When I was much younger, my dad often refers to a home that broke up because of a fish head. The man was angry because the woman ate the fish head that he is the head of the home and the fish head belongs to him. The family eventually scattered because of the fish head. I have
analyzed this story for more than 20 years in my head, it has become a very hot topic that I silently deliberate on. How will fish head break a home? Just like how the story I shared about my husband asking me to dress the bed(caused a lot of Twitter uproar, some people even said
that I was in an abusive relationship) could have gone wrong and ended my home, anything can destroy a wonderful union. This doesn't mean that you were not compatible, compatibility is a different issue altogether. Abuse of purpose is a very big and effective cause of many broken
homes. The Bible says; when the foundation is destroyed, what can the righteous do? Like I said in my earlier thread; 'be fruitful, multiply, replenish the earth and subdue it' God did not call you into a private union, God called you into a union that will change the cause of
things in the world! That will set the threads! That will influence the world positively, that will subdue contrary negative ideas and multiply the number of beautiful homes! This is what God told me when I let the negative words of people get to me. When the purpose of my union
is clearly defined, why will I let fish head or curtsy define our actions? It is boredom, that makes us read meaning into everything. When you have too much free time idling around, you will use the opportunity to start forming unnecessary barriers around your life. I don't
demand respect, I earn it. I don't ask people to respect me, if I get disrespected in any way, I go back and reflect on my actions. If it is something I can talk about, I sit the perpetrator down and talk about it. If not, I adjust myself to avoid further disrespect. I don't go
about shouting like a wounded lion. Every experience I have gone through is like a platform for me to both teach and learn, I don't ignore them. I just wish I can sound this clear enough to cause a change in more lives. God bless you all

• • •

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25 Nov
Cheating in marriage is a very dangerous thing we married people engage in. This thread might be long but I will try and summarize it.
Firstly, the Bible says; 'one will chase a thousand and two ten thousand'. For that exponential growth to happen without any hindrances, both of
you have to be completely involved in the relationship. I am talking about 100%, not 50/50. You guys have to be completely involved, body, spirit, and soul. And selflessly take each other's feelings into account.
*When you start cheating, you affect your creative ability. Your
mind create pictures that the brain works on. It carries those unconscious thoughts that are a result of the strongest direction you are thinking of, and as we know, negative thoughts are stronger than positive thoughts. The Bible will not explain this, but when you immerse
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Yesterday, I went out shopping with my husband. When we got to the supermarket, we started looking at the prices of different beverages there. It was time for us to make a buying decision.
Looking at the different brands of milk and considering the economic situation, our
decision was influenced by the following factors;
*We wanted something very affordable, we already knew the best products in the market because we have been buying milk for over 5 years now. So, we weren't all that interested in the best, we just wanted something of good quality
we started scanning and finally saw a new product with moderate pricing. We judged the packing and quantity and decided to try out the product to see if it is worth it. Now, when we want to buy noodles, we don't bother doing all that, we just look for the store that sells the
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23 Nov
In all of these, the daughter is the real winner here. It is just unfortunate that it took this for her to realize that she allowed both a useless mother and husband into her life. It would only cause her a little discomfort, with the right support, she would be grateful to them
later in life. When I was still single and much younger, people around me struggled to understand how I managed to stay strong amid so many heartaches and disappointments. I just attach too much value to myself in life, to the point that I have choices to make, I just
choose to be committed to you. If that is not good enough for you, then I would let you be, peacefully. I don't have time for unnecessary drama, I choose to silently cry over the hurt to my heart's content, come out and move on with life. My destiny is too big for me to waste
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23 Nov
Fear is not a good recommendation to motivate people into doing the right things, the results have not been flawless. Take for instance, religion, a lot of people will not be Christians if they are sure that there is no hellfire. The fear of hell has kept them as Christians, this
has made the experience uninteresting. God is not calling us to fellowship because He wants us to make heaven. Heaven is just a means to separate His children and start all over again after His first attempt on giving us heaven was foiled by us. Hell doesn't exist to threaten us
to serve Him. He wants us to know Him and serve Him because we love and trust Him, likewise, giving your spouse peace of mind at home should not come from the fear of losing them. There was once we had a great misunderstanding at home and my husband was trying to reach me, he did
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10 Nov
When I was still single, I had this boyfriend. The relationship was still young, and he knows how to play drums. So, he decided to visit our church and help us out with a program we were organizing. I was the youth leader then. This young man was in church when a guest minister
came, he walked towards me during ministration, put his hands on my head, and said that I would get married to a very great man. After the service, my then-boyfriend was very sad. Oga, what is the matter, he said that he wouldn't be my husband because he wasn't a great man. I was
dumbstruck for a few seconds, then I responded; 'why would you look down on yourself like that? This is a prophecy saying I will marry a great man, I am already a great woman and I am a kingmaker. Automatically, any man that gets married to me will be great. I don't need a
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9 Nov
There was this couple, the wife was a very successful lawyer and he was also successful in his job, working in an oil company. They looked like a power couple but the lady came to the marriage with a mindset that she can't have her rights trampled, she must always point it out
she was a very intelligent woman, he was also very intelligent, so, they would argue about everything, nobody backs down. Every thing down to roles in the house were shared, it then boiled down to responsibilities. In the process of claiming right, the love was lost and the drive
to go home to his wife was gone. It got so bad that he finally filed for divorce. That union had several problems:
That woman had a notion that nobody should take advantage of her even if nobody had taken advantage of her and she let her guards up.
-they both knew too much to the
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