It is of course horrible that a driver murdered people in a Christmas parade but honestly that’s just the price we have to pay for freedom. Your life must be weighed against the value of handbags and a few seconds of driver convenience, and we both know your life is worth less.
That’s not capitalism, it’s not socialism, it’s not fascism or authoritarianism. It is just Americanism, it is why we exist, it is the trillion dollar infrastructure bill and wars for oil and catastrophic climate change and 40,000 dead/2 million maimed for life every year.
People being run down by SUVs *is* American culture. It is who the TV tells us we are supposed to be, it is something about which our political experts assure us nothing can be done, we will never get Americans out of their cars and by the transitive property of driver violence
we must therefor integrate this violence into our psyches or be forever cast as pariahs, the cultural rejects, the weirdos on bikes and buses, the fools who *just don’t get it.*

If you’re not fighting over a parking spot, what *will* you fight for?
is all i’m saying
sometimes honestly fuck this fucking fucked up country and its fucked up obsession with making a massive pile of human bodies behind its god damn giant speeding cars

• • •

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24 Nov
Them: "There's no more room here for housing, people have to go somewhere else"

Us: [points to 85-acre freeway interchange built with tax dollars on land stolen from Black/brown owners and given to car industry]

Them: "That's, uh, ours, we ... uh, we stole it fair and square."
Us: “Pardon us while we steal it the fuck back.”
Like, here’s tens of thousands of acres of free public land that also requires hundreds of billions of dollars in annual tax revenues for maintenance.

Remove the cars, put up public housing, have BILLIONS OF DOLLARS LEFTOVER
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24 Nov
I remember that time a pedestrian followed another pedestrian home for standing on the wrong side of the escalator and also shot them to death, this is just a part of being human that can't be avoided
I was once cut off by a cyclist at a stop sign and found them via face recognition technology, went to their house, and poured rat poison in their main water supply. as one does
It's pretty obvious that most Americans have no idea what is being done to their brain chemistry by the hormones released during the physical experience of horsepower, rapid acceleration, and rapid deceleration.

But yes, it turns you into a violent psychopath.
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23 Nov
"you'll never get Americans out of their cars" perhaps, but might not be necessary, cars are well on their way to driving Americans out of their minds
I'm increasingly curious which will hit first: The deadly heat waves from car pollution that will wipe e.g. Vegas/Phoenix off the map, or a scale of gridlock traffic never before seen by humans that ... causes open warfare on the streets and wipes Vegas/Phoenix off the map.
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23 Nov
Given the direction of car industry, it would be useful IMO to develop a suite of technologies pedestrians & other uncarred humans can use to disable/otherwise neutralize the deadly weaponry they’re building into products.

For example, a Skydio follow-drone w/ grenade launcher.
If a violent drivist — whether robotic or human — gets within a defined perimeter, the drone sends a warning text message: “You have 1 second to cease operations” and then fires a grenade to protect its owner.

Other drone solutions could include EM pulse guns to shut down motors
or, for crowd protection, larger drones mounted with detachable spike strips.

I’m resistant to the idea of pedestrians arming ourselves for defense, only because, just as most drivers are not qualified to drive, most walkers can’t and likely don’t want to wield a weapon.
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22 Nov
The Explorer is not the deadliest weapon offered in the Ford arsenal. With a curb weight of 5,000 pounds, it generates 350 horsepower and has a top speed of 150 miles per hour — fast, but not Ford’s top-performing product in the “built to kill” category.
For more serious anti-personnel use, most Americans prefer the F-150 — also the top-selling weapon in the USA.

This beast cranks 450 horsepower, a top speed of 165 mph with a weight of nearly 6,000 pounds, and, for many models, a bone-crushing grill height of nearly 5 feet.
Of course, both weapons boast similar ammunition gauges, with the Explorer burning a gallon of carbon for 26 miles and the F-150 topping out at 25.

Ford accordingly assures its customers that any humans they miss on the street will be wiped out later by climate change.
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21 Nov
I paid $1300 for my city bicycle in 2005 and am wondering about what I will replace it with in ~ 2030

The gravel bike is newer though, $1400 in 2007, so, I probably won’t be able to replace it til ‘35 soonest

how much is a car? can’t be more than $2000 right?
that said, the road bike ($1200, 2003) is probably going to be retired in the next 5 year so, checkmate me i guess
yes, the average American spends as much on their car in ~ 6 months as I’ve spent on bicycles in ~ 19 years, i am indeed quite bitter about that but not for the reasons implied by the tweet
Read 5 tweets

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