Earlier this month, Darrell Brooks, the suspect in the Waukesha crowd killings, was arrested for intentionally running over a women in a gas station parking lot after a fight. He posted bail and was released from Milwaukee County Jail on Nov 16th.
2/ The county DA now says the $1,000 bail was "inappropriately low." In the previous two years Brooks had been charged a total of three times with recklessly endangering the safety of others, including the gas station attack. jsonline.com/story/news/cri…
3/ And for clarity: Yes, you're reading that right. Brooks got out on bail a week ago for intentionally running over someone else.
4/ The county DA's office says: "This office is currently conducting an internal review of the decision to make the recent bail recommendation in this matter in order to determine the appropriate next steps."
5/ Immediately prior to the mass fatality incident this weekend Brooks was involved in what police refer to as a "domestic disturbance." Other reports state that Brooks was fleeing the scene of that incident on the arrival of the police when he drove through the parade.
6/ A bit more information on Brooks. He has a 22 year history of various criminal offenses, almost all of which can be categorized as rage crimes, domestic violence, battery, resisting arrest. That earlier run over incident went like this. He got into a fight with the mother ...
7/ of one his children, punched her in the face and then when she fled he chased her to a gas station and ran his car into her. She was treated for a slew of non-life-threatening injuries. Arresting officers said she had tire tracks from his car on one of her pant legs.
8/ These are of course the crimes he was accused of - no conviction. He only got released on bail for that one last Tuesday. Not sure how much you can directly tie to the two things. But clearly using his car as a weapon in the earlier case.
9/ Perhaps goes without saying that Brooks has been sentenced repeatedly to various court mandated anger management programs which don't seem to have stuck.

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"The hair-on-fire reactions to the announcement of the University of Austin represent the fear within our leadership class of building anything that could jeopardize the status quo." washingtonpost.com/opinions/2021/…
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A few thoughts on this verdict. It’s probably obvious I think it was a bad verdict. But I think we have to look more broadly at the result. People disagree. Juries make bad decisions. There’s nothing new about that. But what we have in the country right now are three factors.
2/ One is highly permissive self defense laws. In some cases the statutes are ok but they’re interpreted too heavily or entirely in the defendants subjective perception of danger. In other stand your ground type cases they’re just bad laws. But the upshot is the similar.
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okay gonna go do some woodworking. please keep sending tweets from reps explaining why they support roads, bridges and broadband but voted against it.
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