Between 1866-1872 somewhere around 20K people—that we know of—white & Black, were murdered as part of the backlash to attempts to educate newly freed Black people. 🧵
This includes a white professor at Talladega College named William Luke who was lynched in AL in 1870 for teaching Black children. Knowing he would be killed, he wrote a letter to his wife:

“My Dear Wife:
I die tonight. It has been determined by those who think I deserve it… 2/
…God only knows I feel myself entirely innocent of the charge. I have only sought to educate the negro.”

This is the true history that the ruling class wants buried behind their wailing about “CRT” & “1619 Project.” They don’t want us to have context for what’s happening now.//

• • •

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21 Nov
Images & narratives of Black men loving, supporting & protecting Black women unnerve people because it evokes the possibility of Black survival & even Black nationhood. That’s why we’re most often inundated w/ images of dysfunction instead or tales of the unlovable Black woman.

This image is representative of common white supremacist depictions of Black households. It inverts the gender norms associated with whiteness to imply that Black men & women are uncivilized & lack the ability to have functional family or community
White supremacist ideology, including white-centered feminism, often caricatures Black women as being the sassy mammy or hypersexual harlot. In the racist imagination, Black women become the figures that ppl project onto as being the opposite of white womanhood
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20 Nov
And this is the thing— the issue isn’t the past. Because what we’re experiencing now is the violence of the current day white society. They react violently whenever they feel that Black ppl are making advancements toward equality.
White society always pretends their violence is motivated by fear of Black criminality but they react most violently to images of Black success—Black families buying homes, a Black president, a Black baseball star, a Black scholar, etc. Every generation this is what they react to
Right now they are heavy on this narrative that crime is rampant in urban areas & so we need to increase policing. But really they are reacting w/ violence to images of Black ppl being celebrated in traditionally white spaces from the academy to even the British royal family.
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20 Nov
Keep all this in mind when you see liberals shout about how Jan 6 attack is a threat to democracy in one breath but then downplay police violence & the Rittenhouse case in the next. We already know policing agencies are intertwined w/ the far right but they give them more $$$//
In this USA Today article published just 4 days after the shooting in Kenosha, the sheriff says the armored tank that tossed water to Rittenhouse wasn’t from his department but didn’t identify exactly who it was. So tanks are just rolling thru a community assisting the far right?
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20 Nov
The USA is a white settler state like apartheid S Africa. The only difference is white settlers here displaced most of the Indigenous population & engineered a white settler majority. The government & legal system they established has always been racist in its construct.
As I’ve explained before, the ruling elite created the white settler class to engineer a wedge of division between lower class Europeans & the various populations of the world that the ruling elite colonized. Poor Europeans were invited to share in the spoils in this way.
One of the very first ways they engineered this race-class division was by allowing white settlers to possess guns when Africans could not. That is the historical origin of the current crisis over guns in the USA.
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20 Nov
Colonialism placed these shackles on us & we’re discussing how to operate while wearing the shackles instead of questioning the presence of the shackles in the first place.
And if your response is to provide a history of English law, I rest my case.
We do not belong to the white settler class & any white classified person who sides w/ us against the ruling elite is stripped of that privilege too. That’s the history of this legal system, from the white ppl executed for helping enslaved ppl in 1800s, to protesters in 2020 WI
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20 Nov
Reminder that it was the legal system that overturned voting rights. So again, what are we talking about here? Why are we required to accept as a premise that the legal system is a valid arbiter of justice? Based on what exactly?
I’m not saying there can never exist an adequate legal system, I’m asking what is the basis for validating this one?
“We must accept the outcome of this trial.” Really? Then why is Keith Davis Jr about to be prosecuted for a fifth time? How can the current legal system be logically divorced from its origins as an instrument of chattel slavery & Jim Crow?
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