Twitter's new Clubhouse-like feature algorithmically promotes trending Spaces rather than restricting them to users' social graphs. However, this means significantly more need to enforce content policies on Spaces. Something for @TwitterSupport to think about.
Clubhouse itself issues with chatrooms devoted to antisemitism, but it's a much smaller platform than Twitter, and much more English-language. How will Twitter ensure Spaces in Pakistan, Poland or Greece don't become hotbeds of racism and extremism?…
I opened the new Spaces tab on my Twitter client and "why you can't trust women" is the top recommended Space. Also near the top: a conspiracy theory space with QAnon and antivax emojis.

Most of the rest are selling NFTs or running pirate radio stations
I just checked out the conspiracy theory Space. One speaker says she thinks the vaccine is fake and a form of population control. Multiple other speakers say that's true, not a conspiracy theory. Only one disagrees.
Yeah. I did think about that, and probably need to use a throwaway account so I don't boost these channels

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23 Nov
The mother of all catfights happening inside QAnon/Election conspiracy/MAGA world following Rittenhouse's accusations about Lin Wood profiting from his case. @dappergander is tracking who's still backing Lin. Answer: More people than you might have thought.
Lin Wood has become such a big figure in QAnon/deep MAGA that he can denounce Sidney Powell(!) and Mike Flynn(!!!) as crooks and lots of major QAnon influencers will still back him because their supporters love him too much. He's too big to fail.
Some QAnon influencers are turning on Rittenhouse now, including Robert Smart aka GhostEzra, Arizona State Senator Wendy Rogers and a fake Telegram channel that pretends to be Ezra Cohen (it isn't really him). They think he's being controlled by RINO Deep Staters or something.
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14 Nov
I just got a full-conspiracy ad from Gaia in my FB.

"Learn about the Great Pyramids, lost civilizations, ancient alien influence"

"Find out what you were never supposed to know. "

"uncover the secrets and misinformation of the mainstream narrative"
Gaia is transparently targeting the Pastel QAnon (cf. @_MAArgentino) community, trying to draw in Yoga mums and hippie-curious types with promises of uncovering the secrets that the MSM keep from you.
@_MAArgentino Gaia's active ads include a video on new-age alien beliefs like "Pleiadians, Arcturians, Sirians, and the Annunaki" and a mini-feature, narrated by Mickey Rourke, with Area 51 conspiracy king Bob Lazar.
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2 Nov
So I'm pretty deep in conspiracy theory lore, but... what is an address on the Finchley Road in London doing on this list?
Looks like that address, 788-790 Finchley Road, is or was the home of A1 and a few other "company factories" which register companies and transfer them for a fee. That means it's the registered address for a LOT of companies (260,000!). But... so what?…
OK. So there's a whole conspiracy theory claiming that this address on the Finchley Road is linked with a paedophile plot led by David Cameron to steal nuclear weapons from apartheid South Africa. This one predates QAnon by a few years.
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26 Oct
So this company RightForge claims it will host Trump's new social network. Not sure if it's true or a PR stunt, but it deserves a bit of a look.…
Sean Patrick Tario, one of RightForge's founders, says they're trying to be a 'backbone provider' for right-wing sites. He claims they have physical datacentres in the US, run by equity partners in the business.…
There seems to be significant crossover with Open Spectrum. The LinkedIn profiles of several RightForge employees shows a back-and-forth between the two companies.
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26 Oct
Netanyahu to his Knesset caucus: "I left the barbers and I couldn’t even move. People were standing outside, the whole neighborhood crowded in, and people were shouting, people were crying, people were yelling…"

What actually happened:
Yup, two or three people stopped to talk to him.

He told his caucus "I don’t remember anything like this… I’ve been around for many years… there is huge enthusiasm, and an enormous expectation that we will soon return to power."
The younger men on either side are his bodyguards, btw. It's all a bit Trumpy, exaggerating enthusiasm and crowd sizes.
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25 Oct
This claim is becoming widespread in anti-vax MAGA circles. If the vaccine is deadly and Covid is just a cold, how come so many unvaccinated people keep dying of Covid? This is their explanation: hospitals are killing them on purpose.
On the flip-side, some of them claim that hospitals are secretly treating vaccinated people with Ivermectin, to make it *look* like the vaccines work, while offing all the unvaccinated.

I hadn't seen the kidney thing specifically but, of course, one known outcome of severe Covid is kidney damage due to tiny blood clots.
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