(1) This demonstrates Beth’s default towards charity & grace which is commendable. With that said, as someone who has been caring for victims of spiritual abuse for several years now, I believe Jonathan knew EXACTLY what he was doing.
(2) It’s a tactic intended to obtain “plausible deniability” when accused of attacking someone. You don’t outright call them something, but you clearly imply it & do so in such a way where your target audience gets it. But then, if ever accused, you can say, “I didn’t say that.”
(3) In Christian spaces, it’s a form of faith-based gaslighting b/c then you can flip script & paint person you attacked as being uncharitable for jumping to conclusions & said person begins to think they are the one who has sinned. I’ve seen it more times than I can count.
(4) It is abundantly clear, to both Jonathan’s base as well as those who have been antagonistic & even hostile (to the point of death threats) to the names Jonathan listed that he is classifying them as wolves. The article was divisive & pits saints in harms way. It was evil.

• • •

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23 Nov
(1) I don’t have anything personal against Jonathan, but I do have something personal against spiritual abuse. This whole entire exchange b/t him & @kkdumez is so textbook, & folks need to learn about it so that they can identify it, & protect themselves against such things.
(2) Jonathan writes an article where he CLEARLY insinuates that @kkdumez, @bethallisonbarr, @JemarTisby, @stewartdantec, & others are wolves (enemies of the church). He is confronted about it & he now acts like arriving at such a conclusion is a shock it him. See thread.
(3) When confronted, it becomes clear that he is basing this accusation off of them merely affirming “a truth” by another author. Instead of acknowledging they affirmed “a truth” he has note false witness against them by claiming they embrace “every truth claim” author has made.
Read 10 tweets
22 Nov
(1) Black people have only truly been free for about 60 years. Being freed from chains but lynched if you had the audacity to assert your humanity isn’t freedom. Black people have had the freedom to be fully human for only about 60 years.
(2) Even with that, over the course of the past 60 years, black people have still had to live in fear of the police & courts. The police still had the power to kill them with impunity, courts to incarcerate, & society to stifle their progress thru an air tight cage of poverty.
(3) Whenever black people built their own affluent communities, white terrorism would ultimately steal their wealth, destroy said community, and slaughter black members of said community. History would cover it up, (see Tula massacre, see the history of Lake Lanier, etc.)
Read 11 tweets
21 Nov
(1) So I was just doing some Soul Care training with a sister & I made this comment:

“Soul Care, unlike “Biblical Counseling”, does not pursue indoctrination. You must be transparent about the foundation you are operating from (Christian Orthodoxy) but we do not indoctrinate.”
(2) “When doing trauma-informed Soul Care, you will constantly encounter people all over the theological spectrum & many of their views may differ from yours. With their permission, you may guide them along the lines of Orthodoxy to aid in their processing, but you don’t pressure
(3) “Your goal & duty is to guide them thru their trauma & to be an advocate for them as they process all the complex feelings & beliefs they are now processing thru due to their trauma and potential abuse. We don’t take advantage of their vulnerability in order to indoctrinate.”
Read 4 tweets
20 Nov
(1) So let me just make this clear real quick before all the misrepresentations get thick.

Do I believe Kyle Rittenhouse was “defending” himself?


Do I believe he sought trouble & instigated his own need to defend himself by murder?

(2) Kyle, based on video evidence the judge deemed inadmissible, showed himself to be a young white man who was both anti-black & inclined towards vigilante violence. Despite being under the legal age to own a firearm, he obtained access to a lethal weapon & strutted around w/ it
(3) He entered a space he had nothing to do with brandishing a lethal weapon and this alone makes him an instigator.

The problem is, our “stand your ground laws” and “self-defense” laws, cater to white men [and white passing] who seek to uphold White Supremacy & anti-blackness.
Read 9 tweets
20 Nov
Denny just argue his point from the angle he is using b/c his entire theological formulation is grounded in empowering white men. Any history must be filtered thru his form of “biblical studies”cuz it must be drained of anything that’ll convict before it can’t be given weight,
Also, they truly can’t stand the fact that we are all apologetically black, theologically astute, & spiritually gifted. Same applies to the women they go after. They have so much fear b/c they realize they are losing their power of hate keeping. They are terrified.
It doesn’t have to be this way. If only pastors consistently saw their spiritual power as a tool to empower others & to serve others rather than as a tool for self-empowerment & selfglory; things would/could be so different. So mich better.
Read 4 tweets
20 Nov
(1) Please stop calling “the system” broken. When you do so, you demonstrate a profound lack of social & historical awareness. You also demonstrate you haven’t been listening. The system isn’t broken, it is operating EXACTLY how it was designed to be.
(2) By framing problem as a broken system, you present the solution on the level of merely needing to fix something rather then uproot it. That has been the problem with race in America from day one. Germany sought to uproot Aryanism while America has sought to empower whiteness.
(3) The American public education system is designed to indoctrinate children into an understanding of history that champions white supremacy & upholds a racial caste framework, from text books to school zoning, this was all designed. It’s not broken,the CRT drama IS it at work.
Read 10 tweets

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