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{ Primacy of Positivity to attain #Moksha }
योगे॑योगे त॒वस्त॑रं॒ वाजे॑वाजे हवामहे।
सखा॑य॒ इंद्र॑मू॒तये॑॥ -RV 1.30.7

There may be good deeds/conflicts/Wars but,we have to keep our mind stable and be in a state of eternal happiness without any prejudices & negativity
पता॑ति कुंडृ॒णाच्या॑ दू॒रं वातो॒ वना॒दधि॑।
आ तू न॑ इंद्र शंसय॒ गोष्वश्वे॑।
-RV 1.29.6

This verse teaches us to that if we want to attain moksha it is very necessary to stay away from the Negative people's, thoughts or behaviour. No matter how positive you are ,
they can effect your life, unless you take take the right step to keep yourself unaffected,because they love bringing others down .

घ्नंतो॑ वृ॒त्रम॑तर॒न्रोद॑सी अ॒प उ॒रु क्षया॑य चक्रिरे।
भुव॒त्कण्वे॒ वृषा॑ द्यु॒म्न्याहु॑तः॒ क्रंद॒दश्वो॒ गवि॑ष्टिषु॥
-RV 1.36.8

And once our inner
inclinations are strong and healthy, then our body and mind also become healthy, which means that now we are free every evils and vices.

And our mind is free from all the negativity, which enabled us to perform good deeds
And since , we have attained a pure mind which is capable of meeting Parmatma, We are more closer to attain Moksha!

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She acquires special place among the 10 Mahavidyas,In these two sequences, there is a general difference in the no. of  बीजमन्त्र and मन्त्राक्षर.
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In these two sequences, there is a general difference in the number of  बीजमन्त्र and मन्त्राक्षर.
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She is incarnated as the daughter of Matang Muni, Devi of वाणी and संगीत, she is the one who makes the householder's life happy and prosperous and the bestower of पुरुषार्थ।
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One can worship Shri Bhairavi through both the Marga (वाम and दक्षिण).

-Aways remember one can attain fruits of worshiping Devi Lalita Tripur Sundari ,if it is done according to गुरुपरम्परा / आत्मसम्प्रदाय, with devotion.
- Her yantra was made of भूपुर containing अष्टदलपद्म तथा चतुर्द्वार and नवयोनिकोण in the middle of it,Devi Bhagvati provides wealth to her devotees.

- Maa Tripur Sundari is अधिष्ठात्री devi of the third chapter of 'Durga Saptashati'.
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-Mahadev Shiva resides within her in the form of smoke.

   -As the presiding deity of the inauspicious state of the world, she is always worshiped as त्रिवर्णा , चंचला , गलिताम्बरा , विरलदन्ता , विधवा , मुक्तकेशी , शूर्पहस्ता , काकध्वजिनी , रूक्षनेत्रा and for the protection of

-The story of her origin is described in the Naradapanchatratra, which states that - "Once upon a time Maa Parvati was hungry, and she asked Mahadev to eat something. Then Shiv ji assured her that wait for sometimes I will bring something for you.
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15 Nov
#Thread on Devi Chinnamastika, Also known as प्रचंड चण्डिका । Image
-Among the ten Mahavidyas, the form of devi Chhinnamasta is different from all others.

-Mata Chinnamastika cuut off her own neck and gave bl00d emanating from her, to pacify the thirst of her dear companions Jaya and Vijaya.

-One can worship Mata chinnamasta from the
south(दक्षिण), north (उत्तर)and Adhar(अधर) Aamnayas(आम्नायो)।

-चतुर्थ संध्याकाल is the best time to worship & mantra Japa of Maa Chinnamasta for the victory over enemy, to attain kingdoms & Moksha.

- 'विकराल' is the Bhairav of Maa Chinnamasta.
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