Charles Allen Winter 1890s.
A clever collection.

I'll post more puzzle-piece matches on the next post.

Her hair and her arm are close to a (7).
- The Great Pyramid may closely match too.

Great Pyramid is very close to a (7).

Her legs are close to the lines of (9).
Charles Allen Winter 1890s.

I'm not sure.
All I can see is the (37)clock, the (7) and the (9).
- her legs are close to the lines of (9).
- (79) is the element Gold.

The center (7) may match the Great Pyramid.
- we can look next.
Great Pyramid.
- very close(her arm).
- (7).

The inside of the Pyramid has a perfect triangle of (3)sides and (60) degrees each for (180) total interior.

We can probably swap her upper(7) for another Pyramid.

Maybe its a (3)(6)(9) Totem pole.
We'll see.
Finger nearly matching the (🔺).

Probably a hidden meaning containing the keys to biology and the laws of the cell structure.

Spheres match the winding coils of a serpent.

• • •

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23 Nov

Look close at the length of the cut. 📐

[N][A][V][A][L] [C][E][N][T][E][R]. 🍊

Look at the measure.
- the length of the cut. 📐

Also, the importance of (7).
- hidden within the two spheres.
🔲 📐Diagonal cut.

"Measures of man."

The (88).
(8+8) = (16) = (1+6) = (7⃣).
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17 Nov
Look for that (5).
- the (5x5) or the (25).

Look for that (3).
- the (3x3) or the (9).

💲🌖 (The moon and 12.369.)
The (5) will relate to money and moon cycles.

The are many (3, 4, 5) triangles in relation to the Moon and the Earth.

Related to the slice of the (5).
We see (12) or (12.369) Moons per year.
Not (12) exact on the nose.

Mirror or square (12.369).
- twins (12.369 x 12.369) = mother (153).
(153) is a big deal.
- Vesica Piscis.

(12) months.
(12) Moons.
(12.36931...) moons per year.

The root twins of (153) Mother.
Twins are (12.36931...) x (12.36931...).

💲 Dollar:
(5) units tall and (12) wide.

As we diagonal 'slice Bill', we start seeing it all. 🧩
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8 May
You're a TURD.🧻🪠

I feel like a "LION in New York."

and..."I GOT A (PHI)VA."
"for some 🐄"BEL" 🔔

..."what's in the cup."

⚡️My lightning's flashing across the sky.
You're only young but you're gonna die.🩸


(3⃣+1⃣+1⃣) = 5⃣ or "PHI" or the "V."

3⃣ x 1⃣1⃣ = 3⃣3⃣.

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5 Mar
There was lots of money and trading of goods floating around in SYRl/].

* I'm familiar with premium optics in rifle scopes and have knowledge in reef tanks.

➡️WHO WAS THE PERSON with the BEST GLASS⬅️ at the time that looked down into the waters (daylight)❓

ALL3PO, (SYRl/]).
- the sevens.
- 7⃣ pillars.

ALL3PO, (SYRl/]).
- a lot going on.
- keep this place in your "EPSTl3l\l" folders.
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4 Mar

"What if"⬇️❓
- "FLYl\ll\l knows where the bodies are buried."

➡️OCEAN RESEARCH = "Banana Trench" BURIAL.

➡️Containers, bodies and more...
🔊〰️I GOT CHoooooo!!!!(again).

YOU think we just type odd KEYWORDS the phuck of it❓
- I'd never see these without ➡️YOU and KUE⬅️.

THANK ➡️KUE⬅️ you little schitts!!!!!!!!!!!
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3 Mar
PART (1 of 4).

Anyone who wants to see where (3) three PERFECT CIRCLES ARE IN A TRINITY RELATIONSHIP.

Understand how to see a HUGE discovery of LIFE.

➡️START at 1⃣1⃣minutes5⃣0⃣sec.
- just GRASP the SIMPLEST of Geometry 1st.

Part (2 of 4).

The folks are delivering a speech and POW LOOK.
- the frequency of sound starts to form a familiar shape.

The apple bottom shape of the MANDELBROT structure.
- sound makes the grains align just like the natural base.

➡️three perfect circles (see next)⭕️⭕️⭕️ ImageImageImageImage
Part (3 of 4).

GEOMETRY (easy).

➡️1 ARC makes 1 Circle.
If you can make 1 circle, then you can do 2.

(2)Two circles can make the MANDELBROT 'APPLE' base.
- they ALIGN to show DIRECTION (labeled #1) to go.
- the #⃣9⃣at the top of the Triangle.

EXPANSION / Growth (life). ImageImageImageImage
Read 4 tweets

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