No. Saying you detected fentanyl without saying what testing was used, any of the circumstances, and most importantly without any concentration information is proof of absolutely nothing. Minuscule amounts of fentanyl - that are clinically insignificant - can be detected easily.
Was this just cross contamination from other drugs? Possibly. Refusing to release a concentration is weird if they did thorough testing.

More importantly: was fentanyl detected in the patients? It says they had symptoms of OD, not that they had fentanyl. This is easy to prove.
From a chemical/physical perspective this is as improbable as a piano falling on your head. Fentanyl decomposes at temps <1/4 that of lit/smoked plant matter & <1/6 that of a flame. And the decomposition products are direct lung irritants that give people pretty obvious pathology
Lastly, this is economically nonsensical. Despite a false narrative that dealers want to “hook ppl on fentanyl,” if someone bought cannabis & got fentanyl they’d probably never buy from them again, & lacing fent would be too costly for dealers to do it subversively at weed prices
If I tested currency it would be positive for fentanyl. That’s how easy it is to detect trace amounts. Don’t let these people present a fearmongering narrative with no evidence. If it happened - & it *could* - it would be really easy to prove. They have not done the bare minimum.
When people say the "smoke" fentanyl they should say "vaporize" bc it's a different process & different temp range. It's possible to combine the two this way, but you lose a lot of fent and don't get much of the THC you want (and would be very intentional)
Oh and while pyrolysis of certain substances can be affected by differing temperatures w/in delivery devices (eg cigarette/joint), fentanyl has extremely low vaporization pressure, making evaporation into a gaseous phase not a practical concern (it does not readily aerosolize!)
More thoughts: fent has been in street drugs since the 70s so why would it only be an issue now? Why is this only happening in CT when tristate drugs go everywhere? & the report relies on people claiming they didn’t use, which should have been the first thing they need to confirm

• • •

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21 Nov
Did I listen to @futuregennyboys a lot? Yes. Did I have unprotected sex? …Why is that something I’d post on social media???? People aren’t ok.
When I say please boink each other responsibly I mean don’t post this shit about how many raw loads you shared
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Rates of substance use in healthcare professionals are similar to general population. So why do we force HCPs into dangerous & non-evidence based therapies that increase risks of relapse, OD & death, & prohibit them from treatment that reduces those risks?…
Proud to be able to share our evidence-based position and continue to advocate for better care of all people who use drugs, and especially thankful for @acmtmedtox @twtoxmd @kavitababu @mbspyres @toxicologist12
I could scream this from the rooftops every day but it’s my favorite section:

“Abstinence-based and detoxification programs have been associated with increased relapse risk and increased risk of overdose death”
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Please don’t take advice on the risks of COVID19 from the guy who only 6 weeks ago recommended people not get tested and asked:

“Have the vaccines not transformed SARSCOV2 into just another regular respiratory virus?”
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How it started How it's going
“The most viral story (21M Facebook views) involved an East Liverpool, OH officer who claimed to have “[felt] his body shutting down” from brushing white powder off of his uniform after a traffic stop. Neither the powder nor his overdose were confirmed.”…
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“Don’t shove the vaccine down my throat,” said the man willing to accept endotracheal intubation
This is *not* an issue of personal choice or individual liberties.

You are either a science denier who doesn’t care about anyone else, or you get the vaccine the first chance you can so that you take care of yourself and everyone you know.
There are legitimate questions about the vaccines (and many legitimate issues to accessing them). This man - and the many exactly like him - is not an example of either of those things.
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One major source of confusion is so-called experts who keep giving totally incorrect messaging, like Dr. Gandhi, who predicted that COVID was over in India in February due to herd immunity she said was achieved through asymptomatic infections. 2.5 million Indians have died since.
It should be noted that herd immunity has never been achieved through infection alone, so regardless of the fact that there was no data to support it, it has never been known to be possible in human history.
Things an infectious disease doctor should know…
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