Quite often, gaslighting isn't gaslighting, but a statement of readily observable fact.
Right Wing media has become experts at justifying dysfunctional behavior by claiming that such behaviors are in fact normal. The result is that their organizations are increasingly dominated by people that destroy cohesion of the organizations from within.
Once an ideology or organization heads down that path, it's almost impossible to turn it around and put normal people into positions of authority because dysfunctional elements are no longer marginalized early on, and instead grow and become dominant.
That's where "Conservatism" subsists now in most of the world. Either it begins marginalizing antisocial elements or it will disappear as a meaningful social construct. Shunned by normal people that seek to get on with the business of life.
And no it didn't start with Trump or even Nixon... it's been baked in for 2000 years or more. Rigid thinking, literalism, judgement, dominance, hierarchical and patriarchal....

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22 Nov
Good Morning!!

Fixed principles and ideology are for fools.
This is exactly what the information age has exposed; a righteous and compassionate life can't be lived by following fixed principles or any ideology.
We all tend to respond with our false self, the commanding self when someone points out that human morals are subjective or that the Golden Rule is a test of cognition because only a fool loves himself or presumes that what appears to be good for himself is good for others.
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21 Oct
Why is finance incomprehensible to this man?
Inflation will not explode if the US Government invests in the things that Libertarians promised would be taken care of by the private sector but are now falling apart after 50 years of neglect.
It's a national embarrassment that men and women that became wealthy purely by virtue of being able, by an accident of birth, that gave them the opportunity to ride a wave of wealth redistribution from Labor to Capital, do not understand basic national accounting and finance.
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9 Oct
We teach our kids that they have two options in the modern world; become masters of technology or be mastered by technology.
This was always true... If you didn't have a Stone Ax but the other guys did, you were mastered by technology. 😅
Twitter agrees Image
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9 Oct
US housing realities in Los Angeles.
Most people are in this situation;
Per Capita Income: $34,156
Median Gross Rent: $17,520.00

The rest are somewhere in here;
Median household income: $68,044
Median value of owner-occupied housing units: $583,200
The thing we want is quality of life right? But that ratio of income to cost of shelter of roughly 50% doesn't change much as people make higher incomes ...make more $ ..move to higher quality shelter... ratio stays the same pretty much. 1/2
In other words it's the quality of the worst housing that sets costs of shelter. Bring up the bottom quality (as the Swedes did in the 60s and 70s) so that the working class can make higher incomes but not feel desperate to move out of decrepit housing stock. 2/2
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8 Oct
But Conservatives aren't data driven; they believe what they believe which is the same as what they believed yesterday, last year and in 1066
Sharing our collective wealth must prevent self reliance; "that's just human nature."

basically, that's all you need to know about Modern Conservatism; it's an ideology that doesn't care about the advances in knowledge about the human brain.
The emperical reality is that there's no such thing as a fixed human *nature* ....that whole world view is tantamount to a Cargo Cult view of biological and cultural evolution. Human behaviors are primarily defined by a long tail of genetic evolution interacting with environment.
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23 Sep
Wow...Some subset of people that are or were in influential positions in the DoD are more or less blind to their own fixed ideas and believe things about history that are simply not factual. The people we rely on for national security are themselves indoctrinated.
Our experts are not domain experts. This is a problem of political interference and a system inside the administrative state that promotes aggressive individuals that excel at self promotion and.... rhetoric. An expert from a book is not an expert. 1/
Afghanistan developed moderate forms of Islam and clericalism was never a material factor in that development. Instead, local elders passed on the teaching from one generation to another just as they had when Arianism, Buddhism and Animism was practiced. 2/
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