15 Nov
The Jake Gardner trial preceded the Rittenhouse trial and provided a model for how media and activist pressure can force an outcome. In Gardner's case, a judge initially refused to file charges against Gardner for killing a BLM agitator in self-defense 1/…
But that judge would not only capitulate to pressure from the public, but he appointed an overtly anti-white special prosecutor to lead a grand jury investigation that, without any new evidence, charged Gardner with four felonies 2/
Gardner's parents had to move because all the threats they received. Gardner alone received over 1,600 death threats 3/
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13 Nov
One of the reasons there are so few right-wing muckrakers is that most Republicans, whether for or against Trump, are cowards. Something I run into often is hearing about how so-and-so has receipts that show this or that Republican or conservative figure is betraying the cause 1/
But so-and-so doesn't wanna go on the record or even comment anonymously because it might come back to them. The potential consequences are never like, "I'm afraid the CIA might kill me." It's more like, "I don't want to be disinvited from galas at Mar-a-Lago or DC" 2/
So what ought to be a bomb that rightly blows the lid off a scandal becomes an impotent complaint, a frustrated muttering under one's breath that ends in a pathetic rationalization for not pulling the trigger and doing the right thing because the right thing is scary 3/
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