Going to start preparing to cook Szechuan chicken stir fry [cracks knuckles]
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25 Nov
One of the things my Left acquaintances often get wrong about the Right is that it was never a whole cloth thing called “conservatism” but a patchwork of incompatible or rival philosophies that found a common enemy in the far left, some of which are not even “conservative” at all
Many of these groups actively hate or detest each other, something that was not usually made as obvious as the hatred between Never-Trumpers and MAGA populists. However the dislike between Neocons one side and Paleocons and establishment GOP Bob Dole types on the other was real
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4 Oct
If a profession’s practitioners, well credentialed experts by definition, can be made to parrot the most outlandish positions in public by invoking a few emotional- political buzzwords as signals, are they still a profession?
Did any foreign medical association treat Soviet psychiatry with any respect?

Why not?
Now the Soviet psychiatrists it must be said we’re dealing with pressure from the KGB. Don’t kid yourselves. Even in’85 it imprisoned, tortured & killed ppl

Here adolescents armed with no more than a high school degree can elicit more shameful public submission from their elders
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4 Oct
So for just $33,000 in bribes, Navy officers will give you a $ 1 billion + contract and let you steal $50 million outright?

Selling out the country is bad enough but for peanuts? washingtonpost.com/investigations…
Why are US Navy flag officers accepting dinner invitations from shady characters from high transnational crime states ?
“My company is based in Malta and Dubai”
“Ok, maybe Cyprus too, but it’s a small satellite office”
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3 Oct
China is a poorer, weaker country than the US but it has both greater resilience & more systemic redundancy in areas related to basic military power - like steel or ship construction

Our elite systematically dismantled a lot of our advantages here

US is a titan, a brittle one
Which is not to say China does not have its own critical vulnerabilities. It does. But they are different ones than those that go into say a naval arms race or carrying capacity in global supply chains

Being super-lean is efficient and profitable but it increases fragility
I read Deming around 1990. He did his hard thinking and work many decades earlier. It was an environment of superabundance in terms of manufacturing capacity and scarcity in efficiency and quality (we had just crushed the high quality super efficient Germans)
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5 Jul
The OODA Loop was probably the concept for which the strategist John Boyd was best known or at least the idea that gained the greatest cultural traction inside the military and out. en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/OODA_loop
It’s often misunderstood or misrepresented as a simple circle diagram but even though Boyd died in 1997 you can still see OODA pop up in articles or presentations about military, business or political strategy in 2021.
One of Boyd’s most significant points on OODA had to do with “Orientation” and the integration of new data into the existing worldview so that the pilot/army/government/system could make gain a competitive advantage to make better decisions over the adversary
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2 Jul
Article worth a read. The problems in the VP are really twofold
First her staff is simply not very good and not ready to play at this level which is why they are angry at being placed under a political pro like Flournoy. Send most of them back to the minors and replace them with experienced WH hands even if it looks less “diverse”
Secondly Harris herself is not really ready to play at this level either which is why she needs better staffers. Most of her political experience is that of a 2nd tier state pol then part of a 1st term senator. She’s been up jumped into a VP with a major role.
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