Every House Dem (save 1) just voted to grant history’s largest amnesty during history’s worst border crisis; to impose crippling tax hikes on US-made goods, sending our jobs to China; to raise taxes on home heating & the middle class (while giving tax breaks to their donors)…1/4
to spend nearly $5 trillion, honestly accounted, surging inflation and placing the dollar on a path to ruin; to put radical Washington bureaucrats in charge of your kids’ childcare and early education; to embed racially discriminatory “equity” mandates across the government…2/4
to finance abortions with taxpayer dollars; to give free child tax credits to illegal aliens (including future illegals); to abolish annual limits on chain migration; and to give Big Tech UNLIMITED green cards to import foreign workers — exiling American students and workers. 3/4
In sum, it’s an unrivaled, morally repugnant legislative attack on the American Citizen—to line the pockets of Dems’ behemoth corporate backers. All energies must now be spent on defeating this malignant monstrosity in the US Senate and then voting it’s backers out of office. 4/4

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26 Oct
Turns out Big Tech’s best friend in Washington is @BernieSanders. In a searing letter, @SenatorHagerty exposes the corrupt scam hidden deep within the reconciliation bill: a permanent, uncapped supply of cheap foreign labor for Big Tech. No comment from Sanders on the scandal.1/4
Imagine if, during the economic height of Motor City, the major American car companies simply refused to hire Americans for many of their best-paying jobs. The reconciliation bill shreds the social contract and betrays the entire U.S. middle class. 2/4
It allows the most powerful companies the world’s ever seen, founded and headquartered in the U.S., to shut out Americans and keep their profits from being shared with a citizen workforce and their communities. It severs the patriotic link between US companies and US workers. 3/4
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20 Oct
Today, WaPo reported that more illegals arrived in FY21 than ever before in American History. But it’s EVEN WORSE. First: Fiscal Years begin in Oct, so Biden’s yearly total includes much lower #’s from the end of last year. Calendar Year totals will decimate the record books. 1/9
Second: In decades past, illegal immigrants were overwhelmingly single adults from Mexico who were quickly returned. Under Biden, illegals are coming from all nations and they are being RELEASED into US. Not just record #’s arriving, but record-smashing #’s are gaining entry.2/9
Third: UACs. Impossible to overstate how disastrous the UAC #’s are. Biden’s decision to categorically exempt UACs from T42 & mass resettle them in US has brought # so colossal as to defy historical comparison. Disaster for schools, taxpayers, workers. But a dream for MS-13. 3/9
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22 Sep
ALERT: Democrats’ House-passed CR (gov’t funding bill) includes free welfare & entitlements for an *unlimited* number of random, unvetted Afghan nationals. It applies not only to those already here, but ANYONE Biden will bring in the future—no standards, no rules, no limits. 1/6
In the 1st screenshot, you can see that Congress eviscerates all statutorily-required vetting/screening—scrapping SIV process, refugees process, visa process, everything. Only 2 rules apply: you lived in Afghanistan at some point, and Mayorkas gives you a thumbs up. That’s it.2/6
Here, you can see that CR covers not only anyone Biden flew here already, but any current or former Afghan national he flies here over the *next year* (which would surely be extended in the next CR). Biden has blank check to bring anyone. (Family members covered indefinitely).3/6
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15 Sep
ALERT: The Democrat Budget not only grants mass amnesty for illegals but also eliminates statutory immigration caps to award MILLIONS of extra green cards to chain migrants & foreign workers. Biden’s “budget” is the most dramatic immigration rewrite since 1965 w/Ted Kennedy. 1/11
Biden’s agenda is maximum migration: illegals, refugees, Afghan nationals, guest workers (esp. H1Bs), LPRs, low-wage foreign workers for corporate donors, etc. The Dem budget is central to realizing this agenda, showering the world with US green cards. Screenshots to follow. 2/11
As you read screenshots from the Dem Budget remember that an Immigrant Visa (aka green card) gives foreign nationals lifetime residency, work auth, gov benefits, path to citizenship & continual chain migration. (This is all wholly separate from/add’l to amnesty for illegals).3/11
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11 Sep
Today, we mark 20 years since our nation was murderously attacked by terrorists on Sept 11, 2001. With heads bowed, we mourn for the precious lives stolen from this earth. We give eternal thanks for the firefighters and police officers who battled hell and now rest in heaven. 1/4
We pay humble tribute to the military heroes who vanquish our enemies and safeguard our homeland. We honor the law enforcement sentinels and unknown warriors who give all they have in defense of our people. Their unselfish love and patriotism is our nation’s greatest blessing.2/4
And we give our whole heart to the families: to everyone who lost the people they cherished, adored and cared for most in the world. The agony of your loss, the pain of your grief, confer onto all of us a sacred obligation: to keep their names, stories and memories alive. 3/4
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8 Sep
ALERT: Biden just sent Congress his Administration’s policy “riders” for the Gov’t Funding Bill (Continuing Resolution). They include lifetime welfare & path to citizenship for every unvetted Afghan national Biden has randomly flown—or will fly—into US, and their relatives. 1/10
In this first screenshot you can see the covered population is ANY Afghan national living in ANY country that Biden flies to the US between last July and the end of *NEXT* fiscal year. By definition, they lack lawful status. If adopted in CR, it’s likely renewed annually. 2/10
In the next section, they eliminate every statutory vetting process, and every legal qualification, by declaring the sole standard to be whatever Mr. Open Borders (Mayorkas) rubber stamps via the misnamed “Operation Allies Welcome” (there’s zero requirement to be an “ally”). 3/10
Read 10 tweets

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