Heads up to followers on twitter, will be virtually attending the #ESASRBANZBMS conference this week (21-24th Nov) so expect a bunch of tweets with a particularly heavy science bend. Disclaimer: this is by no means an extensive coverage & usually includes personal reflections. /1
So before continuing, I will try to...
- keep everything here in this thread
- share what I snippets I can
- add a number to keep tweets in some order
- respond where possible (but am also engaging in the conference spaces)
- link to papers when I can /2
Now a bunch of # in case relevant to these folks: #MedTwitter #Science #anzbms #biology #pharmatwitter #ortho #rheum #immunology
#arthritis #pathology #physicaltherapy
#pt #MSKRad #OccupationalTherapy

Anyone is most welcome to add relevant tags :D /3
Small note: this was meant to be a hybrid conference, but given the case numbers in Melbourne, the very prudent combined organising committee decided on a fully virtual event. /4
Will be starting at 1:30pm AEST (so 12:30pm my local time) with a fairly heavy clinical load from #ANZBMS , followed by some intriguingly titled sessions from @ESASRB @ReproductionSRB "Bridging the Gaps from discovery to impact" - which is a topic dear to many of us out here /5
So now is the time for me to set up a hydration station, consider the air con if the humidity intensifies, have note taking paper and pens at hand, watch our QLD Covid cases update (looking good today), & brew a nice cuppa. #ESASRBANZBMS /6
Particularly interested in the #ANZBMS invited speaker topic. It may have implications for mgmt of complex multisystemic conditions (looking at you inflammatory & immune disorders, but also post-infectious complications (e.g. heterotopic ossification)

Starting with Dr Richard Prince (Univ. of Western Australia) with an update from the #ANZBMS therapeutics committee - with exciting news about Burosumab translating from bench to clinical applications in X-linked hypophosphatemia. Calling young clinicians #ESASRBANZBMS /8
A/Prof Roderick Clifton-Bligh (Dep. of Endocrinology, Royal North Shore Hospital) presents on Fibrodysplasia Ossificans Progressiva: Insights Into Heterotopic Bone Formation From a Rare Congenital Bone. Note #mastcells & inflammatory mediators re: heterotopic ossification /9
For those who followed @ahandvanish 's thread the other day on Covid induced atraumatic heterotopic ossification (insight.jci.org/articles/view/…) - this might be of relevance. A few articles that caught my (mast cell focused) eyes:

Moment of reflection: the mechanism of atraumatic heterotopic ossification is not entirely clear, it may be helpful to glean insights from the #LongCovid and #Covid19 pts out there w heterotopic ossification to help other conditions. Also what is BMP doing LC? #ESRSRBANZBMS /11
doing in* LC?
Continuing with Dr Peter J Simm (Royal Children's Hospital Melbourne) The Role of Bisphosphonates in the Management of Bone Health Issues in Childhood. The decision making parameters including bone fragility + density (as well as other detailed clin factors) /12
(the detailed decision making matrix for the treatment of children with a variety of conditions that affect bone density/fragility is definitely out of my scope, and very daunting to a mere basic science patient researcher). Appreciating the QoL considerations #ESASRBANZBMS /13
Dr Simm notes that This is one of the areas of clinical research/application that enters a somewhat complex #Bioethics dimension. A call for long-term observational studies with historical controls (rather than not treating, treatable patients) is one option noted. /14
(I have to be careful not to make this a hard core #Paediatrician #Geriatrician specialist endo appreciation thread) /15
Dr Weiwen Chen (St Vincents, Darlinghurst) presents Osteoanabolic Therapy: A New Era for Osteoporosis?

Use of monoclonal antibodies within comb. treatment strategies anabolic (bone building) & anti-resorptive (stopping osteoclasts) seems to have great potential /16
Networking via @SpatialChatTeam has a bit of a learning curve, but interesting! Now getting into the guts of things! "The gut microbiome and bone metabolism: an update." Presented by ANZBMS National invited speaker - Marlena Kruger /17
@SpatialChatTeam For those who wish to go down this very interesting rabbit-hole. Again wonder about my problematic faves mast cell role with GI flora --> influencing bone density as other immune cells w established influence got a nod.


