A Lib Dem peer is currently arguing against the collection of biological sex of victims & offenders, specifically if they are transgender. The peer has not yet mentioned women (females) once, despite them being the ones suffering when males identify as females.
Oh my word, she is comparing the collection of biological sex of trans people to the enforced wearing of a pink triangle by the Nazis. 😱
Another Lib Dem peer, let's guess her stance...
Challenging the idea that sex and gender is relevant data to be collected and that only gender identity is sufficient and can keep people safe.
And now the Labour peer who is a little obsessed with lifts and comparing women with white supremacists suggesting data will scare people if they have to declare their race and birth sex. Who are these people scared of data? Lib Dem and Labour peers by any chance?
now an ex-Police Labour peer. "How will a Police officer know what the birth sex is"? Sodding hell, our Police forces have really gone down hill if they can't tell male and female apart
And now he is using the "butch lesbian challenged in the ladies loo" trope. So bloody predictable. This, *this* is the best reason that an ex-copper can give to not collect accurate sex and gender crime stats?
And now quoting stats on trans people and using this as an argument not to collect their birth sex. Is there ANY other group on earth who get this sort of protection and exclusions from any sort of accountability? IS THERE?
If we don't record victims of crime accurately then the idiots who claim that trans people are the most vulnerable, most marginalised don't have any sodding statistics either.
Labour peer uncharacteristically balancing on the fence over recording sex and/or gender, but at least calling for consistency, whether it is woo-based or otherwise.
Gov minister now saying they are quite relaxed for every dept to do their own thing, sex, gender, armpit hair length, whatever.
Now saying that external efforts to standardise definition of sex and gender is sufficient (albeit slow & incomplete) so why both defining it in crime stats.
it may be because I have studied criminology but can ANYONE explain why collecting sex data is a bad thing? Why are these people scared of accurate data collection?
Amendment withdrawn. Going to bed furious. Again.

• • •

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23 Nov
Last rant. We have just lived through another Trans Daye of Remembrance where in the UK, thankfully, no trans people were murdered. Again. One small grace in this weird sodding world of 2021 is that despite increasing divisions, we're actually quite tolerant of each other. 1/
But...a common refrain when this statistic is pointed out is "how do you *know* that no trans people were murdered because those statistics are not collected?" Well, let me explain why 2/
I have just watched 2 hours of debate in the House of Lords, and Amendment 292g was specifically about recording the sex and gender of offenders and victims. and I watched several peers treat the topic of sex like a grenade with a shoogly pin. 3/
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16 Nov
Last night there was a debate in the House of Lords about the proposed Police, Crime, Sentencing & Courts Bill. They discussed amendments being tabled to the Gov's Bill, one of which - #Amendment214 - said male violent/sexual offenders should not be placed in female prisons 1/
A bit of explanation before reading the thread below from the woman who has worked so hard educating politicians about realities for female prisoners :
Male/ female - biological sex
GRC - Gender Recognition Certificate, method of changing the sex marker on a birth certificate 2/
When a male offender has a GRC they are considered legally female, but statistically have not had surgery so retain their penis. These males may also be called 'transwomen' or 'trans-identifying males/TIMs'. Retention of penises is equally true of males that 'self ID' as women 3/
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15 Nov
Of all the attempts to silence women that speak up for women's sex-based rights, the attempt by professional bodies to take down one of their own & particularly LGBT legal trying to deplatform a discrimination barrister, is seriously alarming. 1/
This LGBT law club clearly believe they speak as a single voice (they don't) & only events which affirm a singular view of legislative change & give warm hugs are acceptable. Any LGB Barrister which doesn't meet this criteria must be removed. Burn the witch! 2/
If those who are meant to defend us, to form the law & advise the institutions that hold up society behave like this we know this intolerance to a plurality of opinions must stop, right? 3/
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4 Nov
Today a women's group was in court challenging the Scottish Gov on their legislation that allows some males to be included in the definition of "woman", while excluding some females. The legal argument was made that the Scottish Gov has carefully analysed the wording 1/
of the Equality Act and the Scotland Act and Scot Gov were satisfied that they had the legal right to legislate for Equal Opportunities in Scotland (above and beyond the Equality Act despite the EA being UK legislation). So we now wait for the judges to decide on whether it 2/
can be redefined by Scot Gov. But an interesting aside is that the Scottish Gov clearly feel they are better placed to promote equal opportunities than WM. And the Scottish Gov comprise almost all SNP MSPs, right? So interesting to see that the SNP are considering removing 3/
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4 Nov
@CoolHeels098 So this will be interesting to see what the QC returns with then. She didn't sound confident and we need an explanation of why SQQC feels equal opportunities is different to the scope of the Equality Act.
#FWSAppeal #WomenOnBoard
@CoolHeels098 SG QC saying power of Scot Gov covers provisions of people with protected characteristics on public boards ( I think she means, regardless of what the Equality Act says?)
#FWSAppeal #WomenOnBoard
M judge asking if intention of Scotland Act was to leave to Scot Gov to decide decisions about equal opportunities where cases where Equality Act might act as a barrier.
#FWSAppeal #WomenOnBoard
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4 Nov
@EHRCScotland appear to have have applied pressure on Scotland's body responsible for our Census (in 2022) to NOT collect data on birth sex. To NOT collect accurate data needed to plan Scotland's services. 1/ #SexNotGender
Why is this news? Because the @ehrc are the body given the role to ensure equality in UK & should be upholding compliance with the Equality Act & SEX is a protected characteristic within the Equality Act. This article says @EHRCScotland was undermining equality legislation 2/
"The commission has serious concerns about the guidance in its current form. The promotion of gathering data relating to biological sex is not something that we can support and we would not be able to endorse it" 😲
3/ #SexNotGender
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