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20 Nov, 6 tweets, 2 min read
Ok, so for some insight on the chaotic jumbling nature of my mind, here's what just happened over the last 10 minutes.
-thought of medical bay pods
-correlated clear LCD, EMR, and sonic resonance to a crystal forming by another crystal
-Downscale med pods to crystal synthesis🤯
-correlated multiphase transitioning of producing new LCD crystal structures to evolve the capability of utilizing EMR patterns with specific intention based on the newly grown liquid crystal transitioning grids with introducing them to sonic frequencies that can rework EMR waves
-then correlated this as a quaternion algorithm projection.

[Utility Spectrum (orientation),
Crystal Structure (absolution),
Sonic Frequency (plane pattern),
EMR Frequency (depth pattern)]

The formula of the matrix itself holds up in the relationship between the parts by design
With this advancement in understanding we could skip over the medical chamber entirely and work the physics over phase shifting the mechanisms into high potency EMF emissions of stable crystals.

We've all heard of the obscenities of the subtle undetectable properties in crystals
This just simply arrives into this notion by a different origin.
Perhaps ancient tech was truly built by EXTREME potencies of crystal structures radioactive emissions such as my other form of theorized programmable quaternion plasma fields.

I need to not have gaps in these steps

• • •

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22 Nov
@engineers_feed Well, I would personally hold off on "evil" since it's a concept centered around a sentient intention. But for the most "negative" impacting company?
...well that's also a hard choice/answer due to the diverse conflict of interests in a company the bigger the investors manipulate
@engineers_feed So what we want to look for here is a company where the highest investors of power is seen calling the shots with a clear intention to build the money on the companies human resources expense instead of supporting the company with their investment. Especially should it liquidate.
@engineers_feed How involved are they in the knowledge base on the decisions, how much fidelity is in the plans straight from the source, what are the investor to investor relations in and outside of the company?
What is the history record of accountability and follow up on corrections?
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22 Nov
Exercise your personal discernment enabled by your own free will. Many who love Science Fantasy benefit in the emersive experience, I personally do with inspirational motive only if I can fathom that possibilities
I worked to expand diverse independence, THEN I could be receptive
Calls of priorities imposed on you are unhealthy, those must be ln your terms of YOUR circumstances. Even if the intention is positive, we must not risk an organizational hysteria in our communities that divides us through prejudice in the extremes/obscene.
We upfront disclose it
Our reform success begins with a comfort zone of reception with healthy boundaries to maintain, evolve, and sustain that reform.

We all move as one organism with a united paradigm of mutually passive cohabitation providing our universal needs and enabling our social creativity.
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22 Nov
@DalaiLama Yup, "the benefit of my neighbor is the benefit of my own." If the same principle holds true for the neighbors of your neighbor, that's a LOT of benefit to web out indefinitely in the systemics. Hence it is true due to it's actualization of of a self fulfilling prophecy statement
@DalaiLama This is why we focus on the betterment of ourselves. An appropriate manor of healthy behavioral improvements that can enable us to be at our best. This arguably is selfish in individual interpretation, finding ways to rethink a second perspective enables you for cognitive choice.
@DalaiLama I experience(d) locked in syndrome in resulting from agoraphobia and scoptophobia. Specifically aspects of innate fear/survival mechanism to inescapable situations and being observed/seen. But it enabled me to deeply appreciate and grow through the unfiltered experience of others
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20 Nov
@emergencetheory @LiveScience "Time dilation refers to the idea that time is relative and passes at different rates for different observers, depending on certain factors"
Consider local accumulated EMR&EMF densities can alter the linear velocity of electrons in a computer to synthetically alter digital time.
@emergencetheory @LiveScience Observable by variance of dilation effects between purely mechanical kinetic time keeping (excludes ANY quarts resonance clocks to be involved in the kinetic clock).

The opposite end, digital data recorded on the kinetics DURING the run should yield a 3rd dilation data variance.
@emergencetheory @LiveScience The significance of this is that it may indicate variables of internal particle data structures retained nonlinearly even to quantum mechanics. We need this 3rd variance of time dilation to remain inconsistent in order to correlate to my particle internal network structure theory
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19 Nov
@Jessyescare @Infinitians1 @DalaiLama My interpretations
-Be in your shoes, examine others.
-Don't attach to worry.
-Practice stillness

It's not words that hold message but intent of mind.
Language is a neverending learning experience.
We're groomed by words, not reality.
These interactions have lessons.
@Jessyescare @Infinitians1 @DalaiLama We're all assholes with words at our best and worst. Simple throw away reactive expressions and key words can distort an intended narrative but in our polarity of a negative tone is still a positive narrative of intention. Rarely do we intend to create negativity, just discuss it
@Jessyescare @Infinitians1 @DalaiLama We're creative beings, interactions are driven by this nature.

I believe I can examine your shoes enough without putting them on and ask YOU how they feel. Otherwise we'd have one person barefoot from their own shoes waiting and the other not getting much out of them.

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18 Nov
@Plinz That kind of movement starts with the individual. We adjust our behavioral patterns simply by honest expressions in yearning for healthy connections such as you have done here. As I feel receptive to it and then together we manifest the opportunities arising for us to face change
@Plinz This is a natural innate law in reality "The Law Of Attraction".
It is informational structure magnetics and grows the collectives power with every additional alignment in these subtle particle connections.
"What you seek is seeking you"
"The wound is where light enters the body"
@Plinz I can go on in furthering the indications of biological responses as these moments come into our awareness. They are classified as the "Theta Wave" information frequencies. Goosebumps, euphoria, sudden onsets of tears with a nearly electrical surge of release from innate pain⚡️💧
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