Thoughts on Ketu Graha

Ketu Graha has its origins in the story of Samudra-manthan, and the subsequent deception during distribution of Amrit. Svarbhanu had disguised and sat between Surya & Chandra to get Amrit. However, Surya & Chandra exposed Svarbhanu.

#Jyotish #Ketu Image
After knowing about this, Vishnu b3headed Svarbhanu with his Sudarshana Chakra, hence we have the head portion as Rahu & rest of the body as Ketu.

Rahu is said to have unlimited desires, because all the sense-organs are located in the head portion of body. Image
On the other hand, Ketu is said to have no desires, and is a Karaka for Mukti/Moksha.

However, in Jyotish, Ketu has been found to work in mysterious ways, where it gives very good material results in *some* cases. One wonders how? Here's my attempt to decode it.
As in the above story, we've seen Ketu is a headless body.

This body has all the organs of digestive system, but no mouth. Anatomically, its oesophagus (अन्न-नलिका) is however open at the top. If something can be made to enter oesophagus, it's guaranteed to be digested in .. Image
..stomach & intestine of Ketu. But how could this 'force-feeding' take place in Jyotish?

e.g. Let's say Ketu is in Dhanu Rashi, which is ruled by Brihaspati (Jupiter). Normally, Ketu would be detached from activities of Dhanu Rashi (teaching, philosophy, ambitious goals, ...
.. long-distance travels). But if Ketu is
a) aspected by Jupiter or
b) Jupiter is in Dhanu itself or
c) Many planets in Dhanu, steering the person towards Dhanu activities,
this 'force-feeding' could be done. And once Ketu is forced to carry out the Dhanu-related activities,
..digestion is guaranteed. This means, the person becomes expert at the things he/she's supposed to be detached from due to Ketu's influence.

This mechanism could explain the 'abnormal' material results bestowed by Ketu.

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24 Nov

Short thread on observations regarding Adi Shankaracharya & Varna

*Nowhere* in his commentaries on Bhagvad Gita 4.13 & 18.41 has Adi Shankaracharya claimed varna being hereditary!

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In his commentary on Bhagvad Gita 4.13, he
a) asserts Varnas being by Gunas & Karmas
b) doesn't claim hereditary varna
c) maps out Gunas to Varnas. Such a mapping was used in one of my earlier threads on finding Varna through Jyotish.
In Adi Shankara's commentary on BG 18.41, he
a) again maps out the Gunas to respective Varnas
b) doesn't claim varna being hereditary
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According to Matsya Purana, Akshayvat is in Prayagraj, not Varanasi.
Matsya Purana 112.10 clearly states that Akshayvat is in Prayagraj only. Image
Me thinking of all the bad karmas these guys are accumulating by creating obstacles in the way of renovating Mahadeva's abode. Image
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In his commentary on Brihadaranyaka Upanishad 3.5.1, Adi Shankaracharya debunked the notion of Smritis that Janeu is compulsory to read Vedas.

In this thread, we look at the verse, the specific objection wrt janeu, & Adi Shankara's counter.

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Continuing the #thread series on the Vedic Devtas of each of the 27 Nakshatras 🕉️🔥

The 4th Nakshatra in zodiac is Rohini Nakshatra, spanning 10.01-23.20 deg Vrishabh Rashi. Its ruling deity is Brahma.

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According to Nirukta 1.8, Brahma is omniscient; knows everything.

Chandogya Upanishad 3.14.1 also stresses that Brahma is omnipresent, and advises to meditate on Brahman.
According to Atharvaveda 5.6.1, Brahma is the cause of the universe.

Due to it having the quality of creation, accompanied by vigorous activity in the universe, Brahma is also the controller of the Rajas Guna (or Rajo-guna). This is told via Maitrayani Upanishad 5.2.
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This Chyna lov3r is now out to defame Dvaita philosophy.

Make no mistake, he has prominently followers of Puri Shankaracharya math. They are working very hard to exploit philosophical differences and make them permanent faultlines to divide Hindus.
Meanwhile, Atharvaveda Sukta 9.12 is dedicated to Gaumata. Looks like Jinping is bad at teaching Vedas?
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There's some doubtful #fraud going on even with the ban on Barium Chloride fireworks.

According to the PubChem-cited data on Barium chloride (NIOSH 2016), the level of BaCl2 for being 'immediately dangerous' is *50 mg/m3*.

Keep this number in mind. cameochemicals.noaa.gov/chemical/19846
Meanwhile, I just found a study on ResearchGate which measured the Ba-concentration in a densely populated area of Nagpur in 2008.

This was the observation result 👇 (from: researchgate.net/publication/22…)
Note that the peak concentration of Ba is * 5 mg/m3 * i.e. Just 10% of the IDLH Level (50 mg/m3).

And admittedly, these measurements were conducted in a dense area with diesel generators (although gensets don't affect Ba-concentration, but the particulate matter (PM) levels)
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