Time for a very long schizo thread. Let's discuss hurricane Katrina. Please read it all
Before we begin, if you have not yet read my pinned thread, please do, this is in a sense a continuation of that one
The two numbers "9 and 11" instantly conjure that eponymous event, and Americans wince when they hear it, they relive the psychic damage. The single word Katrina does the same but too a lesser degree. Its synonymous now with a deluge
The reason that the trauma of the latter word is duller, is that it was mostly poor blacks who were killed. That and because most americans believe that 9/11 had some recognizable perpetrator, but a hurricane is perceived as an inevitable natural disaster, an act of God.
But there was nothing inevitable about the damage done by the deluge that hit New Orleans. When Katrina first hit Mississippi it had been downgraded from a category 5 to category 3 hurricane. By the time it hit NO it was merely a tropical storm
A tropical storm should have never destroyed the levees. The flooding that ravaged the city was due to the levees failing. The levees failed supposedly due to the army Corp of engineers not staying on top of repairs, (they manage levee upkeep)
There were dozens of reports in the years preceding Katrina warning that the levees were in total disrepair. The army Corp even admitted in 2006 that their own negligence was a direct cause of the break.
But not just poor engineering can be blamed. In 1998 hurricane George, a mere category 2 storm had water reaching a mere foot of the levies. This was widely reported. At best this is a level of negligence that is almost intentional
But here is what many of you don't know. There were mass reports from the black population in the lower 9th ward of hearing and seeing a massive explosion right before the levee fell. As in a controlled demolition.
These people swore they knew what they heard and saw. The sound of a massive bomb is completely distinct from that of a levee being breached. In fact the testimony reached the congressional investigation comittee.
The way debunkers explain this away is by claiming that white districts were also flooded, so the conspiracy did not make sense. This was the false premise established, that the flooding was just to kill black people.
By reframing the controlled demolition theory as a way to just kill black people, the mainstream narrative could lazily disprove it by showing white neighborhoods flooded too. My fellow "critically paranoid" will recognize this technique
So much easier to dismiss the fears of "dumb blacks." Absolutely sickening. But here's the thing. THIS EXACT THING HAPPENED IN 1927.
The Great Mississippi Flood of 1927. Read the attached screanshot. Hell look it up for yourself. The army Corp of Engineers blew up the Caernarvon levee. Most of NO was saved, but the poor southern parishes were demolished. Hoover even signed off. (enlarge the img)
Back to Katrina. During the disaster there with this mass media hysteria/psyop claiming black looting and chaos. The governor deployed the National Guard and gave a shoot to kill order.
I wonder how many of those witnesses of the levees "breaking" were identified as looters and shot. So easy to label economically poor blacks as looters, kill them and no one cares.
There is a good reason that the Black American community is one of the most conspiratorial, its because the US Gov have perpetuated some of the most vile and well documented conspiracies against them. From chattel slavery to the crack epidemic
But here is where we truly begin. The demolition of the levees (or atleast the intentional allowing of their degradation) wasn't merely an ethnic cleansing of black people. No, it was another mass ritual, a sequal to 9/11
In my last thread, I posited that the destruction of the WTC was a kind of analogue to the destruction of the tower of babel. Again I laid it out there, read that first. But basically, the greatest satanic act is mimicking God.
And so by destroying the towers they mimicked God's destruction of the tower of Babel. What I am now suggesting is that Hurricane Katrina was the next step, now mimicking the Great Flood itself. Sounds crazy? Just wait.
One more thing first. The destruction of Soddom and Gommorah and the Great flood are inextricably linked thematically. No other two stories in Genesis are so closely associated with each other. The righteous purification of sinners
First the name. Katrina. From the Greek Katharos, meaning pure. Hurricane Katrina. The hurricane and thus flood of purification. What was the purpose of the original deluge?
It was to purify an earth full of sinners, full of the unrighteous. This is what makes New Orleans the perfect setting. A city synonymous with hedonism and libertine debauchery. Carnivale, Mardi Gras. Explicitly linked to Saturnalia
New Orleans is perceived as an American Soddom and Gommorah. The etymology of both names is uncertain. But one of the most popular theories is they derive from the semitic root -m-r
-m-r means "be deep" or "copious water." (just want to point out that new Orleans is at a very very low elevation, part of the official reason for the flooding).
If you remember from my last thread, petroleum aka tar pits are directly associated with the outskirts of Soddom and Gommorah. (once more, read the thread first). What surrounds New Orleans? If you cant remember I'll just give you two letters. BP
So here we have the perfect symbolic setting for the ritual. The perfect location to destroy and flood, mimicking the bipartite destruction of the deluge and of soddom and Gommorah
Let's analyze the hypothetical beginning of the ritual. If you remember in 911 as mass ritual, as the first plane hit, Bush is reading My Pet Goat, a symbolic staging of it all.
And real quick, Katrina in the news was constantly being called the worst disaster since 9/11, its almost spiritual heir, bush's second disaster. If you reflect on the Bush era, you will probably think 9/11 and Katrina. Words now perversely repurposed in the American conscious
When news broke out of the Katrina devastation, Bush was famously playing guitar with country singer Mark Willis. Just as Nero played the fiddle as Rome burned
The next thing Bush did was take a photo op of him looking down at NO from his plane. Much fuss was made about the fact that he didn't put feet on the ground like LBJ did with Hurricane Betsy. Destroyed his approval ratings. "Why on earth would he do something so callous?" lol
A subtle nod to the last ritual. Observing from the sky. And Just like with 9/11, massive corporate profits were made. 15 days after, the RSC convened a list of pseudo relief policies
Bush adopted many of them within a week. One of the main aspects was strengthening oil and gas industries.
Milton Friedman (at this point as physically old and decrepit as he was spiritually) wrote "Most New Orleans schools are in ruins, as are the homes of the children who have attended them. This is a tragedy. It is also an opportunity to radically reform the educational system"
In the aftermath, an initiative for vouchers for private and charter schools began. Within the year, new Orleans school system became the most privatized in the US. (besides being evil monetarily, charter schools are a child predators wet dream)
Most ominously of all: and please please understand the gravity both symbolically and monetarily of this statement in regard to the mass ritual
Mass ritual. They destroyed and displaced low income housing to build expensive real estate. The elite playing God. And don't get me started on the profit Blackwater made.
The antichrists played God and mocked His actions in Genesis once again. In the OT, after the first destruction of the tower of Babel, the next great divine iniquity for human sin was Soddom and Gommorah
But Katrina dialouges with both S and G as well as the deluge. I've already discussed how the destruction of the tower is contained within the first 9 verses of the 11th chapter of genesis. New significance to 9/11
BUT! And here is the other great inversion of Genesis. Here is a new biblical mocking. Here is how ritualisticaly 9/11 leads to Katrina. What is verse 9 of the 11th chapter of genesis?
Never again shall there be a deluge, this was HIS declaration. So in one sense following the mock Babel destruction (9/11) with the mock S and G (Katrina) parallels scripture and therefore mocks it...
It in another sense reverses the structure by placing the mock deluge after the destruction of the mock babel, mocking and inverting the divine promise of there never being another flood
I have a lot more to say about this, but once again it's late here in Babylon. I'll finish this up domani

• • •

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