Decades of social engineering by the left 😟 Image
The 1st pillar communist must destroy is the family.

The person on the right is not going to marry a woman, reproduce & have a family. He lives in a 200 sq ft apt, spends his day at Starbucks & finds purpose in marching 4 black trans rights
They call it “progress” smh
Make Men Great Again

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24 Nov
Deep down many people, particularly in the media, are not happy that Ahmaud Arbery got justice b/c they are not going to be able to exploit the tragedy to push their political narrative that America is a racist country where black people don’t get justice.
With these people its not about Ahmad’s life or black lives
Ahmads life is one of 1000s of black lives a year that R murdered in cold blood. The only reason why you know of Ahmad is b/c his story fits the “racism” narrative that fuels the lefts political agenda to divide &conquer
The same liberal media that pretends to be invested in Ahmad’s life, are the same people that promote the policies of the Democrat Party that have led to a pandemic of violence & death by the 1000s in the black community many homicides of which never get justice
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22 Nov
Elected Democrat @MaryLemanski said this little Wisconsin girl in the Christmas Parade deserved to be plowed down as “Karma” because Kyle Rittenhouse verdict came back not guilty. There is no bottom to their evil
After the Christmas parade mass murder.. she tweeted out that it was karma
Correction* she is not elected she works for the Democrat Party
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18 Nov
MSNBC tried to intimidate jurors because they are not journalists.. they are far left activists acting at the behest of the regime.

They want Kyle convicted so they can set an example that we do not have a right to protect ourselves from the mobs they fund & incite
Let’s call it like it is. We are dealing with cultural Marxists who seek to over throw this country. The 1st step to defeating this evil is to stop mincing worlds & acknowledge what is happening via the media & this regime
Mincing words*
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18 Nov
Black Lives Matter never show up when blacks are killed by other blacks by the thousands each year. Their excuse is that they only focus on police shootings okaaay… but now they are showing up ready to riot for 3 WHITE felons who were killed by another white person?
This proves what have been saying for years. Black Lives Matter is an organization formed & funded by the liberal elite establishment not for black people, but to use blacks people as ruse to raise money for themselves & further their own political agendas
Like lemmings many black people will follow & mindlessly destroy their own communities rioting for these white felons because the liberal media that controls their minds told them to. Malcom X explained how this works
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17 Nov
Breaking: Biden’s FBI sent 25 heavily armed agents to raid a 70 year old gold star mother & precinct whistleblower who exposed election fraud.

They even brought a battling ram to breakdown her door. They ceased all her devices.

This is fascist intimidation by the Biden regime
If you would like to know more about this story. Visit her website & support her at
Her 27 year old son was a navy seal who died in service to this country & now his mother is being intimidated by bunch of FBI GOONS sent by the fascist in the White House.

I am so angry!!
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9 Nov
The Supreme Court will be hearing cases that could turn the tide on the barbaric practice that is abortion.

We are almost to the 100k goal. Please take a min out of your day to sign this Amicus brief being filed w/ SCOTUS 🙏🏾 next week.
SIGN here
Please sign Amicus brief
Over 50% of black people are never born in America. They are ripped from their mothers womb limb by limb. Blacks have been targeted for extermination by predatory planned parenthood. It must end!
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