There is a great focus on British eugenics, and it should be ruthlessly attacked, but people often forget of the terrible legacy of German eugenics and the German philosophy that was destined to lead to a eugenic world-system, and how those were fused together to make Nazism.
The same terrible fusion afflicts America in a much deeper way, that has run its course throughout every aspect of American society.

Eugenics was always a global movement, and the predators always seek like-minded allies around the world. That's why Asian neoreaction is a fad.
There's even nascent attempts to weaponize African neoreaction and call it a "resistance movement", and these reactionaries usually use biological mystifications to claim that Africans did not know disease until the white man came, when Africa was teeming with disease...
The soldiers of Eugenics demand unanimity towards the predatory objective, and have successfully filled all niches and claimed that Eugenics is above God and eternal. The faithful have made it clear they intend a fight to the death, and we are pressed against a wall.

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22 Nov
@onlineinterlope The biofascist organizing principle has always been eugenics and the genetic theory, and the belief in "pure genes". That is what has been hegemonic in the culture for the past century. Nazism didn't hinge on germ theory, but on control of populations and individual behavior.
@onlineinterlope Eugenics could only ever have been enforced through exacting control of every minute thing people do. It was never about "stopping contagion", it was about purification for the eugenic cause and about the political principles of the fascist state.
@onlineinterlope Nazi race-science was advanced as a political program first, and then as part of a eugenic sorting of the world's peoples which for obvious reasons placed Germans at the top. As it turned out, the Nazis weren't that interested in germ theory beyond what it could do for control.
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21 Nov
Another alterna-eugenics gem:
"Let's deliberately spread disease and weed out the weak! If they get sick, they just had bad GENES or bad moral fiber!"
So transparent what sick game they're playing, and it's designed to herd all discussion into the Eternal Hegemon of eugenicism.
The proper argument against covid insanity has always been that these stupid measures won't do a damn thing to stop a virus or any disease, and that has been plainly obvious since March 2020 when the lockdowns were enacted for clear political gain of the ruling institutions.
Making the argument about "MUH FREEDOMS" is just a reiteration of the "freedom is the freedom of eugenics only" mentality that pervades neoliberalism. The reason why we want freedom is so we don't have dictators making arbitrary eugenicist decisions that kill and hurt people.
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21 Nov
It's amazing that contagion - literally the observation that "if you are around sick people, you might get sick", which has been observed for a long time in human history - is mystified by "Marxists" who are carrying water for alterna-eugenics.
It just goes to show the mental gap that is necessary for the predatory thought-form, which demands that all barriers between the predator's will and the prey's body be abolished.
None of us appear to be immune, alas. I've been hounded by people who insist "if you believe in germs, you believe the government's narrative on COVID". It's creationism all over again.
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21 Nov
When liberals say "more money for education", they really mean "more money for Eugenics" and "more money for screening, screening, screening". They're given over to eugenism entirely as their conception of what is valuable. Any other concept of human development is destroyed.
If the educational institutions actually did produce quality or quantity worth a damn, then of course, more learning would be great. That's not what the schools and universities do though. The whole thing is a giant eugenics program designed to screen out the majority of us.
Pre-K? Eugenics, pure and simple. That's where I was screened out, after all. Because someone pointed a finger and said "retarded", my life and my family's life had to become a greater Hell than it ever had to be, because of some imperious officer of the schooling institution.
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20 Nov
Continuing from this:
Madison said outright the whole point of the US Constitution was to secure the rule of the opulent minority. It had nothing to do with "internal contradictions". It was "people with property rule, slaves and workers suck it."
It's not even like Madison thought he was doing something dastardly and sneaky that he had to mystify. He said it outright. The people who wanted the American Revolution didn't want a democracy, they wanted a republic dominated by rich people and merchants. Pretty straightforward
It's only in the woo woo Hegel world that this sort of mystification is even seen as necessary, because the German system Hegel established was an outright autocracy that went out of its way to be even less democratic than any stage of the American system (barring now ofc).
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9 Nov
Really though the 60s student movement was silly. Why would people in institutions who are upheld by the wars, who are specifically exempt from the draft and have no stake in the war, see the war as anything other than something that makes them feel bad?
The attitude of moral superiority and Calvinism in the student movement was oozing out of them. They couldn't contain themselves and their own sense of superiority. The draftees could only be seen as pitiful, because the students saw the draftees as class enemies to be beaten.
Some of the students might have understood how bad this looked, but the student radicals did less than nothing against the war. It was rank and file grunts on the verge of rebellion and parents who didn't want their kids to die for this shit that actually meant a damn.
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