●☸️|| Gaudeshwar Paramasaugata Madhusen - the King of Bengal who crushed Turks of Bihar and restored Nalanda and Buddhagaya (1278)||☸️●

In 1193, the Nālandā Viśhwavidyālaẏa and Baud'dhabihāra were annihilated by the Turk barbarian Bakhtiyar Khilji; this occasion is seen by researchers as a late achievement in the decay of Buddhism in India.

The Persian student of history Minhaj-I-Siraj, in his account the Tabaquat-I-Nasiri (طبقات نصیری), revealed that a huge number of priests were burned alive and thousands beheaded as Khilji made an honest effort to evacuate Buddhism by the blade;

the consuming of the library proceeded for quite some time and smoke from the consuming original copies hung for a really long time like a dim pall over the low slopes. This finished in all-out decrease by 1197 CE."

In the second half of the 13th century, Bengal was managed by the Sena administration with Bikrampur as its capital. Maharaja Narayan Sen was prevailed by his powerful child Paramasaugata Madhusen who climbed the lofty position of Bengal.

He was an enthusiast of Bud'dha Tathāgata and held the title of 'Paramsaugata' (পরমসৌগত/परमसौगत).

●☸️ Conquest of Lakhnauty (1272 AD) :

In 1268 after the demise of Tatar Khan, the Sultan of Delhi Ghiyasuddin Balban commissioned Sher Khan (شير خان) to fill in as the Governor of Lakhnauty.

Sher Khan managed unobtrusively for a very long time as he got little assets and power from Delhi. Consequently, Bengal stayed in the possession of the Sena line rulers. As of now, Maharaja Madhusen attacked Lakhnauty with an efficient Kaivartya Naval force.

The Gaudiya armed force, situated on the west bank of the Karatoya River, destroyed the Turk armed force with unremitting bolts. Sher Khan was killed in this fight. Paramasaugata Madhusena climbed the high position of Gauda and held the title of "Gaudeshwar".

Raja Gour Govardhan of Srihatta was administering Lakhnauty as his primitive ruler.

A manually written antiquated Sanskrit original copy saved by the Bengal Government expresses that ' "Paramabhaṭṭāraka Mahārājādhirāja Paramasaugata Madhusēna" controlled Gaudavanga at 1272 AD (1194 Shaka).

●☸️ Conquest of Magadha (1278 AD) :

Following the demise of Governor Sher Khan in 1272, Amin Khan Aitigin (امین خان آیتگین) was delegated as the Governor of Oudh and Bihar by Ghiyas Uddin Balban, the leader of the Delhi Sultanate.

Since Bengal had been heavily influenced by the Sena Dynasty for more than 30 years, he stayed a feeble lead representative with minimal expenditure or power.

Exploiting the shortcoming of the Turks in Eastern India, Vaṅgādhipati Madhusēna framed a coalition with Kamaraj Purushottam Singha and Ashoka Challa and walked towards Bihar with a gigantic Dhali infantry.

Amin Khan was crushed in a two-dimensional assault from east and south and escaped to Oudh. The Magadha and Gaya areas were vanquished by Bengal and controlled by medieval lords of the Sena Dynasty around then.

●☸️ Restoration of Buddhagaya and Nalanda Vishwavidyalay :

After an extensive stretch of 85 years, the Sanātanī rule was restored by Gaudeshwar Madhusen in Magadha by removing the Mlēccha Turks.

Paramasaugata Raja Madhusena, an aficionado of Bud'dha Tathāgata, coordinated a Mahāsaṅgha in the Gaya locale, the sacred altar of the Buddhists, to restore Buddhism.

Buddhism was by and large recently settled in the Gaya locale on the drive of his medieval king Kamārāja Puruṣhōttama Singha and Sapādalakṣhapati Aśhōkachalla.

The Nalanda vishwavidyalaya and religious community, obliterated by the Turks, was redesigned and restored by Gaudeshwar Madhusen.

A Buddhist engraving found in the contemporary Gaya locale makes reference to "Lakṣhmaṇasēna Dēvapādānāmatītarājyē (লক্ষ্মণসেন দেবপাদানামতীতরাজ্যে/लक्ष्मणसेन देवपादानमतीतराज्ये), which testifies to the existence of Bengal's Sena rule in Magadha at that time.


• • •

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