Somehow the review itself is even worse and less coherent than the tweet
This is just dumb. Whatever reputation Mussolini still had among socialists was dead by 1920 when he used his Fascisti to crack labor syndicalist skulls on behalf of Italian industrialists. He became a hero to US conservatives after that, including the American Legion.
Ah I see the post-WWII American right wasn’t soft on fascism, they just ignored it completely! (Also utter bs, Buckley and his crew actively idolized Franco and transferred their admiration for him to others like Pinochet.)
WFBuckley on Franco 1957: “[He] wrest[ed] Spain from the hands of the visionaries, ideologues, Marxists, and nihilists … only as oppressive as it is necessary to be to maintain total power, and that, it happens, is not very oppressive, for the people, by and large, are content.”
Then at the end of the review it just veers directly into clown shit as it offers its only criticism of the book: that its author doesn’t state that the 2020 election was stolen from Herr I mean Signore I mean Señor I mean Mr. Trump.
I’m all for understanding the nuances between different fascisms. Italian Fascism is not Naziism is not Trumpism etc—though they are do have a habit of allying with and being attracted to one another.

But that isn’t what this review is really about. It’s just noise.
I mean it’s just noise meant to convey the impression that current American anti-fascism is born out of historical illiteracy. Which is funny because the review itself (can’t speak to the book) is historically illiterate.

• • •

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20 Nov
This tweet: 13 RTs, 1 QT, 38 likes

Thread of unverified, cherry-picked counterexamples going viral as ammo against explanations of structural racism: 3,413 RT, 1,286 QT, 8,619 likes
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19 Nov
As we speak, the jury is deciding whether and how to hold the white supremacists who rampaged through Charlottesville four years ago accountable. I wrote about the trial so far in The Racket yesterday:…
The Nazis in Charlottesville are making the almost the exact same arguments as the defenders of Kyle Rittenhouse: that they were forced to use violence to counter the threat of Antifa, BLM, and other “Communists.”

That fantasy is what animates GOP legislators too:
Never mind that it’s a fantasy. Never mind that the Charlottesville plaintiffs showed extraordinarily detailed evidence that the neo-Nazis had planned to commit violence for weeks—gleefully sharing memes about killing leftists with cars (which is of course what they did).
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This seems like a pretty big piece of evidence…
It checks a lot of boxes—an official Chinese coverup, aided and abetted by WHO and EcoHealth. Except the thing that’s being covered up was a super spreader event at the seafood market (similar to 2002), not a research accident.
Wish the Times would stop using the ahistorical term “patient zero” though
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As I say in this week's pod, the loudest anti-vaxers definitely fall into the general category of: “I am an entitled white person and I make all the decisions for myself and everybody else can go and go screw themselves.”

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I asked Eula Biss, the author of On Immunity, to talk about why it's important to try to do the often annoying work of understanding why people refuse a medical miracle like the COVID vaccination.

As she put it, it's "a consensus technology."…
Eula pointed to an article by @zeynep, who found, as Eula summarized: the "most powerful predictor [of being unvaccinated] is not politics, race, or income, but a lack of health insurance."
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When I see that video of Rittenhouse breaking down I see a terrified little boy who should have never been given a gun
I don’t think he’s faking there. I think he is probably traumatized for life by what he knows full well he did, and is being pushed down a spiraling path by cynical people who don’t care.
Maybe! I have no idea what is going on in his head. But I am someone who lives every day with PTSD, and I can tell you for me it is fucking weird and incongruous what sets me off, what doesn’t, and when.
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This is going to be the big national takeaway but it ignores all the things VA Dems actually did over the last four years and decided not to run on for some reason
Climate change action, school funding, legalized weed, abolition of the death penalty, Medicaid expansion, reinsurance, access to abortion, increase in the minimum wage, civil rights … the list goes on…
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