Gray:- 1/8 #EastEnders So it looks like Gray is being forced to step up to find a job after Chelsea wants a dream Xmas day wedding. With Whitney breathing down his neck now as well Gray really is under immense pressure to step up. I hope Whitney dosnt push Gray too far.
2/8 #EastEnders Having said that; it was nice to see Whitney taking control for a change pressuring Gray and blackmailing him into telling the truth. Whitney has discovered this newly found confidence which I absolutely love. Go on Whitney 👏🏼👏🏼.
3/8 #EastEnders What I'd like to know is why Cheslea is so adament on wanting this dream Xmas wedding???. Is it because she wants to continue to drain Gray dry. Remember she's had access to Gray's bank card but also the baby maintainance as well. Is Cheslea trying to trap Gray?
4/8 #EastEnders Think about it as well Xmas day the perfect day to expose him for the lieing murdering scumbag that Gray really is. Cheslea wants this lavish lifestyle and is pushing Gray to the limit. She wants him to suffer but she needs to be careful.
5/8 #EastEnders Chelsea pushing Gray to far could result in him lashing out again or even worse it could result in violence? Is Chelsea ready for this? Can she sense what's coming? Or will her plan to trap Gray fall apart? I want Chelsea to succeed if she is against him.
6/10 #EastEnders Remember what Denise said as well to Cheslea tonight " you said you didn't love Gray". That to me suggests Chelsea isn't with him for legitimate reasons or she's with him to trap or expose him. She said the same thing to Karen about Gray not being her "type".
7/10 #EastEnders As Xmas day rolls closer there is every part of me that thinks that there is a twist coming. Chelsea could be taking Gray for a ride right under his nose. She could place him in a sticky situation in an instant without him even knowing.
8/10 #EastEnders I hope Chelsea exposes Gray alongside Whitney. I don't know why Denise and Chelsea never see eye to eye. I think it's because Cheslea wants what is different to what Denise wants. I sometimes think that Denise sees the worst in Chelsea as well.
9/11 #EastEnders I mean let's just make this clear Denise isn't the brightest tool in the box when it comes to relationships. Denise has been on and off with Jack so many times she had a one night stand with Phil as well. Denise has herself to blame for the way Chelsea acts.
10/11 #EastEnders I think that Denise could still be annoyed that Chelsea slept with Jack all those years ago as well and this is why she may not always see the best in Cheslea sometimes. I hope that this joint wedding will help Chelsea and Denise to get closer.
11/11 #EastEnders Having said all that; I'm pleased that Jack and Denise are getting married. Jack and Denise have been though so much together and Denise has been through so much turmoil over the years. It's time they settled down. It's also stability for Raymond as well.

• • •

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22 Nov
#EastEnders Rocky:- 1/6 So Rocky has decided to leave the square after stealing Kathy's savings to pay for Dotty to take care of her mom Sandy. I actually cannot believe that Rocky did that. I feel so sorry for Kathy she didn't deserve that at all.
2/6 #EastEnders It actually makes me feel so sad as well as Kathy was questioning Rocky to see if his intentions were true and even after he reassured her he still managed to steal her money. Rocky was placed under intense pressure though.
3/6 #EastEnders This is why I'm blaming Dotty because she was the one to pressure Rocky into getting more money off Peter. When in reality Rocky wasn't producing the goods for the meat free Monday iniciative. Rocky shouldn't of been pressured into getting more money.
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22 Nov
Tonights TV: Monday 22nd November 2021

18:30pm #ItTakesTwo With Rylan who chats to Tom and Amy after they were voted out of the competition last night. The strictly pro challenge also begins.
19:00pm #Emmerdale Marlon interrupts a steamy moment between Al and Chas as Cain resolves to stop Al and Chas getting closer. Meena goes on a date with Billy but gets interrupted by Dawn
19:30pm #Corrie Part 1: The police uncover the origins of Harvey's gun. Max's behaviour enrages David and Craig welcomes Faye home.
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20 Nov
Coming up #Emmerdale Monday 19:00pm
✅ Marlon interrupts a steamy moment between Al and Chas.
✅Cain resolves to stop Al and Chas getting closer.
✅Meena goes on a date with Billy which is interrupted by Dawn. Image
Tuesday 19:15pm #Emmerdale Hour long episode.
✅Cain jumps Al and drags him into a van as Al's sudden Disaperance causes a stir.
✅Marlon dodges Paddy's questions about Chas. His vague answers leave Paddy suspicious.
✅Liv messes up Ben's chances to get another job. Image
Wednesday 19:00pm #Emmerdale
✅Aaron assures Ben that he is ready to move away from Emmerdale with him if necessary.
✅Liv falls off the wagon again as she is spotted drunk by Lydia at Mill Cottage.
✅Liv is left feeling in deep despair. Has she driven Aaron away for good? Image
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20 Nov
Coming up in the soaps this week: Sandy returns and Rocky is under pressure to step up leading to dangerous consequences in #EastEnders. Al gets closer to Chas leading to Cain taking drastic action in #Emmerdale. Meanwhile Faye returns home in #Corrie. More to come...
Coming up Monday 20:00pm #EastEnders
✅Dotty is relieved when Sandy returns. She tells Rocky that he needs to step up in his attempts to scam Peter.
✅Chelsea and Denise both book their wedding day for Xmas day. Thinking he cant afford it; Gray tries to stall Chelsea. Image
Tuesday 19:30pm #EastEnders
✅ Kat is concerned when Phil steps up for Sharon.
✅As Rocky prepares to flea on his 60th Birthday. He is left stunned when he's given a suprise party by Kathy and Sonia. He writes letters to them both before suffering a heart attack. Image
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20 Nov
Tonights TV:- Saturday 20th November 2021.
18:35pm #Strictly: We've reached another milestone in the competition as it's Musicals week. Our 7 remaining couples all want to make it through to next week but not everyone will get there. Introducing Cynthia Erivo in for Craig.
19:55-20:55 #Strictly Review as usual peeps. It will be an extended review of each dance including a score; ratings board and prediction for tomorrow night's dance off. Dont miss it!!!!
21:30pm #Casualty. First time in ages that I'm watching live 🥳🥳. As Stevie's job hangs in the balance following Ethan's stabbing Ffion and Jan are forced into a terrifying hostage situation.
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