1/“Learning to read can change the trajectory of a child’s life, but the older children get, the more difficult it becomes for them to learn basic literacy skills…I knew that the learning loss caused by school closures would be devastating.” Must read 👇🏼 tabletmag.com/sections/news/…
2/ “Because the academic and social progress of my students was at stake, I followed the COVID-19 data closely from the beginning. And I found that school closures were irrational and counterproductive.”
3/ “According to the most comprehensive studies to date, COVID’s survival rate among children and adolescents appears to be around 99.995%… I tried to volunteer to teach kids with severe disabilities in person. But my district and union would not allow it.“
4/ “Before school closures, I had nothing but respect for other teachers and for the leadership of the teachers union. But in my view the treatment of children during the COVID era has been a moral stain on the profession.”
5/ “During over a year of online learning, an unforgivable crime was committed against public school children and families. And as it unfolded, everyone around me said it was acceptable, necessary, and even good.”
6/ “National data has confirmed that remote learning was an abject failure and, for many students, the equivalent of no school at all… learning losses represent year of life stolen.”
7/ “Literacy and education levels have been linked to longer lifespans. This correlation is not purely economic—better health is also associated with the behavioral and social impacts of education.” And if enough damage has not been inflicted by school closures…
8/ “All these protocols at first seemed comical and absurd to me, but eventually I came to feel that there was something deeply insidious about training children to be hyperaware of a disease that posed no meaningful threat to them.”
9/ “Although many U.S. public health experts have dismissed concerns about the long-term effects of face coverings, developmental research pre-COVID consistently affirmed the importance to children of the human face.”
10/ “In the absence of data that proves masks are necessary for child safety, these unregulated pieces of fabric merely teach kids to fear each other and their environment… School testing and quarantine policies further reinforce a constant sense of danger.”
11/ “There have always been arbitrary school rules that I, like many teachers, didn’t like but went along with anyway. But mask mandates were a step too far.” Because of all of this @galexybrane left teaching. I hope and pray she keeps writing and advocating for children. /end

• • •

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8 Nov
1/ “Calm and poised, Ladapo became a national figure after a clip of him saying the obvious — “The data do not support any clinical benefit for children in schools with mask mandates” — went viral.” @karol thank you for speaking up for children 💯 nypost.com/2021/11/07/mee…
@karol 2/ “While Fauci said even post-vax, he wouldn’t go to restaurants or events, Ladapo stressed to me the importance of living “a fulfilling life.” He said, “COVID is a health risk people have to manage. So is cancer, strokes, heart disease, accidents, injuries.”
3/ “That should have been the goal throughout the pandemic — to live a fulfilling life while managing risk… Vaccines are available. Treatments are available,” Ladapo said. “If you do get COVID, get treated early.”
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7 Nov
1/ Yesterday I met a lovely couple visiting from India to help take care of their daughter’s 3 mos old. However, their journey was harrowing. They came from Chennai to Atlanta via Qatar where they were forced to quarantine. They had a total of 6 PCR c19 tests between 2 people.
2/ They also had to “quarantine” in Qatar adding time and expense. Here’s the kicker: they’ve already both had c19 and recovered. They’ve also both had the astra zeneca shots in India. They had no symptoms the entire journey. It’s so discouraging to hear these stories.
3/ On the bright side, they are here now and reunited with their daughter, son-in-law, granddaughter and new grandson. If their daughter had by a twist of fate immigrated to Australia instead of the US, celebrating Diwali together in 2021 and helping family would be impossible.
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2 Oct
Parent’s court testimony under oath: “the teachers, certain teachers, continue to bully the children, yell at them in the hallways, in the classrooms, call them out by name if they’re not wearing a mask up over their nose,” she said.”
When the attorney for the parent above and 10 other families stated education was guaranteed by the state of Georgia constitution, the district’s attorney shockingly responded no, children do not have a right to education.
School district’s attorney also objected to heartbreaking testimony from a licensed child psychologist permitted by the judge claiming that she was not qualified to speak on any harms to children because she was not an epidemiologist or virologist.
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30 Sep
1/ Actual science journalism uncovers unanswered questions, truths and true misinformation. @davidzweig has spent thousands of hours on research, and his work is incredibly illuminating.
@davidzweig 2/ “debating the merits of conflicting studies on mask mandates distracts from and undermines confidence in the tools that we know work, such as fresh air, and vaccinating the adults around children.”
3/ “highly politicized domestic arguments around student masking often fail to acknowledge the markedly different approach to this issue beyond our borders. To be clear: millions of children in Europe are not wearing masks in schools.”
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26 Sep
“As the U.S. rolls out booster shots, vax rate in low-income countries stands at 2.2%.. In recent weeks, several people have drowned while trying to swim across a river between Burundi and Congo to avoid paying for mandatory C19 tests at the border.”
“It’s unfathomable that millions more people are going to die waiting for vax just bc of where they live,” said Carrie Teicher, head of programs at medical charity Doctors Without Borders.”
@WSJ your editorial board praised unnecessary booster shots in an op-ed today. Do better.
@WSJ “In Uganda, a country of 42M people, Sylvia Tumuhimbise, a teacher, recently visited every government-owned hospital in the western city of Mbarara in search of a vaccine. She still couldn’t get a shot.”
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22 Sep
1/ Carpet cleaning service came to our house yesterday. Young gentleman in his 20s, Hispanic- 3rd time I’ve met him in the last year for jobs in our house. He seemed a little congested (though it was hard to tell behind his mask). After an hour, he looked pretty tired.
2/ I told him he could take his mask off - it’s hard work with the machine and the hoses. He said he assumed I would want him to wear a mask since I’m a doctor. I told him it wasn’t necessary. With his mask off, he looked sick. I asked him if he might have a cold.
3/ He admitted he didn’t feel well but was afraid his dad who owned the company would be upset if he didn’t work today. I told him it was no problem we could reschedule and he could text me if he needed anything at all. I got a text this morning - covid test positive.
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