The 'US-China war over Taiwan' explained

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To start with, it's actually a war between China & Taiwan, and US being in support of Taiwan, this is leading towards a war between US & China, two of the strongest countries to exist.

Let's first understand the political history between China & Taiwan :
Taiwan is a neighbour island of China, and is connected to the Mainland China through a bay known as the Taiwan Strait.
Taiwan's Capital : Taipei
China's Capital : Beijing
During the 1890s, China and Taiwan were considered as one and were under the rule of Qing Dynasty (1644-1912).
In 1894, Japan and China got into a war, and as a result, China had to give up Taiwan to the Japanese in 1895.
Cut to 50 years later, in 1945, as a result of the World War 2, Japan surrendered control and gave Taiwan back to China.
During these 50 years, China was facing an internal struggle of power. The struggle was between the ruling party Kuo Min Tang (KMT) and the Chinese Communist Party (CCP).
In 1945, when Taiwan came back under China's control, the power struggle still continued.
Slowly and steadily, CCP captured all of the Mainland China by December 1949, leading to the migration of KMT party and it's followers to Taiwan.
In a nutshell, the Mainland China was now being ruled by the Communists Party, known to be the PEOPLE'S REPUBLIC OF CHINA. And Taiwan was being ruled by the KMT Party, known to be the REPUBLIC OF CHINA.
Abbreviations for moving forward :-

1️⃣ PRC : People's Republic of China (Chinese Government)

2️⃣ ROC : Republic of China (Taiwanese Government)

After this formulation of Two Governments and One China, things started to heat up on both sides.
The Chinese Govt. got support from the USSR (Soviet Union), which was already in war with USA at that moment. The Taiwanese Govt. saw this as an opportunity and started mingling with USA, which led to the UNSC seat of China being given to Taiwanese Govt.
They recognised ROC as the "real" government of China.
But then, in 1971, US allowed United Nations to recognise the PRC's Govt. (Mainland China) as the 'one & only China', scrapping and abandoning the existence of Taiwan independently.
This was known as One China Policy.
But, US also announced the Taiwan Relations Act, and agreed that it would still secretly support Taiwan.
After this historical decision, Taiwan independently transformed it's economy from 'Dust to Diamonds'.
Even today, Taiwan is the ruling manufacturer of semiconductors, which are used in all electronic devices.
After observing the economic strengthening approach of Taiwan, China formulated an economic strategy that would allow Taiwanese companies to expand within China.
China aimed at intertwining the two economies so that it could take down Taiwan as per it's wish. But while the two governments were in talk about this, public unrest within Taiwan eventually transformed Taiwan into a democracy, also rejecting the expanding offer from China.
Since then, China has made several military missile bombing sessions in the Taiwan Strait.
The first attack was seen in 1996, after which US stood up for Taiwan, thereafter clarifying that if China flexes it's military power over Taiwan, it would also have to fight the US.
When the military power couldn't stand out, China passed an Anti-Secession Law in 2005, stating that Taiwan is a part of China already, it's just that the local Govt. is rebellious, and China could easily capture Taiwan by force.
Over the years, the general public of Taiwan has had a subtle realisation of the fact that unifying along with China, is in no way going to benefit them, it'll only lead them towards a lack of personal growth, even though the economic growth of the country might improve.
China's regressive and brutal ways of international interaction has been a matter of clash with several countries, may it be USA, India, Australia, Japan, etc, which aided to the benefit of Taiwan.
This implies that China has absolutely no support from Taiwanese and the globe.
US has continuously been a support system for Taiwan. Trump had several unofficial meetings with the diplomats of Taiwan, which angered China and led to disturbed inter-country relations. And with Biden coming into power, his open bias towards Taiwan has added fuel to the fire.
Biden recently confirmed that if Taiwan goes into war with China, they will, without a doubt, support Taiwan. Australia and the European Union has also pledged to stand by Taiwan if hostile initiates. With such huge forces backing them, Taiwan has nothing to fear.
The US-China clash has been a hot topic for years now, and if China decides to risk it all over Taiwan, the world will either have a new Superpower (China), or lead to a significant increase in the influence of the existing Superpower (USA).
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Thankyou for reading!

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