People think our politics is all political theater and the real serious work happens behind the scenes.


We live in postmodernism...political theater is all there is. There is no real serious work.

Political theater filled the space where real serious work used to happen
People no longer know the difference between the serious work of politics and political theater.

The political theater has replaced what used to be the real serious work. The political theater is all people know. They think the political theater is only thing there is...
They have not yet realized that politics now is nothing more than messaging and optics. That's it. There is nothing deeper.

Real serious politics has been replaved by political theater so now the serious politics the theater was based on is gone, what left is the fake knock off
In the postmodern political arena where political theater has replaced substantive politics:

-Consensus building has been replaced by coercion
-Persuasion has been replaced by pay offs
-Communication has been replaced by messaging, and
-Transparancy has been replaced by optics.
It isn't that nothing is real, it is that everything is hyper-real. It's synthetic reality of our own making that has taken the place that organic reality one had in our society.

You can't dig below the surface because nothing is below the surface, the surface is all there is...
Everything beneath the surface has been eradicated, and now everything is nothing but surfaces. It's all surface. It's a image. It is hyper-reality.

Welcome to postmodernism.


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17 Nov
I mean this in the most sincere way:

They will lose because they have literally no idea what we think or what we actually believe.

All they have is a charicature of us they created in their own minds. We understand them, but the honestly have no clue what we think or why.
They do not know why we think as we do, what we're opposed to, or why we think they're wrong.

They have no interest in doing the sort of charitable reading of our work that is necessary to actually understand our views, what motivates us, and what we are trying to accomplish.
Instead, they choose to read our work in the most cynical way imaginable using Critical Theories, postmodern interpretation, and "hermeneutics of suspicion."

All of which ends up leaving them thinking that they are "on to our game," they they've deciphered us, seen through us
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17 Nov
The "White [X]" meme (white fragility, white ignorance, white tears) is just a way to delegitimize anything a white person says/does by labelling it in a way that says "this white person isn't engaging authentically, they only said/did that to preserve their white privilege."
It's a way of suggesting that whatever the person accused of "White [X]" (white tears, white ignorance, white fragility, etc) did was merely a way to get what they want, dodge responsibility, win an argument, or otherwise preserve, their position, influence, privilege or power...
It is a sophisticated way of saying that whatever a white person said or did was is merely a mask for power, influence, and privilege preservation.

The tears weren't real they were inauthentic white tears. The argument wasn't good faith and careful, it was white ignorance...
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16 Nov
One thing about having to read CRT all the time is that you can actually begin to see the world the way they do. I can go about my day to day life and "read" racism into tiny details of others' interactions, even when I know race was irrelevant to what they did...
I can now see the world as a CRT theorist does, and sometimes, even when I don't want to, I find myself thinking about how they would analyze things.

It's truly awful.

I can almost imagine what it would be like to see the entire social world as being racialized, and it's awful.
It's an utter dystopia of paranoia and cynacism.

I can deconstruct any interaction and "see" the racial dynamics the CRT would read into that interaction...even when I know the people and I know they do not think or behave in that way.

It's utterly horrible.

I don't want...
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9 Nov
The woke will try to invalidate every term we use to name their movement.

They want it to look like the manifestations of their ideology and activism are unrelated spontaneously occuring organic events rather than the fruit of pre-planned activism connected by a common ideology
They want the results of their views (transing kids, lowering academic standards, replacing equality of opportunity with equality of outcome, labelling everything racist, etc) to appear unconnected so woke ideology can continue to "fly under the radar" and continue gaining power.
Once people see these events are connected, the fruit of an ideology and set of social theories created by activists and intellectuals, they will want to examine, scrutinize, and criticize both the ideology and the social theories that ideology is based on.
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3 Nov
As soon as the woke start losing we see the very same people who redefined the term "white supremacy" to include everything from standards of professionalism (pic 1) to Dave Chappelle's comedy routines (pic 2), pretend to have a problem with people redefining words.
A thread🧵
The game here is simple:
The woke want to control the terms of the debate, and they use that controle to redefine words like "white supremacy" in order to give themselves the ability to tar people with extremely dangerous labels in order to further woke political goals.
Words like:

-white supremacy

are precisely what the woke always insist they are not: verbal weapons.

Those terms are all labels used by the woke to destroy the social standing and reputation of anyone who disagrees with them.
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28 Oct
Paul Janz was a Rock Star and pop Idol in Canada in the late 80's and early 90's, and had a string of hits that dominated Canadian radio.

He was also a Professor of Philosophical Theology and Head of the Department of Theology and Religious Studies at King's College London
In addition writing the Chart topping hits like "Go to Pieces," "Rocket to My Heart," and "Stand," Janz also wrote the book God, the Mind's Desire: Reference, Reason and Christian Thinking; a work in philosophy of language about how language can refer to a transcendant God.
So Paul Janz gave us delicious 90's pop-rock jams like "Every Little Tear," and an account of reference centering around an original yet faithful re-reading of Kant''s empirical realism resulting in a convergence between Christology and epistemology within empirical reality...
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