Gun-toting public fetishists are welcome as @Girlguiding leaders.

We said this would happen.

Now it's happening in plain sight.

Journos--please report!

This is what a massive safeguarding breach by a special, unimpeachable caste of predatory men looks like, in real time.
For the last time (!), autogynephiles (so-called "trans women") are not women. They are potentially dangerous men with serious mental health conditions, and complete contempt for the boundaries of women & children.

Let them run children's charities? Have we gone completely mad?
Thank you to the 130 people who can see the Emperor's New Clothes (tacky PVC fetish wear accessorised with lethal weapons, go figure)!

Journos--please please report what's happening @Girlguiding and help pull the plug on the safeguarding fiasco that is "gender inclusivity."
And remember, this is what GG and trans activists did to a leader who understood and stood up for safeguarding in Girl Guides! They literally tried to ruin her life! There has to be justice for this. It's appalling treatment of a whistleblower.

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23 Nov
Why would little girls on @Girlguiding residential trips need *contraception,* eh?

The same reason women in prison in Los Angeles are being given condoms during an influx of men-who-do-trans into their space.

The age of consent is 16 in this country @Girlguiding NOT 14!!!!!!

This policy must have been drafted by a male sexual predator, and given who you choose to take policy advice from, that's highly likely.

Jesus wept!
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23 Nov
How nice it would be to be shocked, now that the general public are catching up with how trans activists have bullied, harassed & - frankly - terrorised women's rights defenders for years. But it's routine.

Here are 20 more women attacked by TRAs:…
This account is still anonymous because, after being doxxed and harassed by TRAs a decade ago, I didn't want them to put me through the same again.

But wow, did they light a fire in me with their extreme misogyny!
I mean seriously - how dare they! And to be lauded by the establishment while bullying women & getting us sacked, while we were admonished to "Be Kind" to these supposedly vulnerable, oppressed people...
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23 Nov
Untrue. I just dug out my long, detailed complaint email to Girl Guides from early 2018. There have been two whistleblowers. Girl Guides knows that its gender inclusion policies prop the door open for dubious men to access little girls. Yet they stuck their head in the sand.
What did Girl Guiding say in response, when I set out the safeguarding issues with including males as leaders & guides?

"We understand that you do not agree with our practice around Equality & Diversity, & it is unlikely we will reach a conclusion on our differences of opinions"

That went well for you, didn't it @Girlguiding
Read 6 tweets
22 Nov
I wonder whether we will look back on this period in time, when it became routine for trans activists to unleash hell on women who don't believe in their ideology, and wonder what went wrong? Or will it all be swept under the rug and misrepresented by historians?
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15 Oct
People horrified by the legality of housing rapists in the women's prison estate petitioned for sex to be recorded across the justice system.

The Home Office's response beggars belief--disigenuous trans extremist waffle.…
"Officials note that ‘biological sex’ has not been defined in the petition. If ‘biological sex’ is defined in terms of anatomy, or chromosomes, there would be both ethical & logistical challenges for the police or HMPPS in determining this for every arrested suspect or prisoner"
"For instance, it would not be appropriate for the police or HMPPS to physically examine every suspect/prisoner in order to determine ‘biological sex’ if it had one of these meanings. Accordingly, there are no plans for the polic/HMPPS to record the biological sex of prisoners"
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14 Oct
Who else is thoroughly bored of gender woo ideologues playing the woman, and never truthfully addressing the problems caused by their takeover of the public sphere?

They'll monster Kathleen Stock all the livelong day, neatly avoiding accounting for themselves. MSM is little help
Two can play that game, if necessary. The worst they can ever pin on women's rights campaigners is that we sign declarations, or hold meetings about law reforms, assert our boundaries, or that we just don't see them the way they see themselves.
The worst we can pin on the prophets and preachers of gender woo is almost unbearably awful, and runs the full gamut of criminality, misogyny & antisocial behaviour.

How are they still taken seriously? How?
Read 4 tweets

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