1/ As the result of 100 yrs of dialectic/mass line attacks we have lost our moral foundation, ability to think, & communicate. Underpinning this is a sickness of the soul born from unexamined lives lived without a divine rudder to guide them to lead lives of prudence and virtue.
2/ "Prudence is one of the Cardinal Virtues in the Catholic Catechism. They are at the pinnacle of human virtues that flow from the sacred virtues." S. Couglin.
These virtues were once part of the fabric of our society, anchored our founding, and established the foundation from which we could rightly proclaim a great nation. These have not only been abandoned, their meaning is corrupted and reality itself has been forgotten.
These virtues once transcended our differences and gave us the glue that united us as a people and as a nation. I believe we need to address how our language, reality, and religions have been corrupted before we can speak of faith at this point. Faith itself has been corrupted.
The fact that the above reference is derived from Catholicism should not hang people up. The ethics and virtues that once stood as our country's foundation were universal. Right was right and people had the discernment capability to identify it when they saw it or read it.
The cardinal virtues are the four principal moral virtues.
All other virtues hinge on these four: prudence, justice, fortitude, and temperance.​

"The Four Cardinal Virtues"
by Josef Pieper ia800707.us.archive.org/4/items/fourca…
"First, words convey reality. We speak in order to name and identify something that is real, to identify it for someone, of course—and this points to the second aspect in question, the inter- personal character of human speech."
When the possibility of knowing reality is lost.

"Can a lie be taken as communication? I tend to deny it. A lie is the opposite of communication. It means specifically to withhold the other’s share and portion of reality, to prevent his participation in reality."
Consider for a moment the consequences of each of us participating in and then spreading the propaganda of the sophists of our time. These are both the left and right media/punditry, a well as, our L/R elite and political class who are both equal to or greater liars themselves.
As I detail in the thread below, we are unwittingly recruited in a war not of our choosing and transformed into soldiers in a war we cannot see.

Would you join al-Qaeda, ISIS, Iran's Quds Force, or the CCP military to defeat America?
Most Americans would answer “no not ever!” Only, after they declared their love for the Red, White, and Blue.”

And yet, this is precisely what we accomplish everyday when we choose the ignorance and complicity that results from our support of these entities.
Our notion of reality has literally been turned on its head. How can we speak of faith when we have no notion of what faith is nor of reality itself? I say we cannot.
If you want to begin somewhere close to faith pinpoint the part of the human consciousness that for a brief moment calls to us to signal something is wrong. It exists for a moment and then is quickly lost to our denial when the louder voices blaring from the megaphones takeover.

• • •

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20 Nov
1/ If want to address the faith issue, I think that is a noble pursuit. Consider that people have generally lost faith because the church has been corrupted from within just as has our entire culture and way of thinking has been corrupted.

The enemy is inside the gates & church.
2/ You have to show people the how and why they lost faith, how their corrupted way of thinking is preventing them from rediscovering it, as well as, the manner & methods that were and still are used against them to achieve the state of things.
3/ Then you have to show them why it is their responsibility to self-correct and rediscover faith again through service and self-driven re-education.
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19 Nov
1/ In "Abuse of Language Abuse of Power," Joseph Pieper reflects on the way language has been abused so that, instead of being a means of communicating the truth and entering more deeply into it, and of the acquisition of wisdom,...
2/ ... it is being used to control people and manipulate them to achieve practical ends.
3/ Reality becomes intelligible through words. Man speaks so that through naming things, what is real may become intelligible. This mediating character of language, however, is being increasingly corrupted.
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17 Nov
Thread: The fact that you asked this question tells me that some part of you recognizes that something is wrong. Your choices going forward will determine if you chart a new course into actual conscious awareness and become genuinely red pilled. Let me explain.
When people enter social media they do so innocently for various reasons. Some believe that they have made the choice to get informed, to meet other like minded people, support a political candidate, etc.
Their initial belief that this is what they are doing becomes the foundation of what in reality is not in fact reality. It is the world of a pseudo reality, the unreal, a fantasy world.
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14 Nov
SEC filing: The company BioNTech of the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 mRNA vaccine was facing catastrophic financial failure and predicted a potential industry cascade failure due to COVID. Forced Vax is a pharma industry hail Mary bail out despite known health risks. @S_Coughlin_DC
SEC filing: The company BioNTech of the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 mRNA vaccine has incurred significant losses since their inception in 2008 and anticipate that they’ll continue to incur significant losses for the foreseeable future.
No mRNA immunotherapy has been approved, and none may ever be approved. mRNA drug development has substantial clinical development and regulatory risks due to the novel and unprecedented nature of this new category of therapeutics.
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13 Nov
Imam Mohamed Magid, exe. Dir. of the All Dulles Area Muslim Society, (Muslim Brotherhood member) delivers message to Trump at inaugural service. He was initially expected to deliver the Islamic call to prayer but instead recited two verses from the Quran. cnn.com/2017/01/20/pol…
Trump Admin 2019: Imam Mohamed Magid, an imam of an organization connected to a co-conspirator in the Holy Land Foundation terrorism case, will speak as part of a panel at the US State Department’s annual Ministerial to Advance Religious Freedom. jpost.com/american-polit…
2016 FBI grants terrorist connected mosque with community leadership award:

FBI Washington Field Office Presents Director’s Community Leadership Award to the All Dulles Area Muslim Society fbi.gov/contact-us/fie…
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7 Nov
And yet the New Right’s (Trump’s—Anton, Michael Millerman, Jack Murphy, Pedro Gonzales, Posobiec, Darren Beattie, etc.) answer is to seek philosophical counsel from the likes of NAZI Heidegger, Carl Schmitt & Putin’s resident philosopher dubbed “Putin’s Rasputin,”Alexander Dugin.
If the masses want to understand why they are browbeaten, demoralized, & targeted by the security state as NAZIS, racists, Russian assets, & insurrectionists, they should look at the activities of the people they RT that they believe are on their side. They are NOT on your side!
They deliberately make you a target, a victim so they can grift off of you and get your votes.
Read 7 tweets

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