Good morning all. I love lord krishna life and message every hindu has a favorite god for me it is lord krishna. Why? I try to explain please mention your favorite god and retired.
Every spiritual leader teacher Said renounce run away to forest. Just as exaple to explain gurus
Say if u want spiritual experience do not drink coffee but lord krishnas approach is different wake up early in the morning have a cup of coffee looking at raising sun u will have glimpse of spiritual experience. In this world which is full of misery krishna taught celebration
Playfulness joyfulNess to Hindus. Every guru said do not drink and smoke reject them but they never said why but lord krishna explained in Bhagwad Gita anything which enslaves human mind puts him in prison makes him slave is bad why because mind loses balance and control
Uncontrolled minds never reach spiritual or material success. Alcohol and cigarette are bad for body more than that they enslave. Drinking alcohol is not moral issue. Anything done in moderation is good. Enslavement is bad.
Lord krishna said in Bhagwad Gita he is both matter &
Spirit so rejecting material world is foolish. Success in the material world and spiritual world is real tribute to Lord krishna. Running away is job of cowards but established in yoga in kurukshetra war is only lord if yog can do.
Looking at rsnow on rose flower. Sound of bird
Looking at flow of river small small things makes life beautiful. I like beauty in this world I am optimist because my lord taught me that. Any fool can teach you death but lord krishna taught hindus life aliveness playfulness joyfulness but if need be get ready for kurukshetra
Real violence in this world is not war but negative thinking. Violence one commits against himself with misery. Fighting for religion ego is bad but fighting for dharma what is right and you rightfully deserve is not wrong.

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23 Nov
This tweet is about money economics. Our parents use to purchase 1 pallI laddu for 10 praise today we purchase for 1 rupee why? General answer is price of ladder increased but truth is value of Rupee depreciated. Why it depreciated? Because governments print money. Governments
Of today are so dishonest that they steal your wealth without u realising about it. If government wants money for their stupid schemes they just print bunch of money and release it in market then result is value of your money in your pocket decreased and u become poor without
You knowing it. What is inflation? It is nothing but rise in prices because of excessive money printing. If we store our wealth in paper money governments will steal it. Inflation us official theft. Today's so called Nobel prize winning economists know nothing about economics
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22 Nov
Indian civilization developed for over 15000 years. People of india look different speak different yet they are united for 1000s of year. What is it that United these people who are so different. What is the thread that binds this beautiful garland called bharat?
It is sanathan that brought them together. Partition of india happened because hinduism got weakened by foreign invasions from two major religions they systematically destroyed roots of this great culture ancient civilization and oldest religion. British came to india for money
They have power so they looted but frankly establishing religiin christianity is not main goal but it is by product. But moguls Muslims came to india to establish religion money conquest comes second. They came to india because it is war against Idol worship. They attacked our
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21 Nov
Vedas are divine revelations it is confirmed by Lord Krishna himself in Bhagwad Gita. Even yoga(union with god) is taught by Lord himself at the beginning of humanity. These are some of the verses which prove vedas are divine and the goal of vedas is to reach back to lord krIshna Image
BG 3:15 vedas are manifested by God himself
BG 15:15 I alone am to be known by all vedas I am the author of VEDANTA and the knower of meaning of the Vedas
BG 4:1 sri krishna said I thought this eternal science of yog to the sun god
BG 2:46 one who realises the
Absolute truth also fulfills the purpose of vedas
BG 15;18 I am celebrated both in the Vedas and Smritis as divine personality.
So people who falsely claim only their book is divine revelation are absolutely wrong.
When lord krishna and lord ram are authority in Hinduism
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8 Nov
Hindu scriptures are generally classified as two shrutis and srimitis
shrutis are apaurusheya (not created by humans). Vedas Upanishads and Bhagwad Gita comes under shrutis
Smriti: Smriti is “that which has been remembered” supplementary and may change over time.
Smriti, (Sanskrit: “Recollection”) that class of Hindu sacred literature based on human memory.
Islam and christianity tries to put Bhagwad Gita under smriti category because they fear BG clearly proves Lord Krishna is avatar so they fear.
shrutis are canonical, consisting of
revelation and unquestionable truth, and is considered eternal. Vedic literature) considered authorless, that were transmitted verbally across the generations and fixed
Hindus believe that the texts were received by scholars direct from God and passed on to the next generation
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7 Nov
Bhagwad gita 9:23
Even those devotees who faithfully worship other gods also worship me. But they do so in a wrong method.
There are so many things which make sanathan great unique one of great qualities of sanathan is freedom. In other religions if u criticise the prophet u get
Capital punishment u cannot even question prophet forget about God. But greatness of sanathan is u can question even God avatars scriptures interpret in right way and take good and reject wrong.
Dharma and karma are supreme. Lord ram in his entire life did one thing which is
Not kshatriya dharma killing vali from behind. Vali did wrong stone his own brothers Kingdom and wife just because he is stronger than him. Killing vali is right in broader context but it is against kshatriya dharma. As a Hindu I regard lord ram as avatar of vishnu but still I
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