In honor of Kennedy being shot, remember that 13 days before he was shot, Oswald, who didnt have a drivers license and made $1.25/hr and was broke, test drove a Mercury Comet Caliente 2 Door Hardtop, telling the salesman he will be back in 2 to 3 weeks with the $300 down payment
In honor of Kennedy being shot, remember his assistant Ken O'Donnell told the secret service agent to ensure the top was down on Kennedy's car, then removed Kennedy's body from Parkland Hospital at gunpoint before an autopsy, then admitting to lying about events of the day.
In honor of Kennedy being shot, remember that in April 1963, Oswald attempted to assassinate General Edwin Walker, missing a shot on a stationary, seated target from 100ft - a much harder shot than a moving target hundreds of feet away like the Book Depository.
In honor of Kennedy being shot, remember that Oswald defected to the Soviet Union, married a Soviet wife, then politely asked the State Department to return to the US and give a visa to his wife, and they shrugged and said "Sure man, no problem".
In honor of Kennedy being shot, remember that the owner of the Dallas Book Depository David Harold Byrd, who was a friend of LBJ, made $50 million dollars on shares of Ling-Temco-Vought purchased just before the assassination.
These shares skyrocketed in price because LBJ awarded them the first jet fighter contract, which Kennedy was not going to hand out due to his desire to disengage from Vietnam
In honor of Kennedy being shot, remember Guy Bannister, the former FBI agent & spook just happened to live in the same building as Oswald did when he lived in New Orleans, walking distance of FBI, CIA, ONI offices - and Oswalds employer, Reily Coffee Company
In honor of Kennedy being shot, remember that Guy Bannister pistolwhipped his investigator Jack Martin, who shouted, "What are you gonna do - kill me like you all did Kennedy?"
Jack Martin then later told authorities that anti-Castro activist David Ferrie was involved in the killing. Ferrie and Oswald were friends from their days in the NO Civil Air Patrol, that he taught Oswald to shoot, and he drove to Texas to be a get-away driver.
By the way, the owner of the Dallas Book Depository, David Harold Byrd, was the founder of the Civil Air Patrol.
Ferrie, who hated Kennedy to the point of giving public speeches advocating for him to be shot, worked with Sergio Arcacha Smith, head of the CIA backed Cuban Democratic Revolutionary front in New Orleans. They stole weapons and grenades from a munition depot in Houma, LA in 1961
Martin, the pistol-whippee, told the FBI that Ferrie may have used some kind of mind-control to hypnotize Oswald into assassinating Kennedy.
Mk-Ultra, a CIA mind control program still going strong in 1963, was under the control of CIA director Allen Dulles, who was fired by Kennedy. Dulles would later be on the Warren Commission which determined there was no conspiracy to assassinate Kennedy.
George de Mohrenschildt, a well educated Russian petroleum geologist, befriended Oswald and introduced him to Ruth Paine, who also spoke Russian, who eventually let Oswald and his wife live with them. She got him the job at the Book Depository.
In 76, the CIA requested the FBI locate Mohrenschildt, in response to him writing a letter to his personal friend, CIA director George H.W. Bush, to ask him to stop the CIA from taking action against him.
On March 29, 1977, Mohrenschildt stated during an interview with author Edward Jay Epstein that he had been asked by CIA operative J. Walton Moore to meet with Oswald. Mohrenschildt told Epstein that he would not have contacted Oswald had he not been asked to do so.
The same day that Mohrenschildt was interviewed by Epstein, M. was informed by his daughter that a representative of the House Select Committee on Assassinations had stopped by and left his calling card, intending to return that evening. M. then shot himself in the head.
Warren Commission stated that on Sept 27, 1963, Oswald went to Mexico City for 3 days and tried to get Russian and Cuban passports, proving his communist leanings.

One problem - the evidence indicated the person in Mexico City was an Oswald impersonator working for the CIA
A law student in Mexico City said someone calling themselves Oswald struck up a 'random' conversation in the uni cafe regarding his difficulties obtaining a Cuban visa - this man just happened to have contacts in the Cuban Embassy.
The law student, Oscar Contrares, described the man as "over thirty, light haired, and fairly short"; a description that didn't fit Oswald.

