As you look at the insane reaction to the Rittenhouse verdict, it’s important to understand why we’re here and what kind of people we’ve dealing with.

The Sky is Green Theory:
We’re at a place now in America like no other time in this nation’s history. A very dangerous place. You see, cultures are held up by pillars. Government, religion, sports, education, entertainment, etc..

Our pillars are all rotted with same sickness: Cultural Marxism
The wacko leftist on the street corner you used to mock as you drove by, he now brings you the news. He runs your FBI. He plays in the NBA. He pastors your church.
And because all the pillars believe the same thing, you no longer have a check and balance cultural system. If the government lies, the media should be there to expose it. A huge Hollywood star should expose it. The pillars check each other in a healthy society.
But we don’t have that. And because we don’t have that, they don’t feel the need to shade the truth or manipulate a story. They now can simply invent something out of thin air and they know no other pillar will check them on it.
Half this country believes Kyle Rittenhouse illegally crossed state lines with a weapon and murdered two people. Hell, half of those people think the ones “murdered” were black.
Which brings us to the Sky is Green theory. It sounds crazy, but The System could wake up tomorrow and convince half this country that the sky is green.
News program after news program would have “experts” on to discuss the newly green sky. Professors would teach about it. Our entertainers would all have a video up on Instagram about it in short order.
Our brain dead athletes would repeat it. Nike would be running commercials showing a green sky by the end of the week. Every Hollywood movie would have a green sky.
And the shaming would begin. Oh the shaming. Anyone talking about a blue sky would be treated like some deranged conspiracy theorist. Families would divide over it. Facebook would ban you for discussing “blue skies”.
You get the idea. Because there are no longer cultural checks outside of a few people with balls on the Right, we now live in a time when a huge percentage of your countrymen occupy a world of make believe.
I don’t know the solution for this. I genuinely don’t. But I do know we won’t last much longer this way. This nation does not exist in its current form 100 years from now unless this is fixed.


That’s all.

• • •

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21 Nov
If you’re looking around right now and you’re rightfully horrified by the state of things in your country, you should know that proactive measures are going to be needed if you want this to stop.

The Right must become active. You cannot “live and let live” your way out of this.
-Run for school board
-Run for DA
-Run for city council
-Run for state legislature
-Run for sheriff
-Train with your weapons
-Boycott every corporation who hates you
-Stop sending your children to communist training camps posing as “universities”
-Make babies
-If your pastor uses words like “white privilege”, walk out and never return
-Do not hire communists. Do not associate with them.
-Fire anyone with a “Biden” sticker on their car
-Doxx people who doxx people
-Embrace cancel culture. Ruin the lives of people trying to ruin yours
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15 Nov
It’s not difficult to understand why we’ve become a society of sheep when you ask the average American about anything that has to do with history. People genuinely don’t know anything here. Nothing.

Wanna see what I mean? 1/
Ask five people you know about Andrew Jackson. If they even know who he is, all five will only know “THE TRAIL OF TEARS!”

Ask them about the events surrounding the Trail of Tears. And ask them to bring up anything else about Andrew Jackson.

Yeah. We’re in trouble.
Andrew Jackson almost beat his would-be assassin to death with his cane. Andrew Jackson ALLOWED himself to be shot in the chest so he could win a duel. He got captured by the British at 14 and wouldn’t shine an officers shoes. Caught a sword to the head for that.
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10 Nov
PRO TIP: If you’re mad about inflation but you supported stopping an economy for a virus, go find a mirror. That’s who you should blame.

The rest of us will watch this carnage with at least a little inner peace of knowing we tried to stop it.
As I probably said about a thousand times last year when everyone told me I was a heartless grandma killer; panic has a cost. And the cost is higher than you can imagine.

We’re all about to find that out together.
“15 days to slow the spread” was always stupid. And if you supported it, you should feel stupid. Standing 6 feet away from everyone is stupid. Your dumb mask is stupid.

You do not just stop the gears that make a society move. Ever. Not for anything. The show must go on.
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