#OnThisDay November 23, 2014 Tamir Rice, a Black 12-year-old child, died after being shot by police while playing with a toy gun in a park near his home in Cleveland, OH.

Don't know about Tamir Rice?

Glad you asked. #GladYouAsked
This thread may be triggering for some. I wrote, and re-wrote, and re-wrote it again. Finally, I'm just going to use the script pretty much in its entirety from EJI.org. After yesterday's thread, I just can't.
Tamir Rice, a 12-year-old Black boy, died after was shot by a white police officer the day before. He was playing in a park near his Cleveland, OH home when a police car showed up. W/in seconds, before Tamir could be questioned or warned, Officer Timothy Loehmann shot him.
The officers were responding to a 911 dispatch in which a caller had reported that someone in the park was playing with a gun. The caller also explained to the dispatcher that the person was “probably a juvenile” and the gun was “probably fake.”
Tamir was, in fact, playing with a toy gun in the park—as countless children have—and was immediately shot to death by police despite posing no threat to anyone. And if it's a Black child, it only gets worse.
Immediately after the shooting, police tackled Tamir’s 14-year-old sister as she rushed to his side, handcuffed her and held her in the back of their squad car unable to comfort her injured brother.
Tamir’s mother was also prevented from going to her son, and threatened with arrest if she did not “calm down.” Neither Mr. Loehmann nor his partner, Frank Garmback, attempted to administer critical lifesaving procedures to Tamir as he lay bleeding immediately after the shooting.
After the December autopsy was released, Cuyahoga County Medical Examiner Thomas Gilson reaffirmed his initial ruling that the shooting was a homicide and in June 2015, the Cleveland Municipal Court found probable cause for prosecutors to proceed with charges of murder.
County Prosecutor Timothy McGinty instead declared that he would wait to follow a grand jury’s recommendation. A grand jury ultimately refused to indict Mr. Loehmann on any charges.
So what happened to the two police officers? Even befor Timothy Loehmann became an officer with Cleveland, he worked as a cop in another city in OH. It discovered he resigned before being fired b/c it was seen he didn't have the emotional stability to be a cop.
The memo said he couldn't follow basic functions, had problems staying calm under pressure and handling weapons. He was fired for concealing details about his past employment in his job application.
On October 5, 2018, the city of Bellaire, Ohio, hired Loehmann as a part-time officer. Five days later, Loehmann withdrew his application to the Bellaire police department, and his training ceased.
Frank Garmback who was driving the police cruiser, has been a police officer in Cleveland since 2008. In 2014, the City of Cleveland paid $100,000 to settle an excessive force lawsuit brought against him by a local woman.
According to her lawsuit, Garmback "rushed and placed her in a chokehold, tackled her to the ground, twisted her wrist and began hitting her body" and "such reckless, wanton and willful excessive use of force proximately caused bodily injury."
The woman had called the police to report a car blocking her driveway. The settlement does not appear in Garmback's personnel file. I couldn't figure out where Garmback is these days, but here's a longer article that goes into some detail.
The US DOJ, at the time allegedly led by Attorney General Bill "Low" Barr, didn't bring criminal charges against the two officers involved. (Barr resigned days before the official decision.)
The family filed a wrongful death suit against Loehmann, Garmback, and the City of Cleveland, which was settled for a total of about $6 million. The subsequent death of Michael Brown by police officers helped bring attention to the Tamir Rice murder.
I am proud to have worked on a commission that recommended state laws that will REFORM police departments in Maryland - removing qualified immunity, and knowing the past records of applicants, better training of officers and others major changes.

It took six years, y'all. It wasn't easy. Gov. Larry Hogan vetoed the bills not once, not twice, but THREE TIMES. Thank YOU Speaker Adrienne Jones, Senate Leader Bill Ferguson, County Executive Angela Alsobrooks, Del. Alonzo Washington, among MANY others.

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24 Nov
#OnThisDay November 24, 1958 The US Supreme Court allowed Alabama to evade mandates to integrate its schools. This was a case filed by civil rights icon Rev. Fred Shuttlesworth.

Don't know about Shuttlesworth v. Board of Education?

Glad you asked. #GladYouAsked
Rev. Fred Shuttlesworth is one of this nation's most under valued civil rights icons. Don't know about Rev. Fred Shuttlesworth? Glad you asked.⬇️

After the Brown decision, white supremacy wasn't going down - if it's ever even been down - without a fight. To prevent Black children from attending, the KKK literally BOMBED elementary schools in Nashville, TN. My late wife was going to kindergarten then.
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#OnThisDay November 22, 1865 Mississippi began enacting "Black Codes," including one that required sheriffs to roud up Black orphans or "children who weren't kept well" and sell then to white people as laborers.

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Let me warn a whole lot of people this thread right here is probably going to trigger a whole LOT of emotions and feelings. You have been warned.
The end of the outright enslavement of human being in the US still meant freedom eluded most Black people, thanks to the repressive set of laws known as the Black codes. These laws were widely enacted in the wake of the Civil War.
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#OnThisDay November 22, 1963 President John Fitzgerald Kennedy was assassinated.
President Kennedy was in Dallas, TX with his wife at his side.
Lyndon Baines Johnson was sworn in on Air Force One.
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#OnThisDay November 18, 1977 white supremacist Robert E. Chambliss was convicted of 1st degree murder in the 1963 bombing of the 16th Street Baptist Church. Addie Mae Collins, Carol Robertson, Denise McNair and Cynthia Wesley were killed.

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Let me warn you right now - this thread might be triggering. The longer thread about this church and the bombing is here - when the first thread runs out, just click on the next one for the finish.
Black-owned homes, schools, churches and businesses were ROUTINELY bombed by the KKK during the civil rights era. They didn't care if someone was home or not - all you had to be was Black and exercising your Constitutional rights. Rev. Fred Shuttlesworth's home was bombed.
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I have been addicted to the Washington Bullets/Wizards since I was nine years old, going back to Earl "The Pearl" Monroe and Wes Unseld with the Baltimore Bullets! Then when they won the NBA championship when I was 18 . . .
So here are the top 10 (plus five more) Washington Bullets/Wizards of all time!

10. Phil Chenier - 19.7 PPG, 3.0 APG and 1.6 steals, he was an offensive and defensive work horse. He had the most beautiful jump shot ever. His number 45 was retired by the team.
9. Juwan Howard - One of the best picks the Bullets made, he averaged 18 ppg, and had a career high 22.! PPG. He made an immediate impact on the game for my team.
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Today, Rep. Paul Gosar (R-AZ) will probably be censured by the House of Representatives, deservedly so. He's a racist, a fool and disrespects the hallowed halls of Congress with his actions.

Once again, Speaker Pelosi, the greatest Speaker in the history of the US, understands the assignment. The video in question targeted two people - President Joe Biden and Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.
Since becoming a Member of Congress in 2018, she has voted WITH the Republicans and AGAINST the Democrats over 60 times - more than Sen. Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema over the same period of time.

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