What a revelation from #theprincesandthepress

Here we have #BorisJohnson sister RachelJohnson admit that she engaged in writing RACISM towards black people #meghanMarkle -but “ah haha 😂 let’s forget about it was 4years ago” she’s now “educated”

Extraordinary @LBC @mrjamesob
2/There’s something about the way the WHITE community thinks that being racist to black/Asians & Muslims (islamaphobia) is permissible and excusable

We have this hierarchy where being antiBAME racist doesn’t lose you a job, it doesn’t require an apology, you just laugh it off🥶
3/ being Antiblack racist means that you get platformed by western media… associates and sponsors don’t have to feel shame … and when the racist is corned - she quite literally laughs it off as “it happened 4 years ago… let’s MOVE ON🤣😂”

White supremacy is a mad powder drug
4/ Notice how the usual blue tick white brigade who normally are astute to racism such as antisemitism have said nothing - they haven’t threatened to boycott twitter in solidarity with black people, they’re not asking @LBC to fire Rachael. The motive is “she’s white, it’s okay”🤷🏾‍♂️
5/ Bottom line is this:

It’s not just institutions in the west that are RACIST, the PEOPLE of the west (who aren’t of colour) are:
1) Deliberately blind to antiBAME racism
2) Enablers of racism through silence and inaction
3) Directly racism themselves!

Prove me wrong 🤷🏾‍♂️😂

• • •

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25 Nov
1/ Here’s how I feel about the language used by @BBCNews @SkyNews @LBC and all the other British media RE: #channeldeaths

I came here at the age of 5, my family were refugees escaping the Rwandan genocide against the Tutsi!
I’m currently a taxpaying contributing British citizen
2/Seeing the way the #ToryCorruption government uses connotations and terminology to whip up a frenzy from their xenophobic and racist voters (and Britons at large) makes me feel sick
This country was built by White people and PoC alike! And will forever be that way going forward
3/ PoC/ BAME such as @sajidjavid @SadiqKhan @pritipatel etc all came here as economic migrants seeking a better life - few years ago Sajid and Sadiq were competing about whose dad came with the least in their pockets!

Ultimately the HUMANS who died could have been their parents
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10 Oct
Im so very glad that @kehinde_andrews has commented & written on these intracommunity terminologies! We black people have tried to educate “white socialists” on twitter about the origins and use of the terms - but in order to defend #RachaelSwindon and racists: they acted DUMB AF
2/ the journey to challenging white supremacy and slavery was NOT an easy because the enemy (white supremacy) KNEW how to manipulate our skinfolk in order to divide and conquer

They’d treat Selected black ppl with tokenism, favour, grace in order to yield spies/uncleToms/coconut
3/By manipulating cherrypicked black people - white supremacy knew that racism they could coax information out of uncle Toms! If there were any slave escape plans - an Uncle Tom would slide into white man’s Manor House and snitch, in return for a single cigar/bottle/pair of shoes
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9 Oct
#RachaelSwindon and her syndicate of sc*m have ambushed @DiblasioRobert - abusing him and attacking him!


Because Robert chose to speak with @UnknownMe82 (Judy Gatiss) a black woman whose been target of racist abuse from Rachael!

Yet RS parades herself as a “socialist”🖕🏾
2/ Astonishingly, despite #RachaelSwindon ‘s abuse & orchestration of abuse being public a lot of “socialists” on twitter continue Shield her from accountability and indeed continue to fund her PayPal

Those who enable RachaelSwindon through silence and PayPal are part of problem
3/ For past few months, black ppl on twitter have raised concern about #RachaelSwindon - few “socialists” listened: saw the evidence and condemned her bigotry and racism! But sadly she continues to receive endorsement from “socialists” - much to the chagrin of victims of racism😤
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19 Sep
Its interesting that these people come out here to comment on what is and isn’t racism🥳

Quick reminder to @ChefGarethS

1) LouiseRawAuthor #rachaelSwindon endorsed ANTIBLACK RACIST TROPES

2) Tiff, Susie et al chose to throw their weight behind LouiseRawAuthor & RS

2/ It’s also CLASSIC that it’s white people coming out to try and minimise racism in order to paint their friends (that they refuse to reprimand) in good light

You can defend Tiff all you like, you can defend LouiseRawAuthor #rachaelSwindon etc ALL YOU LIKE, but we got receipts
3/ See, dear white people who are trying to minimise racism in order to paint your racist enabling friends in good light…if you’re going to be brave and courageous enough to defend racist-why don’t you stay strong enough and not run 🏃‍♀️ away from scrutiny!

Master chef 🧑‍🍳 has run
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18 Sep
Hi @kiertaylor
Nice to make your acquaintance- @stevewil94 signposted us! And If recall yesterday the idea was that you wanted brief bullet points of what the crisis seems to be about.

I will keep it indeed short and to the point!
ISSUE: Antiblack racist tropes from socialists🤷🏾‍♂️
2/ Firstly it concerned the use of antiblack racist tropes namely “banana 🍌and monkey 🐒” towards black people, in particular it was aimed at black women: whom I tag below: @feeldalove168 @fuffoomagoo @PettiiBab @StopLurkin70 @ Judy Gatiss
3/ A racist account called Joker and another one called cheeky monkey used the tropes against black women.
A previously friendly “antiracist” LouiseRawAuthor endorsed the tropes! @feeldalove168 reached out to her in DM to ask her to retract/apologise - she REFUSED, doubled down🤷🏾‍♂️
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9 Aug
1/ Let me say this as a black man reflecting on the racism & enablement of racism that I see today, and how indeed the resistance and pushback against racism is demonised and tarnished by keepers of status quo. And how today’s experience has made me ponder on my ancestors🤔🤯🤨🤷🏾‍♂️
2/ to say that what we have all witnessed over the last few months pertaining to the use of antiblack tropes: 🍌 🐒 and lynching images - is an understatement!
In the 21st century I naively thought that white people would all join us in challenging racism - I was very wrong🤷🏾‍♂️🤯
3/ black women @feeldalove168 @jasinyaprt4 @PettiiBab @race_baiter @aaishahl had their info leaked by MisMimz and her mafia of racist; they subsequently received the most disgusting experience of racism! Prominent white socialists joined in with the bigotry and racism! Shocking🤯
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