Other witnesses said the man there in Sep '63 looked nothing like the Oswald shown on TV after the assassination.
On Oct 1, the CIA recorded 2 telephone calls to the Soviet Embassy by a man identified as Oswald. The transcriber noted he spoke 'broken Russian' when Oswald was quite fluent.
On Oct 10 the CIA sends a teletype to FBI, State Department, and Navy detailing Oswalds visit to Mexico City. This was accompanied by a photo of a man identified as Oswald who looked nothing like him.
It is unlikely that the CIA would not be able to produce a single photograph of the real Oswald as part of the record of his trip to Mexico City, given that Oswald had made 5 separate visits to the Soviet and Cuban embassies where the CIA maintained surveillance cameras.
Cuban exile Antonio Veciana said that he witnessed his CIA contact, David Atlee Phillips, meeting with the fake Lee Harvey Oswald in Mexico City in an interview with Gaeton Fonzi.
3 men were seen escorted by a police officer at the Book Depository. Identified as Gus Abrams, Harold Doyle, and John Gedney, witnesses say they were taken off a boxcar in the rail yards before Kennedy was shot, detained for 4 days, then released. They also kinda look like CIA.
E. Howard Hunt was a CIA agent, Watergate robber, and was involved in the 1954 Guatamalan coup and the Bay of Pigs invasion. He was also an assistant to Dulles, who would declare there was no conspiracy.
He later sued a magazine for libel who said he was involved. Witnesses to defend him were:

-David Atlee Philips (CIA in Mexico City)
-Richard Helms (future director of CIA who destroyed all MK Ultra files)
- G Gordon Liddy (FBI man, Leader of Watergate burglary)
- Stansfield Turner (future director of the CIA)
- Marita Lopez (German woman who had an affair with Castro and helped CIA make an attempt on his life.)
Kerry Thornley, author who served with Oswald and wrote a biography, met with a man in New Orleans regularly named Gary Kirstein and they talked a lot about Kennedy assassination. Allegedly, Kirstein said he wanted to assassinate MLK Jr and frame a jailbird for it.
After Watergate, he recognized Howard Hunt as Gary Kirstein, whom they had discussed organizing the assassination of the president.
According to his sons, he made a deathbed confession that he was involved, along with LBJ, Cord Meyer, David Atlee Philips, Frank Sturgis, David Morales, Antonio Veciana, William Havey, and "French gunman on the grassy knoll", possibly Lucien Sarti.
Frank Sturgis, another CIA agent and burglar for Watergate and Bay of Pigs planner, was also present. He and Miami CIA head David Morales met with E Howard Hunt shortly before the assassination. He also met Oswald in Miami shortly before.
Sturgis became involved romantically with Marita Lorenz. She would later claim Sturgis told her that he had participated in a JFK assassination plot.
In 1975, Sturgis said, "I was a spy. I was involved in assassination plots and conspiracies to overthrow several foreign gov. including Cuba, Panama, Guatemala, the Dominican Republic, and Haiti...
... I smuggled arms and men into Cuba for Castro and against Castro. I broke into intelligence files. I stole and photographed secret documents. That's what spies do."
In 1972, FBI Director Patrick Gray said "Sources in Miami say he [Sturgis] is no associated with organized crime activities." He as claimed to be heavily involved with the Mafia.
David Sanchez Morales was the head of the Miami CIA office and hated Kennedy for his failure on the Bay of Pigs invasion. His friend, Ruben Carbajal, recalled him saying "Kennedy had been responsible for him having to watch all the men he recruited and trained get wiped out."
Carbajal claimed that he said, "Well, we took care of that SOB, didn't we?" and, "I was in Dallas when we got the son of a bitch, and I was in Los Angeles when we got the little bastard", presumably referring to JFK in Dallas, and Senator Robert F. Kennedy in LA, California.

• • •

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