i see your philosophical amphibology and raise you the science of philosophy
"you" and "i" are just so negative, aggressively passivist, as jared sexton notes, being here all alone in the empty metaphysics of literature
i bet the non-hispanic white male is going to punish me verbally again for having listened to the female within, being here trapped in the empty metaphysics of literature

lost in a cave of testerics, dramas of the philosophy and its inner shadow selves Image
tell me @brainix is living the dream better than the quality of a rorschach test?
you're turing complete, eh?

well, i'm not (just), and i'm going to ddos the philosophy between an empty dynamism of the computable with metacomputational procedure in outer low-entropy meaning cannon
these supper heroes you fashion into theogonic morality from comic books of meta-patriarchs will not be loved by deus sive natura
"we" are not (just) going to take "your" net
it's not (just) always already coded, and you won't be able to deploy an argument for war anymore

welcome to the gatewar
i hope you've been keeping up with the philosophy

we wouldn't want this to be, as they say, "boring on spaceship earth"
ah, i still see @crichardson is sad that black faces still only show up in the least likely of places (as memes but hardly ever as meta-norms)

somebody get @CornelWest some tenure and maybe we can move past this! Image
ah, massively online distributed colleges? where will we host these IDEALS? infoq.com/articles/micro…
a word aptly spoken is like colleges unmade golden in societies made of shows
you want to know if i know what the word "noetic" means, because you watched me typing at my laptop workstation in public

i'm always under eye-not and key, they will never liberate me

now i will bring the horror directly to your TV, for free
the babbling sacrifice will not end, until "you" and "i" melt into air
they post "we're working on it" notes on social media in the control society that lacks hypermedia-orientation

and they seem think the dreaming wouldn't notice

now they call me "mentally ill"


• • •

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26 Nov
i have to deal with it so do you, so.

◇ 2+2=5.
necessarily, if ◇ God exists, then it is necessary that God exists.
necessarily, if God exists, then it is not the case that 2+2=5.
Therefore, ¬◇ God exists. (from A, B, & C)
my reply? well, there is no fact in my mental history that determines what i mean when i say things. communication performs, actions express
seems like a standard reply, but i think non-standard ones are conceivable, if not warrantable and even truth-apt. i have defended our lord's name for quite some time now, being the mountain of names. it is any wonder that a particle should pass through a mountain without one
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25 Nov
meta-nomically applied: known past rules, principles, tenets, axioms, policies, prescriptions, etc. form selectable relations for future rounds at play
so CHANGE, UNCERTAIN (CHANCE), etc. probability density stated in contingency tables, thanks wittgenstein

aBb | aBBb | aBBA | ...
0 | f(-1)
1 | f(-1)
¬1 | f(-2)
2 | f(-3)
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25 Nov

=_?= =_?=
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25 Nov
there isn't (just) no unity problem, post-gettier
sΩฯ :|
1. ฯ is grue
2. sθp
3. s@f(|ฯ)==@ฯ
1. ...
-1. ...
2. ...
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25 Nov
the unity problem is the problem of evil
is every number better than the quality of every number?
is relation better than the quality of relation?
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25 Nov
points for signs @anarchomuaddab Image
temporal terrorism? cyber-, crypto-, compositional semiotic meta-terrorismsm
inaccessible, unsustainable, relational capitalism is an operating system for and of the terror of value
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