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Officially, SARS-CoV-2 was not recognized before 01/2020. Before that it was named “wuhan seafood market pneumonia virus” and which Epidemiological tracing to the market was the only criterion of diagnosis before. After all it was an unknown pathogen that was first found with
A prominent cluster at the Huanan seafood market, and absent sensitive and specific diagnosis method in 2019 the only criterion for screening the hundreds of pneumonia cases per day in Wuhan for pathogen discovery and classification, as well as case tracing, was to start with
That cluster—making epidemiological link to the Huanan market effectively the only criterion for identification of SARS-CoV-2 cases (from other respiratory illnesses) and initial sequencing of the genomes in December 2019 Wuhan. PCR testing weren’t available until 18/01/2020.
Note that the blip in 01/01/2020 is also consistent with the release in 31/12/2019 of one of the two guidelines that allow cases that were not connected or traced to the Huanan market to be diagnosed “if antibacterials don’t work, and no other viral causes
To be found”. Note that this is optional and Seafood market contact (traced) history can be used to directly substitute the exclusion of other causes of pneumonia, and the other criterion flat out require direct contact with the market, contact tracing to such persons that were
In direct contact with the market (or any other individuals that were traced to people that met this criterion), or any hospital workers that have worked with cases that have contacted the market. Again, while these, compared to the only mean of diagnosis being that of
A credible Epidemiological connection to the Huanan seafood market plus essentially the same definition of severe pneumonia, in 2019, have resulted in up to 5 times more diagnosis suddenly happening within a single day by allowing individuals that weren’t connected to the market
To be diagnosed providing rigorous requirements are met, even the first standard still heavily biases toward market contacts and people that were epidemiologically traced to market contacts. This lead to a huge artificial bias of sampling toward the market even in 01/2020.
archive.md/4pNAF In deed, all the diagnosis criterions before 01/01/2020 require credible epidemiological link to the Huanan seafood market for diagnosis, meaning that none of the cases can even be recorded if such a link have not been established—comprising more than 4/5
the estimated amt of actual cases at that time. In deed, this have limited even the “Official paper” (non-CDC) diagnosis data before 01/01/2020 to almost exclusively cases with direct contact to the huanan seafood markets, plus a few contact traced individuals.
Until after 01/01/2020 where diagnosis of non-market cases were allowed, and which the standard was validated and used by more and more hospitals in Wuhan (incl. retrospective cases that were admitted within the 3 days of “ineffective antibiotic treatment, and no other virus
found” requirements—hospitals have to procure means for testing for all other viruses in order to meet the standard (takes time) and it only gradually replaced the simultaneously issued other CDC guideline, which continued to require contact history to the Huanan seafood market
For diagnosis.) Note that both CDC reports reported much higher amt of confirmed cases than even this paper in Jan 01, with a distinct jump at Jan 01 2020, as their diagnosis criterion were changed instantaneously according to these renewed standards instantly at that date.
And were able to perform diagnosis according to the standard directly from their databases.

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The CDC somehow suddenly report up to two to five times more cases after 01/2020 compared to just before 01/2020--and in both of the reports there were a 5 time increase in cases in
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Early CCP bias in diagnosis (epidemiological link to market required for sampling and diagnosis) in December 2019, accommodated by the cover-up campaign, have pushed the first official date of SARS-CoV-2 two weeks after the first consistent detection of
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@franciscodeasis Also important is that the cases that were found in the Huanan market was sampled about the same time as the lineage A genomes in Wuhan, and that at that time (December-January 2020, before 01/19/2020 where PCR testing kits becomes available), contact tracing to the wet market
@franciscodeasis (worked, entered, or have contacted others that have visited) was required for the diagnosis of SARS-CoV-2 infection--and only patients that had geological proximity to the market were sampled for sequencing before 19 January 2020. (as contact traced history to the Huanan market
@franciscodeasis was required for diagnosis of the "unknown pneumonia cases" in wuhan at that time, making the sampling of the earliest lineage A genomes necessarily biased to cases that just happened to have geographic proximity to the market. caixin.com/2020-02-19/101…
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Also, extremely large amount of evidence point toward much part of the evolutionary process leading to SARS-CoV-2 being able to happen only inside vaccine programs.
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And there is evidence that an issuable prophylactic countermeasure for non-target and self personnel, a critical requirement for a functional bioweapon, is already in development--SARS-CoV-2 is the only Betacoronavirus that is sensitive toward
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Is it "honorable" to stand to the Lancet declaration if you have a grave COI to the Wuhan lab, including both funding, publication and literal life-and-death interests--as anyone who have funded or worked with the WIV would have landed in jail if an escape
@Ayjchan @sciencecohen have been confirmed? NO. If you have a COI, as 26 out of 27 "scientists" that signed that declaration does, then you are completely non-honorable, as your action would have amounted to nothing but as to serve your own selfish interest of not being defunded, lose reputation and
@Ayjchan @sciencecohen even jailed as not signing such a statement is to guarantee that your cover-up would not work as well and the chance of such grave consequences for you is dramatically increased.
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