#IAmWoman I played hockey for my all girls school as a teenager, I was the goalie and played on a wonderful team with my girlfriends. It is an experience I will always treasure. I am aghast that sports authorities are now denying this generation of girls the same opportunity.
Girls are self-excluding, demoralised or being withdrawn from sport by their parents due to safety issues or cultural restrictions. It is dehumanising and outrageous that men and boys are now allowed access to insert themselves into these spaces.
Spaces women and their supporters fought long and hard for over centuries. Now we have males putting on frocks, renaming themselves with stereotypical girls names, demanding this is sufficient to override our privacy, safety & dignity because they want in. savewomenssports.com/males-in-femal…
What about the right of women and girls to fair competition, safety and inclusion? When men are included, we are excluded. Why are the feelings and rights of a self-declared special group of males more important than little girls? What about our rights under CEDAW?
Some of these men make a complete mockery of women, claiming to be us while acting like nothing more than petulant, entitled males making age old demands on women “witch”, “TERF” “bitch” and worse.
We know that they, and their allies, are emboldened to smear, trash, threaten, silence and assault women for refusing to capitulate to their demands. It happens to all of us, from powerful and famous billionaires, to ordinary women without a platform or protection.
But we see you. Things are starting to shift as this absurd ideology is dragged into the light and everyone starts to see it for what it is. People will not stand for seeing men and boys dominating their daughter’s sports. (Just look at the comments!) skynews.com.au/opinion/outsid…
They will not stand for seeing vulnerable children surgically mutilated and sterilised in furtherance of an unattainable idea. The lawsuits will be legion, as the will the government inquiries. Complete failure of safeguarding. Mark my words.
The impact on the LGB movement, especially Lesbians, and the abhorrent silencing and condemnation of those standing up for them is being exposed @ALLIANCELGB

And we will win this because we have reality on our side. I am a woman. I am proud to be a woman. No one will ever confuse me for anything else. I stand here as a lawyer, an advocate, a wife and a mother because the women who came before me managed to survive long enough to bring
forth the next generation. In that line, there are women who smashed glass ceilings and survived terrible ordeals so I can stand here and do what I do. I will never be quiet. I will never back down. I will never stop fighting for women and girls. #Iamwoman katherinedeves.com.au

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28 Sep


Australia has a very dark history of children being taken from their families by the state, b/c bureaucrats thought they knew better. Don’t we owe it to lessons of the past, such as our shameful Stolen Generation scandal, to stop the destruction of families for flawed beliefs?
WA Supreme Court Judge Quinlan has now redefined “harm” and “abuse” to include parents refusing to accept gender identity ideology.

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13 Sep
Australian parents fighting the State in Court to regain custody of their teenage daughter. Two years ago police showed up at their home and took their 15 year old daughter away with no explanation and no warning. They have had no contact since. 1/ theepochtimes.com/parents-challe…
@Bernard_Lane first broke this story in November 2020. 2/ theaustralian.com.au/nation/parents…
Lane covers this Australian first legal challenge brought by the parents, who have been accused of "emotional abuse", and lost their young daughter to the State when they urged caution and objected to experimental testosterone injections. 3/
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11 Sep
TAS MPs Ella Haddad MP & Jane Howlett Minister for Women, & Sport & Rec utterly betray women by giving not a moment's thought to women & girls forced to accommodate men & boys in their sports. parliament.tas.gov.au/havod/09092021…
@EllaHaddadMP takes the opportunity to completely mischaracterise & target Tasmanian Federal Senator, Claire Chandler, the one politician brave enough to speak publicly & on the record, about this destruction of women's rights. fb.watch/7XJl3Rb50h/
Where is the inclusion, fairness & safety for women & girls in their very own sports? I ask @janehowlettmp if she has spoken to the women & girls affected, or any of the groups that represent them? @SWS_australasia
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11 Jul
Whistleblower at Aus. Breastfeeding Association: “We do not consent to provide that support. We are experts in mother-to-mother breastfeeding we have no skills in assisting in affirming men in their experimental attempts to breastfeed” dailymail.co.uk/news/article-9…
'I have experienced men ringing the helpline and wanting to have inappropriate sexualised conversations about breasts and have always, until now, felt supported by the organisation to immediately discontinue those phone calls and report them.' @OzBreastfeeding
'Those expressing concerns have been silenced rather than the ABA trying to accommodate the volunteers,'
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7 Jun
“Australia’s Stonewall Scam”

ACON is substantially funded by NSW government - AUD$11M directly from Minister for Health and $3M from other government grants, out of an annual budget of $20M.

Brought to you by Australia’s Coalition for Biological Reality @BiologicalReal1
They clearly state their model is based on Stonewall UK.

Organisations pay to be members of Pride in Diversity and Pride in Sport Indexes where they are assessed on criteria determined by Pride.
Our taxpayer funded public broadcasters, @ABCaustralia and @SBS are fully paid up members. Could explain why neither have covered the Bell-Tavistock case, and barely mention any criticism of gender ideology except in a wholly negative light.
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2 Apr
A thread of harassment, silencing & assault of women: Associate Professor Dr. Holly Lawford-Smith of Uni. of Melbourne launched a website to collate the stories of women impacted by gender identity laws & policies, because our govt. is failing to do so noconflicttheysaid.org
Another fellow academic at the Uni wrote an open letter denouncing HLS, calling for her to be removed from teaching a Feminist course that she designed and is wholly qualified to give (being a radical feminist and a Lesbian!) docs.google.com/document/u/0/d…
University of Melbourne responded, as far as I am aware they have said nothing further, even though TRAs came into HLS’s office area and papered the space with pro-TRA flags and slogans. Image
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