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23 Nov, 16 tweets, 4 min read
Despite some sparse uptime after 09/2019, not even a single byte of data were ever downloaded after 11/09/2019. These traffic were the important ones—as the database is interactive,
The link and the connection may remain ping-able even when the SWL database itself have been out of commission. That mean that while you can still connect to the server, queries and downloads would no longer work and it likely returned some kind of error message in stead of
Data. All that happened in 09-2019 were elements of a web page, and the last data download happened in 07-2029 “unknown”, with the last query happened in early 09-2019 that have “Do” files that were servlet runtimes of JS. Note that at the very last day of the database, there was
Exactly one and only one visit of the database’s page, and evidence suggests access trailed off ending in 09/2019. This may be that they remotely shut down the database for public access—as nothing at all were downloaded afterward. Server connections “connected” in stead of
“Can not find server or DNS error”, were present after that, but nothing were ever retrieved from the server, indicating that the server have likely returned 403 Forbidden at these uptimes—only internal access from the WIV were performed, where they plug in the server without
Enabling access to the outside—the database was taken off public access after that date. Before it was shut down entirely—unplugging the server.
It is possible that the server have used some kind of custom error messages for access denial, as in server software like Apache, which a webpage with an error was returned when the server was plugged in but the database was not available for access, but not an actual error
status code as in standard HTTP protocol fashion. It would be very similar to this kind of error response page. this is present in all Apache and Apache tomcat based servers, and it can trick the automated system into thinking that they had a connection--as the message Image
was generated by the server in an HTML format in stead of the standard error code message (which would cause the browser to show it's default error page when happened).
en.wikipedia.org/wiki/HTTP_404#… It is also possible that the server did not return the standard error message with the custom error page, or that the custom error page have a size that is above 512 B.
note that occasionally web servers may display a blank category in stead of an error, especially those that were intended to be accessed using the FTP protocol. there is nothing to be downloaded from such a connection, giving zero access on the record, but it would still count as
a connection, similar to customized error pages (especially those developed in China).
This can trick the system into thinking that there was an uptime, but as there were nothing to be downloaded from such a connection, it will not lead to an access record or a download record, consistent with the final access in 11/09/2019 and nothing after. the server just denied
all external access to the public, showing either a blank page, a custom error page or a HTTP 403 error.
consistent access all the way up to 2019-09. ImageImageImageImage

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22 Nov
There is clear evidence in the amt of cases per day data in the Chinese CDC papers (they also have confirmed 01/01/2020 cases >> what the official paper claims) that they in deed used the Huanan seafood market epidemiological link requirement for diagnosis
(retrospective) of cases before 01/01/2020, and changed it to include patients that were not linked to the Huanan seafood market in any way in 01/01/2020. When you are only given a single report of a single cluster (because the other clusters (before the existence of a novel
pathogen were recognized) weren't considered significant or suspicious enough to be reported for a potential novel pathogen) from a single site, your only option is to extend from that cluster using epidemiological connections before you have identified the pathogen and developed
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22 Nov
@sanqia @emmecola Also the “10 out of 19” were actually diagnosed retrospectively based on that market epidemiological link inclusion—the initial cluster reported to them were the 10 cases with sequencing, all sampled base on geographical proximity to the market. The other 9 cases were then worked
@sanqia @emmecola Retrospectively out of the Initial reporting of the Huanan seafood market cluster by working out from this initial reported cluster by epidemiological methods. Any cases that weren’t linked to the market epidemiologically was simply not recognized at that time because
@sanqia @emmecola Of a lack of effective sensitive and specific test criterion for non-epidemiological based diagnosis at that time. Imaging you have a novel pathogen that you don’t know what it is, and all the authorities that report to you initially was one of the many cluster of cases happening
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21 Nov

Not according to your year 1 report. There is only one EHA-WIV grant project for 2015-2019. The 2016 FY1 report clearly stated that they had 121 samples from Laos.
Then some Laos samples were sent to the WIV in 2017-2018 and resulted in a thesis in the WIV.
EHA also sacked 208 Rhinolophus by proxy from the exact location down to the district in 2017. MORU/LOWMRU is a critical partner of the EHA through the tropical medicine network.
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21 Nov
@jbloom_lab archive.md/ibPyf
The CDC somehow suddenly report up to two to five times more cases after 01/2020 compared to just before 01/2020--and in both of the reports there were a 5 time increase in cases in
@jbloom_lab a single day, a clear deviation from the exponential curve pattern, with both CDC reports reporting much higher amt of post-01/2020 cases compared to the official paper that used market contact tracing as the requirement for diagnosis--indicate that there were as much as three to
@jbloom_lab five times more cases in 12/2019 than the official one, that were rejected based on the simple ground of a lack of a credible epidemiological (direct contact, geographical proximity, indirect contact via tracing to direct contact) link to the Huanan seafood market, and the
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20 Nov
Officially, SARS-CoV-2 was not recognized before 01/2020. Before that it was named “wuhan seafood market pneumonia virus” and which Epidemiological tracing to the market was the only criterion of diagnosis before. After all it was an unknown pathogen that was first found with
A prominent cluster at the Huanan seafood market, and absent sensitive and specific diagnosis method in 2019 the only criterion for screening the hundreds of pneumonia cases per day in Wuhan for pathogen discovery and classification, as well as case tracing, was to start with
That cluster—making epidemiological link to the Huanan market effectively the only criterion for identification of SARS-CoV-2 cases (from other respiratory illnesses) and initial sequencing of the genomes in December 2019 Wuhan. PCR testing weren’t available until 18/01/2020.
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19 Nov
@thehill archive.md/spYgI
Early CCP bias in diagnosis (epidemiological link to market required for sampling and diagnosis) in December 2019, accommodated by the cover-up campaign, have pushed the first official date of SARS-CoV-2 two weeks after the first consistent detection of
@thehill SARS-CoV-2 RNA (27/11/2019 Brazil, 05/12/2019 Italy) and antibodies (seroconversion suggesting initial exposure 02/12/2019 in france) outside of China—meanwhile all phylogenetic methods suggest SARS-CoV-2 have a tMRCA in November 2019, and lineage A is ancestral and not found
@thehill In the market—despite sampling date overlapping the market cluster and would have required it’s presence in the market samples for that kind of transmission route to work. drive.google.com/file/d/13y4XJ_…
No animals in China market, farm or wild, dead or alive, were positive for
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