since we're officially off to the races with the holiday season, a few quick reminders for everyone who likes to steal things from stores--
1. you might not be as good at it as you think you are.

maybe you've stolen lobster tails from sam's club 5 times without incident-

maybe you've lifted family sized bags of peanut m&ms from wegman,s and walked straight out the front door 7 times.
stores will watch you steal for MONTHS and not say anything. they will stockpile video, alert their LPOs, and just sit in complete silence as you 5-finger discount your life away until they get good and ready...

cops HATE that they do this...but they do this...
so just so you know, you MIGHT be good....

but you might also be a sitting duck.
when you're ultimately caught, an LPO is gonna try to show you a bunch of videos of you....well...stealing shit.

don't say anything.
don't admit anything.
you don't even know who dude in frame wearing the exact same one of a kind, hand-painted sk8 hi vans as you is.
so it should go without saying that when that SAME LPO asks if you want to write a LETTER OF APOLOGY to MR. COSTCO or MR. WEGMAN'S or MR. SPORT'S AUTHORITY the answer is "hell no."
The LPO is going to call a cop, and the cop is going to serve you a bunch of ppwk (if you haven't stolen so much that he just wants to arrest you). The cop is going to ask you questions, and maybe even replay the video.
You don't know anything.
This is just a big misunderstanding.
You are sure your lawyer will sort it out for you.
What's that?
You can't afford a lawyer?
Never been in trouble before?
Can you scrounge up 50-80 bucks?

google "theft diversion program" wherever you are and consider doing one before your court date. It's good mitigation in most places, and courts will refer you to one anyways.
we're living in a weird time.
a lot of ppl are down bad.

i get it.
i do.

just be careful.
play your cards wrong and you'll quickly find yourself out thousands of dollars behind a 10 buck item.
anyway, i broke my "don't give twitter legal advice" rule to tell you all this b/c i have a bunch of bs sitting in my office that doesn't need to be sitting in my office.

do with it what you will.

• • •

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23 Nov
Brought work home but I'm honestly just gonna watch Succession.


and this scary, white-nationalist, fascist thing Justin Kirk is doing......WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOW.

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22 Nov
i am the most delicate person in this office.


my co-ws talk WILD to these clients.

i am the most delicate, tender person in this office, and that is AMAZING to me.
i saw one of my co-w's yell at a client IN court after our hearing....on something the client was ABSOLUTELY right about.

my co-w was like, "how do you think that went?"
and i was like, "the fuck do you mean? you just yelled at someone who paid us 75 grand. it went horribly."
no clue why that apostrophe is there.
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2 Nov
Ralph Northam has been a really good governor. I know the blackface/klansfit fiasco will dog every step he takes (justifiably), but I cannot help but wonder if he pushed the way he pushed b/c he felt, more than anyone, that he had something to prove.
But this legislature...
this blue legislature has been on his neck the whole time and the results have been remarkable.
OVERWHELMING criminal justice reform including a multifaceted, systematized program for expungements and sealed records, abolition of the death penalty, legalization of mj-
the restoration of voting rights for sooooo many convicted felons (something McAuliffe tried, but was unable to fulfill b/c of the VA Sup Ct). And while there are kind of these bigger cultural divides that seem to separate senate dems from those in the house, even the infighting
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8 Sep
One last thing before bed--

The other day, I saw a bunch of y'all saying that Death Proof is Tarantino's worst movie.


How dare you.
What's not to love about a psychopathic stunt man killing ppl w/his car for absolutely no reason at all?

& it's a tale only made better by a phenomenal soundtrack--WHICH INCLUDES an oft-forgotten Coasters song that plays in the background while Vanessa Ferlito gives a lapdance.
You got Zoe Bell PLAYING ZOE BELL and Tracie Thoms as the architect of revenge.

It's a perfect film!
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11 Aug

I have been comforting, consoling, and reassuring people since 8:15 this morning.

1. I am tired as hell.
2. I am soft as hell.
And like...I KNEW I'd become soft.
I KNEW I had.

I'm sure it was the teaching that did it. I know that's the culprit.


I am lavender-scented, satin-encased pillow with the goose down center soft.
This client was talking to me and I legit got choked up!!


Had to mute my phone!
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10 Aug
I feel like I've spent so much time by myself these last 18 mos....and I guess, for the last 4 or so, with my folks and healthcare ppl...
And I didn't have to talk all the time with my other job.

But now I have to talk all the time again...
and it's odd.
My words get so jumbled and my thoughts get ahead of them....and I'm talking a mile a minute...
I hate it.

I need to just slow down.

Like...the thing I'm most proud of is my ability to kind of simplify these overly-broad, intimidating concepts...

But that all gets pushed to the side if I'm talking too fast and too much to effectively convey a point.
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