Give Republicans this: they're not dismantling democracy in secret. They're doing it right out in the open.…
Greg's right to identify this as the key move, but I think he & I disagree slightly on what's behind it.
I don't think Johnson (+ people like him) is consciously *lying* about believing that Dems cheat, as a pretense or something. I honestly think that credits him with too much intelligence & self-awareness. I think he believes Dems cheat because that's what he needs to believe.
Rather than do a whole new thread on this, I'll just recommend this thread from a while back & which is *extremely* applicable to current controversies over voting rights.
It works like this:
1. We want to suppress D votes.
2. Therefore, we will convince ourselves that Ds cheat.
3. Because we now believe Ds cheat, we must change laws to suppress D votes.
1. We want to engage in violence against Ds.
2. Therefore, we will convince ourselves that Ds are on the verge of violence against us.
3. Because we believe violence against us is imminent, we must engage in violence first, as self-defense.
You'd think the "Stop the Steal" thing would have made this dynamic clear to everyone. They didn't want Trump to lose. So they convinced one another he didn't. Now they're justifying repressive voting laws *based on their belief*.
They want schools to teach a sanitized version of history. So they convince themselves schools are involved in a massive conspiracy to undermine whites. Now they're justifying repressive state education laws based on their belief.
If you value tribal advantage above all else -- if morality & even epistemology are subservient to it -- it becomes easy to "believe" whatever is necessary to advance tribal advantage. Yet libs absolutely cannot seem to help but treat these claims as good faith.
Wait, I said I wasn't gonna do another thread on this. I'm stopping!
Oh, but I forgot this classic example!
1. We want to invade Iraq.
2. Only WMD could justify an invasion.
3. Therefore we will believe in the WMD.
4. We must invade because of the WMD.

This process played out in public, before our very eyes!
OK, one final, final note on this non-thread thread.

The dynamic identified in this thread is also behind the increasingly common idea on the RW that murder is justified if you "feel threatened." Not ARE threatened. Feel it. Used to justify police killings, Rittenhouse, etc etc.
It's clearer & clearer that "facts don't care about your feelings" was always projection. The point was not that facts in general don't care about feelings in general. It's that facts must warp around *our* feelings, not yours. That's the essence of white privilege.

• • •

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20 Nov
Utter, absolute, multi-dimensional doom.…
That piece by @Edsall is great, but it's remarkable that, in thousands of words, neither he nor any of his contributors so much as *mention* the giant RW propaganda machine & the Dem lack of same. Like fish in water -- it's become so familiar we don't even note it.
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19 Nov
One side will have a unified message about the Rittenhouse verdict -- what it means, what it implies, what comes next -- and one side just won't. Like with everything else.
The Rittenhouse case is a cartoonishly clear signal that the right celebrates political violence and plans more.

Who is telling Americans that? Not Fox. Not CNN. Not Sinclair-owned local news. Not WSJ, not NYT. Not civic groups or churches, not the Dem Party.

Seriously: who?
I return to this question again & again. The right has built a giant machine that bypasses mainstream media to take lies & conspiracy theories direct to voters.

Who is doing the same to get *accurate* information to voters? Whose job is that?
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18 Nov
Imagine how utterly disorienting & infuriating it must be to have to *argue* to your colleagues that depictions of one colleague murdering another should be out of bounds.
"Why can't you take a joke?" is in the all-time abuser top 10. Everyone's who has ever been on the receiving end of an abusive relationship has heard it.
AOC has been physically menaced & cursed at by her own colleagues. They've organized harassment campaigns against her. They've aggressively refused to wear masks around her. They've defended an insurrectionist mob that threatened her & her colleagues' lives. None of that ...
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17 Nov
Imagine a world in which left-leaning institutions had coordinated for decades to spread the message that fossil fuels are bad -- they spill, they destroy ecosystems, they pollute, & they tie Americans' fate to distant events over which they have no control.
In this world, the "organic" response to yet another damaging lurch in gas prices would be, "damn, there fossil fuels go again, fucking us over here at home because of global supply chain issues we can't control."
The seemingly spontaneous, direct reaction would be anger at those politicians who continue to slow & impede America's transition to EVs run on clean, domestic renewable energy. "They're keeping us stuck on gas, and now look, this again!"
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16 Nov
I despair of screaming this into the void, but voters are not primarily responding to inflation, they are responding to a massive, highly coordinated propaganda campaign across multiple media designed to freak them out about inflation.
Replace "inflation" in that tweet with literally anything else. The notion that voters are carefully assessing the evidence of their own local experience to draw conclusions about national affairs is a bit of folk wisdom US politics just won't let go.
It's like looking at hurricane damage & asking "how will voters respond to climate change?"

Yes, the damage is real, but what it *means* -- the emotional resonance, what it portends, who is at fault, the larger frame into which it fits -- is thoroughly mediated.
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16 Nov
To state the obvious: every day that goes by without the BBB passing makes it less likely to pass. This has been true from the very beginning.
Slowdown "looms" in the Senate. Like it's weather or something & not the deliberate choices of corporate fuckfaces.…
... aaaand voters should start experiencing benefits shortly after they elect a Republican House.…
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