oh I guess we all like "relatable content for soft bois" webcomics now. I wouldn't know anything about that, I only read "humans genetically engineer furries, oppress them in subtle metaphor about racism" webcomics and "ditzy genie causes hilarious yet sexy gender swap" webcomics
remember when they used to make entire webcomics about how great linux was? those were the salad days
other good webcomic genres:
>author insert becomes roommates with nympho lesbians who like anime
>Jesus Christ hanging out, saying "Yo!," you know, like a dude
>2 guys play video games, give sarcastic commentary
>Furries are swole college roommates by day, exiled ninja princes of a distant galaxy by night
>recolored video game sprites acting inappropriately
>skunk girl has ass
>gamer girl shocks bros with gaming prowess, proving once and for all that girls can game
>God and the devil doing shit
>just weirdo libertarian screeds
>retail work is taxing
>rival packs of day-glo wolves fight protracted turf war
>college roommate comedy about a love triangle between a wacky manchild, a long-suffering straight man and sarcastic arm candy goth girl (will also include an animal side-kick that appears cute but is actually foul-mouthed and loves to party/plots world domination)
>lesbian romance between sarcastic goth and perky raver who will inevitably have a scene where she eats too many pixie stix and runs around "on a sugar high" yelling "sp0rk of d00m! purple monkey dishwasher! woot!"
>sexy stuffing fetish comic constantly getting derailed by author's prehensile tongue fetish
>"please donate guest strips, i promise i'll start updating the comic as soon as midterms are over"
>"if i don't get more comments, i am going to end the comic, i mean it this time"
>isekai where kid just like you goes on a quest in a thinnly-veiled Medieval Japan where there are also catgirls
>transcribed table top RPG sessions
>stick figures break the 4th wall
>comics about how hard it is to make comics
>lesbians with giant shark mouths
>furry school children being precocious
>4 panel high fantasy spoof clearly angling for a traditional syndication deal
>comic about a child and his kangaroo dragon companion who loves putting him in her pouch
>extremely passionate defense of public breast feeding
>the singular work of David "Davey-Kins Foxfire" Gonterman, the most dangerous cartoonist on the internet
furry webcomics are back baby!!!!
god, webcomics really did just suck absolute ass, didn't they? what were we thinking (do not respond to this with examples of good webcomics, there were none)
a guy once told me i looked like the guy in menage a 3 and i almost killed him

• • •

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More from @bitterkarella

22 Nov
my wife has a friend who's one of those dullards who thinks that forever waffling in a "i need to hear more information from both sides" limbo makes her sound smart and it's the most aggravating shit to listen to
right now, she's talking about how she wants to go to a trump rally so that she can "hear their point of view" because she thinks this makes her sound like a thoughtful brain genius who is open to new ideas
i suppose sure go do that if you want, but if you're the sort of person who's been unable to figure out the trumpist point of view simply via cultural osmosis over the past 4 years, then i don't think your brain is capable of retaining information
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22 Jul
Just watched Fear Street 1994 and I appear to be the only person thoroughly unimpressed. Just really long and disappointing, none of the gonzo fun I would have expected from an homage to 90s slashers.
Glad that they didn't just slather on gratuitous 90s set dressing to pander to hogs, but then they kinda went in the opposite direction so hard that it didn't feel 90s at all
which i mean fine, I don't want to see a bunch of period brands so I can say "haha I remember bodyglove!" but what little period set dressing there was seemed like the filmmakers were confusing the 80s and 90s
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30 Apr
There's a Trump chud at my work who congratulated me on how much Trump helped me with my student loan debt during pandemic & a Biden lib who congratulated me on how much biden helped me with my student loan debt during pandemic (spoiler: i never received any relief from either)
See, the government sold my loans to a private company and then said "oops no student loan help to loans held by private companies! lol see ya" but they yammered about student loan relief until everyone's facebook uncle just assumed we all go it
tho did people with government-held loans get any relief? I think the most they got were deferments (during which interest continued to helpfully accrue) so who knows
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22 Feb
I had a dream last night that I was the commander of an elite deep state squadron of Transformers, tasked with a mission to take down the president of the United States who had gone mad with power. That president? Richie Rich.
Unfortunately, the transformers all sucked so we had to spend several trillion dollars to design three all new transformers for the job. In my dream, though, they weren't real robots, they were just guys wearing elaborate plastic costumes.
When we arrived at the White House, each transformer in turn did an elaborate choreographed dance routine to show off its transformation sequence
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19 Feb
Jesus, one of the saddest things about living in America is watching people realize in real time that no help is coming
just absolutely a shit country. Does nothing but rob & brutalize its own citizens without even the barest whiff of obligation that a medieval lord would feel for his serfs
please stop doing numbers, you're depressing me
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10 May 20
Quiet day so let's do a thing

1 like = 1 stupidly hot take about 1980s newspaper comic strips
Bloom County is far less funny when you're an adult and can actually understand that the punchlines a obscure political points but rather just that "Caspar Weinburger" is a funny name
BC's biggest failure is how little it capitalizes on the prehistoric setting. There's literally ONE dinosaur that shows up about twice a year, but soooo many goddamn anteaters and turtles.
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