One of the problems that comes along with videos like the one making the rounds right now, where an #Adventist pastor takes it upon himself to say the quiet, shadowy, dirty parts of the Adventist Church out loud… (1/15)
Is that inevitably, one of the biggest, loudest (and I suppose I should add well meaning though it doesn’t feel that way) responses is something along the lines of… (2/15)
“I’m an Adventist and he /his beliefs don’t represent me!” “I’m an Adventist and I disagree with him! What he said is vile!” “That pastor doesn’t speak for the official church, here’s a 28-point lecture on what the church officially believes!” (3/15)
And you know what? GOOD FOR YOU if that man and his heinous, venomous contempt for women and women’s bodily autonomy and personhood doesn’t align with your beliefs and doesn’t represent the church you know. I’m happy for you. Truly. (4/15)
But here’s the thing. His beliefs represent the ONLY Adventist Church I’ve ever known. (5/15)
My grandfather was a rapist. He was also a popular, well-respected church elder. And everyone in that tiny town in the Michigan Conference knew him as both. They knew what he was. And they did nothing. (6/15)
They did nothing but lift him up while grinding his victims to dust under their shiny church shoes. They did nothing as his abuse became a cycle, became generational, as it so often does. (7/15)
When he died, there was standing room only at his funeral. Maybe a handful of people were there to celebrate and make sure he was dead. That’s certainly why I attended. But most were there to mourn the passing of a “great, godly man.” (8/15)
THIS is the church I know. This is the ONLY church I’ve ever known. (9/15)
I married one of those “great, godly men.” And I got to watch my entire community embrace him when I finally found the courage to leave. I got to hear church members say I was sinning by divorcing him, say I should’ve tried harder, prayed harder, been more patient. (10/15)
A year after the divorce, I got to see my pastor—the pastor I’ve been listening to since I was a baby—baptize my ex-husband in the same baptismal I was baptized in years before. (11/15)
I got to hear my ex-husband perform special music and give a testimony and I got to hear my pastor preach about numbers. The numbers of baptisms god was going to lead him to perform that year. This was January and my ex was just the first, the pastor said. (12/15)
My ex-husband’s name next to a number in a dusty record book was more important than my personhood.

THIS is the church I know. This is the ONLY church I’ve ever known. (13/15)
I’m still technically a member of that church. But I can’t step foot through the doors without having a panic attack.

So, I’m very happy for you if you know and have known a different version of the Seventh-day Adventist Church. (14/15)
THIS is the church I know. This is the ONLY church I’ve ever known.

And don’t think for a second I’m alone in that. If you think that, then you haven’t been paying attention.

This is the church I know. This is it. And there is no god in Adventism that I want to know.

This is the video for those who haven’t seen it:

• • •

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10 Jan
Ted Wilson is not stupid. So he must know that when he refuses to directly address the Capitol attack and instead says insipid things like this, it will be seen as affirmation by the Adventists who took part in/supported the attack on the Capitol, right?
Let's break it down. White supremacist Adventists (and yeah, there are a lot of those), can easily read this as Satan's obstacles = bicycle barricades/Capitol police/democrats, but the GC president is here, encouraging them to hold fast to their faith & stay strong. How nice.
And before some of you start wailing that that "CLEARLY" wasn't the intent of his tweet, I'll say intent has very little to do with interpretation, and how do any of us know his intent anyway when he has been COMPLETELY SILENT about Wednesday's attack?
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25 Jul 20
*taps mic* Hello, Adventist Twitter, and welcome to the inaugural Adventist storytime. I invite you to gather ‘round, for today we will be learning about self-proclaimed prophet and attempted murderer, Margaret Matilda Wright Rowen. 1/27
The year was 1916. The place? Southern California (you know how those California Adventists be). 2/27
Our dear Sister Ellen G. White, prophetess extraordinaire, has been dead less than one year when 35-year-old Margaret Rowen enters stage left. I will henceforth call her Mags, because I’m telling the story, and I want to. 3/27
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15 Oct 19
I wouldn’t mind all the energy spent on lectures about the evils of caffeine if the Adventist Church spent the same energy (or any energy, really) discussing things like racism and sexism that are killing POC and women faster and at much higher rates than a cup of coffee #GCAC19
Where are the worship thoughts about dismantling systemic racism, starting right here in our church? Where are the lectures about how the church should respond to and care for survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault? #GCAC19
If you don’t want us to drink caffeine, fine. But why hasn’t our health message been expanded to include the health threats we’re now more aware of as 21st century Adventists? #GCAC19
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7 Aug 19
I was seven-years-old the first and only time I've had a gun shoved in my face. The man wielding it was Marc. He was my Sabbath School teacher.
I remember the vastness of the basement in Lamson Hall on the campus of Andrews University where Pioneer Memorial Church's Primary Sabbath School classes met at that time (before the expansion that brought us all under the PMC roof).
I remember the room was filled with circular tables to accommodate the many kids, spanning several grade levels. My group's table was off to the right. Each table got its own SS teacher, just to ourselves.
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