Cyberpunk AU part 3!

(BKDK AU where AFO is an evil corporation, OFA is the resistance Bk is part off and Dk is a sex droid made by AFO) Link to part 2 bellow, enjoy!

Deku now laid down on the table, still in his energy conservation state, sleeping.

Katsuki, Denki, Kirishima, and Itsuka were around the screen, rewatching the scene locked inside the droid’s head.

Aizawa had been the one who sent him here.
But it can’t be!” Itsuka was pale as if she had just seen a ghost, and in a way, she had. “From when is this memory?”

“Last year. Just a few hours before he appeared at my shop, probably” Denki lets out a pitiful whine as his head hits against the metal table.
“Great, they've known where I was for at least a year. Now I need to relocate.”

“The timing does match,” Kirishima says. “Aizawa disappeared from the public eye almost a year a year ago, didn’t he?” Kirishima realizes what he had said and turns to Katsuki apologetically.
“Bakubro, I didn’t mean like that-”

“It’s okay.” The blond steels himself. “We already knew he was dead.” He tries to sound nonchalant, but the words were dry sand on his mouth.

One thing was to know that Aizawa had died, another was to see and hear it.
The gunshots had been the last thing Deku heard before falling down the tube, and the screen turned back to white again. After this, the next memory had been of Deku waking up for the first time down at the Eve’s. “Can you restore those corrupted files, Pikachu?”
“We need to tell Neito about this. That Aizawa sent him here.”

“We’re not going to tell him anything, Princess. Not yet.”

“Kats!” “Bakubro!” Katsuki ignored them, thinking.

It made no sense. Aizawa betrayed them, returned to AFO, basking in all the glory, status,
and power that the upper levels granted to his position. Katsuki had /seen/ it, the lifeless, cold eyes staring down at him, sending him away. Aizawa had changed, he had been corrupted by AFO.
Then why would he recognize that same old Aizawa that took him in after his parents died, and believed in a better future for all people inside Deku’s memories?
Why would he recognize that same tired but desperate to help gaze after all those years when Aizawa sacrificed himself to take a single droid out of AFO?

Why? Why did he help?

Why did this single droid have to get out of there?
Why was Deku so important that AFO would kill their /main researcher/ over it?

Katsuki had none of those answers. Yet. He could feel it on the back of his head, the tip of his tongue. He was missing something important. But he couldn’t quite figure out what it was.
Monoma lies that first night back at the bunker, bringing Deku with them, didn’t seem so far from the truth anymore. Deku was more than just a droid. He was important. Important enough to be sent away.

/Aizawa/ sent him away.

Itsuka shakes herself out of the stupor. “Katsuki,
we have to tell him. Aizawa-”

“Aizawa /what/ Kendo?” Katsuki snaps. “He what? He didn’t betray us? What does this prove?”


“No! Fuck, listen to me.” He had to calm down, if he didn’t they wouldn’t understand him. But the feelings he had bottled for so long kept
threatening to just spill out of him. He speaks again through gritted teeth.

/Not here. Not now. Calm the fuck down, Katsuki./

He had to sound calm, he /had/ to calm down. “I’m serious. What does this prove to the shitty bastard? That Deku is a spy sent by Aizawa?”
“He could be, though.” Denki interjects from his seat raising his hands in peace when Katsuki glares at him. “I’m just saying.”

“That makes no sense.” Kirishima considers. “He wasn’t sent to us. He was living on the Eve’s all this time, wasn’t he?”
“That’s not what is important!” Itsuka snaps, eyes wet with unshed tears. “Can’t you guys see?! He didn’t betray us. He didn’t betray /me/!”

Katsuki can feel her words cutting deep inside, but he steels himself. “Kendo, think. Even if, and that is a /big/ if,
Aizawa tried to help, that doesn’t mean he didn’t betray us. And if he didn’t…” Katsuki stops, he can feel the familiar pang of guilt on his chest. “Are you going to tell him that he let Setsuna die even then?”
That stops her. Katsuki lets the woman take in a deep shocked breath. They had forgotten about the implications of Aizawa’s treason.

“We can’t tell him. Not until we know more about this.”

“He is right, Itsuka.” Kirishima looks back at him. He had understood what Katsuki meant.
“We can’t know how Monoma will react if this is about /her/.”

Itsuka looks between them, irritation building upon her features.

“If I can add my two cents,” Denki interjects, “I vote for the option that will annoy Monoma the most.” She ignores him.
“You both can’t be serious. We can’t keep him in the dark about this.” Both men stare down at her, resolute. Finally, she sighs. Katsuki can see that she knows they are right. They /can’t/ know what Monoma will do if they tell him about this.
“Fine, I will keep it a secret for /now/.” She glares at Katsuki, and the blond does not avert his gaze. “But as soon as I feel he needs to know, I will tell him, okay?”

“That’s all I ask, princess.”
Behind him, Denki makes a show of a slow loud clap. “Great, now that all is said, done, and made up, can you please leave? I need to relocate.” The blond engineer points towards the unconscious droid on the table.
“He is not going to wake for a while.” Katsuki nods, moving to pick the droid in his arms. He was heavier than he looked.

Itsuka was the first to leave the bunker, refusing to talk with the men. Kirishima envelops Denki in a bear hug before leaving.
“If you decide to stay upstairs this time, come stay with us okay? I’m living at the bunker now and Mina would love to have you home.”

Denki gives him a tired but sincere half-smile. “I’m going to think about it, man. I promise.”
Katsuki is the last one to leave, carrying Deku in his arms princess style. The droid’s head resting against his chest.

“Kats, one last thing,” Denki calls him out from the door.
“I didn’t say it earlier, because I don’t want to get tangled with this whole revolutionary thing again.” He looks at the greenette in a peaceful slumber against Katsuki’s chest. “But you seem to care for the little guy, and he really helped me back there, so I will
tell you this: This guy is /not/ modded. His receptor is /not/ broken." Katsuki blinks. "Something, his own system is rejecting connecting with AFO."

This should not be an option, not for an unmodded model, at least.
Denki scratches his head with a sigh at Katsuki's confused as fuck look. "Yeah, I know. I don’t know how he does it or how this shit is even possible for a droid to do. But keep an eye out for anything weird with him, okay? This can be more important than it looks."
Katsuki assents. He needed to figure out what was happening here. “Thanks, Pikachu. Stay safe, okay?”

“You too, man.” Denki smiles at him, almost sweet. "Now get the hell out of my dumping ground.” He says it as he slams the door on Katsuki’s face without another word.
/Fucking paranoid/. Katsuki smiles to himself, shaking his head, before walking upstairs to meet with the rest of his group, carrying the still fast asleep Deku in his arms.


(TBC - Yay! It feels good to update this one again!)
Here to the beginning of this long-ass story:

• • •

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Dkbowl idea where since birth Deku holds a contract with all the Seven Lords of Hell.

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They think the boy is crazy, hearing voices no one else can... Voices that whisper dark and weird words and promises into his ears.

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as if the blond would need them.

He didn't need friends. Katsuki didn't need anyone else. What would he gain fooling around with people after all?

He had tried it already and it had sucked. Both for him and for the people around. He would not do it a 2nd time.
"Wow, now /that/ is just pathetic..." A familiar voice he never thought he would hear again called out to him. Katsuki couldn't help but to turn and watch in /shock/ as fucking Monoma Neito waited for him with that infuriating smirk by the school gate.
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