Especially given the fairly frequent contribution mast cells and their somewhat cousins eosinophils tend to have in the gastrointestinal tract. /19
Now the ANZBMS Clinical Orals! #ESASRBANZBMS Starting with @Griffith_Uni @MenziesHealth team of @BelindaRBeck @BenWeeksPhD "High­intensity exercise and hip bone geometry in postmenopausal women on or off bone medication: The MEDEX­OP trial" /20
Institute for nutrition research @EdithCowanUni Creatinine to cystatin C ratio: A novel biomarker of sarcopenia measures and falls risk in community­dwelling older women? - Dr Marc Sim. A crucial question to aid in providing adequate support resources to vulnerable pts /21
@EdithCowanUni @Mia_Percival1 now presents from @Deakin
"Associations between Vitamin D Receptor polymorphism, Childhood Fracture Risk and Maternal Vitamin D Levels in utero: The Vitamin D in Pregnancy Study". Ideally considering genetic variants might improve earlier interventions /22
@EdithCowanUni @Mia_Percival1 @Deakin One (very non-directly bone) thought: what about other musculoskeletal impact? e.g. sprains, strains, tendonitis, whiplash/etc. and immune components? Or simply MSK related hospitalisations? @ElliottJSyd plausible to look at genetic variants with BMD/fracture in your cohorts? /23
There were some words missing there "associated with BMD/fracture risk" /24
Dominic Hauck of University of Sydney presents "Bisphosphonates and bone mineral density in patients on haemodialysis and renal transplant: a 15 ­year single-
centre experience" - heavy duty mineral sciences in clinical application - #endo #nephrology #MSK collaboration /25
Prof Erik Eriksen of Oslo University "Kinetic reconstruction of the cancellous (Cn) & endocortical (Ec) remodeling unit reveals a net positive bone balance after 12 months (M12) of treatment with romosozumab (Romo)" Prof Eriksen & Boyce BMU research is always stunning /26
the ESA @ReproductionSRB session "Bridging the Gaps from discovery to industry" starting with Jeremy Thompson describing the strengths and challenges of navigating Industry and application from a science researcher background - especially in the age of #COVID /27
@ReproductionSRB I seem to be gathering from Professor Thompson's extensive experiences, that a collaborative culture between diverse skill sets and backgrounds enhances the translation from discovery into application. That learning from actions & taking risks enables this /28
@ReproductionSRB Important message to all scientists and researchers: it starts with ideas, keep having ideas :) @ANZBMS_ECIC /29
Prof John Newnham (@uwanews) shares about Discovery to Policy - Specifically with the example of how strong attention to research has resulted in policy changes that have profoundly transformed neonatal care & reducing preterm births @WIRFWA @PretermAlliance #ESASRBANZBMS /30
@uwanews @WIRFWA @PretermAlliance "Ongoing success require ongoing work and policy change" - Prof Newnham #ESASRBANZBMS /31
@uwanews @WIRFWA @PretermAlliance During the Q&A session Kelly Walton & @DrLisaAkison encourage Prof Newnham & Prof Thompson share further key insights, where again, treasuring your time, recognising strengths & weaknesses, & build relationships with those around you & their diverse skillsets #ESASRBANZBMS /32
@uwanews @WIRFWA @PretermAlliance @DrLisaAkison Now the presidents of the Endocrine Society of Australia, @ReproductionSRB & @ANZBMSoc officially welcome us to the @ESASRB, thank the sponsors, and distribute awards #ESASRBANZBMS

And with that, Day 1 ends! More science tweeting tomorrow. #ESASRBANZBMS
....I really wish twitter had an edit button.


• • •

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19 Nov
Attending the school of Pharmacy and Medical Sciences research retreat #PAMRR2021 @Griffith_Uni

Thankfully it's made accessible via Teams for those of us unable to physically attend.

Might share some little insights from the presentations
Welcomed by the enthusiastic, encouraging, and humble @JennyAKEkberg and reminded to connect our research and funding with community and industry and engage in research cross-pollination. /1
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9 Feb
@ZoieSheets Helpful articles that also add the concept of how this can aid in increased clarity/communication:

mja.com.au/journal/2018/2… and

Far from a perfect solution to the various barriers/traumatic experiences w/n health care - but it can be valuable. /1
@ZoieSheets Especially regarding trust/collaborative exchange with a patient that can allow for productive & enduring change. Makes things less about being "right" & convincing of "knowing best" but rather building a culture of improved informed consent & health literacy. /2
@ZoieSheets Improved patient autonomy & clinician transparency and trustworthiness. Framing questions such as "what were the symptoms that drove this line of investigation" may allow pertinent information to come to light that many struggle to communicate /3
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