You can be completely NAKED with me! I will not JUDGE.
To SEE your BRAVERY through your AUTHENTICITY.
I will be the PROTECTOR of your DIVINE ENTITY.
Protect the HEART & SOUL within… of my BEST FRIEND!
My Homie, My Intellectual Conversationalist..
My POETIC Flow is and intense stimulus for … The Protector of MY EXISTENCE! Allow me to flow and be free!
To SHARE LOVE, my DIVINE ENERGY with the world!
I’m A FLIRT! It’s Only An Expression of LOVE….
My Nakedness, my pain, my
purpose Through MY REGRET & SHAME.
I AM A HEALER of many Souls!
Be Free With Me my LOVE as we OBSERVE our DIVINE POWER unfold naturally!
Exactly how the Creator intended.
Not need to amend it ….
YOU ALWAYS gone get this……😘😈😋🌹💦🍑🥥🌶🍓 unroll please @threadreaderapp

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21 Nov
Y’all be hurting the good ones! Bad too! All the while the people who’ve pledged their allegiances to you are the ones you need to be watching out for. The ones seeking your acceptance! The ones who are your YES men and woman. They not gonna help you level up.
They just gone stroke your ego so much that you believe you got it all together. Then coddle you when you are victimized by displays of Realness & Love. Your REAL TRIBE are those who’ll hold you accountable, let you know where you hold blockages, they can see you from within
because they are you. They will also hold space for you but won’t allow you to be the victim of life. They won’t accept that ego driven, codependent, people pleasing aspect BEHAVIOR that keeps YES men around to make you feel safe within your universe.
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21 Nov
I’m not spiritual, I’m real. Spirituality has turned into a cult of souls who completely deny themselves. We are Spirit having a Human Experience and everyone seems to be BYPASSING the HUMAN part. Especially concerning SEX & LOVE & PAIN! (Tank 😈❤️)
I don’t want to transcend the lower Chakras. I want to give them what they need from the Pureness of LOVE. Love is the key! Love is important to me, beautiful connections are important to me. Being physically attracted to my partner is important to me. Being mentally attracted
to my partner is important to me. Him sexing me the fuck down so lovingly and pure from the heart is important to me. Him having a penis that is long and bold enough to touch every corner of this Deep Souls’ DEEP BOLD PUSSY is important to me! Why is this so Important, its
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19 Sep
Many of us are here to undo Archaic belief systems that still keep us in a disempowered state. For thousands of years, the KEEPERS of the ancient mysteries had to keep that knowledge secret because the inhabitants of earth were not ready to receive such information.
Now in the Age of the Light, The Age of Truth, The Age of Technology , The Information Age, permission has been granted by the KEEPERS of ancient mysteries to reveal such knowledge to the masses! Masters such as Jesus were taught these ancient mysteries by the Atlantian
Priesthood but he wasn’t permitted during the Age of Pisces to reveal such knowledge, due to the Religious Pharisaic structures and the Emergence of war and control through the Greco Roman Empire, which birthed the Roman Catholic Church. The secrets were being protected until
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30 Aug
My Divine Love,

Thank you for listening to me when I am in pain. I have learned that my road to absolute freedom is connected to my ability to express myself freely. I welcome you to express yourself as well. I want to know your pain, who hurt you, your fears, if you wet the
bed late in life and how you witnessed love expressed in your childhood. Not to have an advantage over you but to nurture your softest parts. To know your vulnerability and protect it. To remind you of who you are, that you ain’t no weak ass pussy ass Mufuka and that
it’s ok to feel! So don’t suppress it like everything is fine! Let it out! To offer someone the freedom to be themself without judgement is the absolute safety! I deserve that and so do you! I am grateful to have someone who can be open and free. This is what the soul is crying
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23 Aug
I got a revelation from spirit that if you haven’t done any spiritual work (self reflection) since Covid 19 started and you are still the same energy from before, you are going to struggle immensely when the bowl of wrath (apocalypse) truths are revealed to the world! You
will cry out to God in shame and for forgiveness for not paying attention and being deceived. God/Source will not hear you because you have not allowed unconditional love in! You have turned your backs on God and your fellow brothers and sisters by accusing them and fearing what
you do not understand! You still have a chance to allow unconditional love but only through acceptance. But for those who have self reflected, not judged, not accused, nor lived in fear but unconditional love, you are about to inherit the earth in the most tangible way! You will
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16 Aug
When you experience the higher realms, you will fall in love with this life! This experience is the most unique of all in the Cosmos! In this REALM, God/Source is manifested and expressed through the Self where emotions, mind, body and spirit collide! It’s a conundrum when we are
not realized but when you finally connect with the I AM Source, you will Never see this life in a negative way again! Even with fuckery happening all around us. We will innerstand that it’s an expression of Consciousness (All) (Us) working out the kinks and finding its way! This
experience is a playground to play, express, create and enjoy! Go ahead & play, work out the kinks by transcending vibrations that don’t serve you any longer. Move towards vibrations that feel amazing! Connect don’t attach! Don’t hold expectations! Get your chakras aligned by
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