Stopping vax pass fraud has two steps: verifying that the pass and details are legitimate (via scanning the QR code) and verifying the holder is the named person (via photo ID). If we don't do either of these steps then we might as well not have the pass.
We do need to keep risk in perspective. If someone is having a birthday party where everyone knows each other, the risk is not as high and sighting a pass might be fine. But taking this as a general approach at all venues defeats the purpose of having the pass.
It's hugely frustrating to see the key purpose and functionality of the pass being eroded, because after all the effort to make a functioning system, to educate the public on how it works, to integrate it into our COVID defences, it would be no better than a pinky promise.
I can only hope that the govt re-evaluates this position and at the very least requires passes to be scanned at high-risk venues to create /some/ barrier to fraud beyond having access to MS Paint.
And it's frustrating that it feels like this comes from losing the purpose of having the passes - it shouldn't just be about "increasing vaccination rates", it should be about mitigating the public health risk of unvaccinated people efficiently spreading Covid.
If you just care about increasing vaccination rates, then sure - sight the pass, you don't care who enters the venue because vaccination rates are what you want.

If you actually care about public health risk, then access has to be controlled to reduce the likelihood of exposure.
And if you want to read more about the ethics from an actual philosopher, see @mathesonrussell here:…

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22 Nov
NZ Pass Verifier now available in Google Play store (I haven't checked iOS yet). Anyone can download and use this at their business, event, gathering. The app doesn't store any scan data and the security settings prevent screenshots. And the app works offline without internet.
Note the device needs to connect at least once every 14 days to get the latest keys so that the app can continue to read newly issued QR codes and stop reading revoked QR codes. And analytics data relating to the number of passes scanned is shared, but not the scan data itself.
More official information here:…
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5 Nov
Looks like we are moving from vaccine certificates to vaccine passes in NZ. What's the difference? A (not so short) short thread:
- A certificate (like the EUDCC required for international travel) includes the record of vaccines so that a verifier can decide on whether or not the person meets entry rules.

- A pass just says "this person is allowed through". It contains no information about vaccinations.
A vaccine pass contains much less information (just name, DOB, expiry date) and better protects privacy. It also doesn't distinguish between "vaccinated" and "has a legitimate medical exemption", the person would be allowed into venues that require a pass.
Read 15 tweets
4 Nov
So last week the daily QR code scans popped up a bit, coinciding with cases being found in Christchurch. Before that, we were seeing a gradual decline of about 1-3% per week for the last month. Interesting to see how risk is being perceived at a population level. Image
Sharp drop shown on the right-hand side is the public holiday.

Bluetooth Tracing Participation still strong at 2.25mil (approx. 56% of adult population, approx. 70% of digitally included adults, neither are perfect measures as there will be not-adults with BT activated).
We are seeing Bluetooth keys added to the MOH server on a daily basis now so BT is being used, although it still doesn't seem to be at the level that you'd expect for there being a hundred cases (or so) a day. Will need to wait for more data to be released.
Read 4 tweets
5 Oct
Comments provided to @smcnz today:

The government has announced further details about vaccine certificates and how they might be used in Aotearoa. The key purpose is to reduce the level of risk around the spread of COVID-19 by limiting the opportunities for the virus to spread
amongst unvaccinated individuals. There are two aspects of the vaccination certificate to consider – the technical side of how the certificate is generated reliably and securely, and the policy side of how the certificate is used to determine access to certain venues.
It is important to note that this is a different system to the cards that individuals may have been given when they got their vaccination. The certificates being discussed are more resistant to fraud as they are generated from vaccination records held centrally by the MOH.
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2 Oct
When most of NZ except AKL moved to L2, we saw NZ COVID Tracer QR code scans (across the whole country) increase by 50-60% relative to the week before.

Then when AKL moved to L3 we only saw a 3-8% increase relative to the week before. Now we are seeing 1-3% lower than last week.
Some possible explanations:
- L3 isn't that different to L4 in Auckland and there isn't much actual additional mobility happening perhaps
- A short term "rush" of mobility when alert levels drop to compensate for pent-up demand, which then stabilises over time
- Complacency already kicking in, especially with a lack of enforcement (and awareness) of mandatory recordkeeping
- Higher recordkeeping outside the app (e.g. pen-and-paper diaries, Rippl) which is harder to count
- Folks not making records for short pick-ups/drive-thru visits
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7 Jul
Seven months later the two complaints are now resolved. The ACT party confirmed to OPC that they do not hold any personal information about me. OPC took the opportunity to remind them about their response obligations under the Privacy Act, and left it there.
The Labour Party initially insisted that information about me from their modelling was not personal information, and if it was, that it was a trade secret. OPC reviewed the information and deemed it personal information and that the trade secret withholding ground did not apply.
As a result, the Labour Party released to me these estimated probabilities:
Casting a ballot: 92%
Supporting a party of the left: 65%
Supporting Labour: 49%

Based on this, I was not considered a priority for volunteers to contact during the election campaign.
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