The Office of the Inspector General cleared the DoD of all blame for Jan 6th, but there are still some worrying parts in the report.

For instance, Major General Walker said he could have had the National Guard there in 20 minutes. 1/13
But he couldn't do anything without Sec Def Chris Miller's approval and was told he was in a meeting until 4 p.m. 2/13
Walker couldn't get approval from Ryan McCarthy, either. But then Miller noticed the riot on TV! 3/13
Walker becomes very frustrated about not getting approval and all the the delays, so then starts moving troops without permission. 4/13
So then Walker takes charge. Quite the phone call. 5/13
Good God. They're still talking about "optics" as the Capitol is being invaded. 6/13
LTG Piatt does not approve the request for help, maybe because he wants more time to organize. Meanwhile, the "only thing [they] heard" were "hysterical cries for help" on the phone. 7/13
The call ended when "shots were fired inside the Capitol." 8/13
Miller didn't decide to go the Capitol until he heard shots were fired inside at 3:00 p.m. Then he's ready to send everyone. 9/13
But Ryan McCarthy hears the mayor is publicly complaining that they're not coming, so he spends 25 minutes on the phone saying this isn't true before making a plan to go! 10/13
Walker says he got permission to deploy at 5:08. Frankly, he seems like the only one who wanted to go to the Capitol at all to help. 11/13
Major General Walker. 12/13
Miller and McCarthy, prior to 1/6, were pretty opposed to the military being involved. They were both squeaky wheels. And 1/6 sounds like chaos, while General Walker sat on a bus with his troops, waiting for approval to go help. 13/13

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15 Nov
On November 15, Doug Logan, Jim Penrose, Andrew Whitney, Mike Lindell, Michael Flynn, and Sidney Powell show up at Lin Wood's South Carolina Tomotley Plantation. They stay a month.

You know this ends badly...
Andrew Whitney and Mike Lindell were working on a new "miracle" cure for COVID called Oleandrin that they were trying to get Trump to push. (It was poisonous.)
The others were doing a "step-by-step of how we overturn the election," according to Dave Hancock.
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14 Nov
I finally get it. General Flynn betrayed his country back in 2014. As head of the DIA, he was supposed to warn Obama that Russia was about to invade Ukraine. Instead, Flynn was fired right after the invasion.

Then he flew to Russia to meet Putin.…
Look at Michael Flynn's statement about the invasion of Crimea. He says, Putin "will not allow the Russian federation to fritter away while he's in charge"... and he makes a weird joke about Georgia.
According to Reuters, DNI head James Clapper was warning Obama about Russian troop movements but the DIA (Flynn) "predicted such a move was unlikely."…
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14 Nov
A few remarks on Steve Bannon's crypto whatever-it-is. (It's not an "offering" and it's not an obvious scam.)

He claims to have earned $27 billion in 2 weeks. 1/4
The fine print: #Bannon
1. Initial investments were by "private invitation only."
2. Initial investments had to be at least $1 million.
3. The company is not allowed to trade coins in the U.S., Japan, and Canada.
4. Most of the money came from China. 2/4
5. You can only trade the H-Coin at the Himalaya Exchange.
6. You can buy "Himalaya Farm" products (Guo Wengui's products) with the coins.
7. They're definitely NOT laundering money (they say). 3/4
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12 Nov
For a long time, I was convinced there was was some smart conspiracy between the Russians and the Trump campaign. Slowly, I realized that the Trump campaign is far too disorganized and clumsy to knowingly coordinate with the Russians, or anyone, even though they wanted to. 1/16
We have to think about the Capitol attack the same way. The people around Flynn are military vets in Special Forces or Green Berets. Flynn hired 1AP, and 1AP ended up in the Capitol, but it still doesn't mean there was a plan. It means there is a problem. 2/16
It means we need to demilitarize America. Militias are out of control. And Mike Flynn, who still thinks and talks like an expert in hybrid warfare, has been hiring them. So has Roger Stone. 3/16
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5 Nov
With all due respect to @Axios, please look into the substance of the charges. Danchenko is.... 1/10
charged with lying about Sergei Millian being on the phone, but what is the evidence? Danchenko actually said "I don't know" who he spoke with. 2/10
Durham insists he "knew" it wasn't Milliam, but the only evidence that Danchenko didn't mention the phone call when he asked to meet with him. Well, since he "didn't know" it was him, why would he mention it? 3/10
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3 Nov
Watching Tucker Carlson's bizarre propaganda film. His main point is that the FBI organized the attack of the U.S. Capitol (they didn't) and that the U.S. is under attack by the military just like Iraq once was (it's not). 1/6
2/6 Tucker presents Ashli Babbitt as a hero and law enforcement as deranged shooters or willing participants setting up "patriots."
3/6 Tucker describes people who were at the Capitol as heroes, with "glory, glory, hallelujah" playing behind them in the end, who are being tortured and abused.
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